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The day you left me

Written By: Daniel Gasque

The day you left me (when was the last time)

1st verse :

Just another friday evening
Friday show flashing on TV
People having fun and dancing
I don't feel like them
I just can't help it
And I can't remember

Chorus :

When was the last time
The last of you and me
Kissing goodbye a good time
The day you left me
When was the last time
You ever thought of me
From the day you left me (bis)

2nd verse :

(So) I try to walk away my sorrow
Steppin' in the streets with nowhere to go
(And) I try so hard to change my mind
To fool this heart in which you have signed
(Still) I can't remember

Chorus :

Bridge :

And I know
I have to let you go
But it hurts so bad
And I'm just so sad (bis)


Chorus :

Cop. D. Gasque 2004/08