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"The Stereo Hoax - Breaking New Ground"

By: Croyden DeMello

February 6, 2008

"Explosive, energetic and raw" are the sounds of The Stereo Hoax, an upcoming band ruminating from Canada's very own Toronto city. When hearing them live, one is to experience a wall of sound that takes on a life form of its own and seduces you into a state of dance rhapsody. All this, from four individuals that started from very different musical backgrounds that now unite to form a style that is congruent with post-punk/rock/reggae features which fuses to form the basis for new music today.

The band consists of front man and Leads inger Bowman, Anthony Policelli on Guitars, Brendan McGarvey on Bass and Drummer Joey Proulx. One cant help but be mesmerized by the allure of the on stage antics of Bowman, who is also a Visual Artist in his other life. His audacious vocals, honest charming humor, vibrancy on stage and in person, keeps you hanging on to every moment and leaves you pleasurably entertained, upon having experienced such an individual. Policelli is a guitar instructor as well and one can see the merit of his skills as he brings fresh melodic ideas, intertwined with complex chordal harmonies that form the skeletal structure of the bands sound. It is the intricate mix of Metal/Punk/Dub/DnB grooves set by McGarvey and Proulx that create a solid foundation that holds to cushion and complement the guitar and vocal arrangements. From this cohesive collaboration come songs that are catchy, interesting and contain an organic temperament.

Though the band is fresh and is coming up to their one year anniversary mark, they have already performed at most of the "A" club circuits in Toronto such as the Horseshoe Tavern, Lee's Palace, The Bovine Sex Club, The Rivoli and The Annex Wreck Room. They plan to spread their music to the rest of Ontario's surrounding venues working their way toward the rest of Canada and North America.

Live Pic of The Stereo Hoax . The outfit is set to go into B-Town Studios in March this year and begin recording their first disc with Justin Koop who has worked with such notaries as Billy Talent and Finger Eleven to name a few. What should transpire is a CD that sounds dynamic, raw and contains a diversity of high energy-driving musical songs which mirrors the spirit of their live performance. Their most lovable track "Friend Card" was recorded to be specially featured on Edge102.1 and is today their most popular song. Another track "Death Cult Trench Coat", pays respect to the Virginia Tech Shootings and is gaining fast in popularity among their fans. One can find issues of everyday life, politics and love to be the ingredients for the lyrics of most of their songs, written with a honest prose approach.

The music has evolved much since the conception of the project and the new songs showcase a unit that has grown together in both music and life. Look out for the flaming space monkey that heralds as the band's logo and mascot. In an age where new sounds and endemic rhythms are at the heart of peoples musical palettes, you can find The Stereo Hoax pioneering such a mission and breaking new ground, all in the tradition of good music. -

"stereohoax live @ the Bovine August 25th 07"

Once upon a time, there was a band called The Broke Ass Rockstars, led by a sweet jackass by the name of Bowman. They used to make people laugh, and – tactless bastards that they were – they used to occasionally make girls cry (which was actually quite funny in itself). But, whether or not [i]they[/i] took it seriously themselves, to be honest, I never really did. It was great, but it was kind of like going to a comedy act set to music. And then they broke up.

A few months later, I was at The Bovine to see another band (who shall remain nameless since I was underwhelmed and do not feel inspired to write about them – that’s right, they were so bland they couldn’t even inspire a good rant haha.) Having arrived early to escape the boredom at some guy’s house, I was looking around for something to do when I noticed a poster for the show.

Hmmm. The opening band is… that’s Bowman’s new band! I was going to accidentally see Bowman’s new band. Cool.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and part of me thought it would be a bit of a Brokeass rehash. What I heard, however, ROCKED! Really damn good music! A little bit edgy, very rock’n’roll… and the cool part is that it’s still got it’s funny moments. Kind of Billy Talent-with-a-sense-of-humour. Stuff you’ll definitely want to listen to again! And with Bowman heading things up, it’s bound to be a good show… the guy’s an entertainer for sure.

Proof of their crowd-pleasing musical ways… they weren’t the headliners (in fact they were the first of three bands), they’re pretty damn new, and from what I heard from everyone there, most people were there for the headlining band. Regardless of all that, however… that crowd was theirs throughout the set. They caught everyone’s attention pretty damn fast and kept it. Now the second band was ok, but as I said… I found the headliners really dull. So… The Stereo Hoax, as far as I’m concerned, owned the night!

Yay for Bowman’s new band!

Catch The Stereo Hoax next at The Horseshoe, this Tuesday, Sept 11. And then you can go down to the Edge studio on Saturday, Sept 15 for The Steamwhistle Indie Club! Both are free, so no excuse, go check ‘em out!
- Canadajams


2008 - These Songs Are About You - 5 song EP
2008 - You Got Me - single, Edge102.1 FM
2007 - Self Titled - 4 song EP



(Insert band bio here. Include terms "original", "talented" and "world domination")

The STEREOHOAX think they are awesome. A main ingredient in the recipe of a good rock band is confidence, and there’s no shortage of that in the STEREOHOAX. Bowman, Joey Proulx, Brendan McGarvey and Anthony Policelli are all proficient musicians and have created a unique sound incorporating everything they love about music. Their short, catchy songs cleverly sway between punchy, driving rock with reggae inspired rhythms combined with a punk attitude, all the while sounding 100% STEREOHOAX.

With an unapologetic front man, it was hard to ignore the band’s presence or their lyrics when the STEREOHOAX hit the stage. "Not only does he (Bowman) say the things you shouldn’t say, he says the things no one else has the balls to say."- Brendan, July 18, 2008.

Formed in early 2007, the STEREOHOAX is a relatively new band, but is made of seasoned musicians from Toronto's eclectic music scene, all playing since high school. In their short time together they have garnered much attention from both fans and music critics alike. July of 2007 saw the STEREOHOAX release their first 3 song EP recorded @ Orchard Studios, and later remixed by Justin Koop of B Town Sound (Finger Eleven, Saint Alvia Cartel). With over 3000+ downloads of their first EP spearheaded by the single "Friend Card", (which is HUGE in Germany), the boys decided to hit the studio again to do a follow-up EP. In 2008, the STEREOHOAX recorded their second EP entitled "These Songs Are About You" with Justin Koop once again behind the wheel.

The success of their 2 EP's saw the STEREOHOAX get accepted to play one of Canada’s biggest yearly festivals, Edgefest, a definite honour for the four Toronto natives.

Less than 2 years together and 2 EP's under their belt, the STEREOHOAX are setting a fast pace for themselves while getting ready for their CD Release party set to launch October 30th 2008 at Toronto’s Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

"In an age where new sounds and endemic rhythms are at the heart of peoples musical palettes, you can find The Stereohoax pioneering such a mission and breaking new ground, all in the tradition of good music" Croyden DeMello February 6, 2008