Stereo Drive-By

Stereo Drive-By

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Our sound is between Dave Matthews and Kings of Leon. We appeal well to college crowds. We love to rock out and have a good time.


No matter where we play we try to bring the huge outdoor concert feel to our shows. Thats what I loved about music growing up and that is the energy we try to create every show we play.

Our music has a unique blend of guitars and violin. We have the ability and talent to jam out songs longer or just keep them short and pop-oriented. The songs are passionate and are written off experience.


Stereo Drive-By EP

1.) Back To Seventeen
2.) Holiday
3.) Sticks and Stones
4.) Tightropes
5.) Ain't Gonna Buy You
6.) Home
7.) Fly Away
8.) Hurricane Baby

All can be heard on our Facebook page.

We've received air play on a number of college radio stations. We also have had our music in a TV commercial for Ace Tickets (playing throughout the summer on NESN for the Red Sox season).