Exemplifying the delicate balance between chaos and creation since 2005.


Stereochemistry is an original rock/jazz/blues/fusion/funk project that holds no boundaries or limitations on their musical horizons. The band was launched in Philadelphia, PA in 2005, however, with members located in Northern and Central New Jersey, as well as, Pennsylvania they perform live throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City.

The bands conception arose from the ashes of Indie Rock band, “National Steel”, where drummer, Chris Di Maulo and guitarist, Ryan Townsend first forged a musical rapport. After playing extensively, throughout New Jersey, and New York City, at Village staples such as The Red Lion, “National Steel” ran out of steam and Di Maulo and Townsend quickly turned back to their musical roots to begin a fresh project.

With Townsend on lead vocals and guitar and Di Maulo splitting his time between the guitar and drums it wasn’t long before prodigious bass player, Chris Teijelo was called upon to bear the responsibility of this rhythmic staple.
Shortly after, Ryan Marek solidified the line-up with his punk-roots and original sound on both guitar and drums, which has allowed him and Di Maulo to share the duty of both guitarist and drummer.

Because of the musical diversity of its members styles and influences Stereochemistry has developed a fusion and synergy amongst its music that yields an intense audible and visual experience.


Stereochemistry - 4 trk EP

Set List

1. Bucketdog
2. Flyswatter
3. The Porcelain Sound
4. Wicked Ride
5. The Trial of Socrates
6. Panacea
7. B Side
8. Wander
9. Juicebox
10. The Vallient Ballad of Mike Ballient
11. Born on the Bayou ( CCR )
12. No Woman No Cry ( Bob Marley )
13. Ramble On ( Led Zepplin )
14. Five to One ( The Doors )
15. Garden Grove (Sublime)
16. Knocking on Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
17. Why Go ( Pearl Jam )
18. Blow Out ( Radiohead )