Stereo Jones

Stereo Jones


Stereo Jones Coming soon to a town near you is the two man acoustic show known as Stereo Jones. Comprised of two seasoned musicians with years of experience between them and a vast knowledge of the business you not only get a fantastic show but two pro’s as well.


The band
Chris Jones
A long time musician born in Seattle Washington whom now calls eastern N.C. home grew up in the ever so popular Seattle music scene and brought with him to this part of the country those very styling’s which makes him stand out among other vocalists. To hear him sing is to truly have heard something indeed, accredited with the best rock band crown in 2004 at the New York international music and film festival among thousands of other acts for best original song. No stranger to the stage or songwriting he truly owns any stage he walks upon. Having played thousands of shows in his career and touring from coast to coast in many different acts he is a true guitar hero and a remarkable vocalist.

Shawn Mitchell
A native to eastern N.C. a guitarist since age 15 started to form and enter the bands in the local music scene frustrated with lack of dedication from other musicians he was asked to join a full time touring band in L.A. and started touring at age 19. Forming many successful acts since then and sharing the stage with many major label acts along the way he eventually was offered the opportunity to travel overseas to south east Asia and play for our nations troops. Having toured from home four times to do so for months at a time allows him to appreciate the freedom of being able to do what he loves…… his guitar!



Written By: Chris Jones

I should have made a left today,
Maybe I should have made a right,
I don’t know what difference it makes,
But the choices I make are for the rest of my life.

Don’t think much past today,
Lucky I even think about tomorrow,
Think about the friends I’ve lost,
All I got now is sorrow.

Cuz It’s the choices we make everyday,
It’s the places we go , the places we stay,
Trying to have a good time,
Can’t find another way,
I lost my best friend today.

You know it wasn’t me but I was there,
I watched them get into the car,
And I didn’t seem to care,
If I’d have said something then,
I would have looked wrong,
But a friend alive today,
Is better than this song,

They were drunk and decided to drive,
I guess they probably wouldn’t end up alive,
But the one friend wasn’t just catching a ride,
Cuz the choices you make are for the rest of your life


PMF- album,
Category six E.P.,
Dig -Demo,
Stereo Jones, demo
Airplay with PMF, International

Set List

3 -1 hr. Sets 20 min breaks.
Over 400 songs to choose from.
Anything from 50's to current rock.
3 original cd's to play from as well.