Stereo Kitsch

Stereo Kitsch


Outkast. Prince. Jamiroquai. Ben Harper. Beck. John Mayer. The comparisons to such incredible artists has helped Stereo Kitsch score legions of fans throughout Texas and Mexico over the past year. The stage is set for this multi-talented duo to explode onto the national music scene.


Likened to such diverse acts as Ben Harper, Beck, John Mayer and Outkast, Stereo Kitsch manage to pay homage to their musical heroes while somehow creating a unique, musical fingerprint .
Their cleverly titled debut LP "Get It Goin'" is as varied as it's members' tastes and influences, yet, manages to meld cohesively, producing a fresh, truly unique sound.

This Texas duo, headed by frontman Elias Montemayor and drummer Homer, has astonishingly managed to create a defeaning buzz in a region that generally frowns upon original music. One can say it is a testimony to the band's uncanny ability to produce wonderfully crafted recorded music while somehow surpassing their audience's expectations with breath-taking, high-energy live perfomances.

2009 seemed to be a breaktout year with members opening up for such diverse acts as Schwayze, Saul Williams, LMFAO and countless other national acts. The stage is set for Stereo Kitsch to finally get it going in 2010.


On & On

Written By: Elias Montemayor

Frustrated underpaid and you’re trying to make it
You can’t write worth a damn but you’re trying so hard to fake it
And you’ve been working at their factories
Been doing what they want you to be
But heaven knows you’ve got your heart somewhere else
Not working some 9 to 5 watch the second hand click until you’re supposed to die
Say you want to be free to create the kind of life the truth can’t deny
And say you only want to live one life

'Cause it’s you that you’re trying to own
Feels like you’ve got nobody to call home
And everybody seems out to get you 'cause they would never let you
So much later than you thought
You’ve got to make yourself before you rot
Cause every little single thing in your life keeps moving on and on and on
And on and on
And on and on

And so a big dark lonely void came to visit you last night
But you were too paranoid to even put up a fight
He said he’d eat your spirit up with just one bite and you said

Hell no mister watch me make something out of nothing
I've got nothing to lose, but everything to give
Got my friends and family and family and friends
So you ain’t going to put another hole in my head

And as a matter of fact jack you can’t take me two steps back
To the little dark room where I was before
Hiding underneath that dingy floor


Time moves so fast and everybody around me is getting so fast
Cause they can’t catch their breath to busy working trying to keep their beds
A rat-race with too many rats
Bust their asses for the fat cats
No time to be here now worrying about the roof above your head


So don’t wait until the end of the world until the sun falls from the sky

Get It Goin'

Written By: Elias Montemayor

Kick a dope rhyme like ya can’t believe
Keep a groove busy like a honey bee
Gonna slap your backside like a big mack attack
Make you step back and kiss yourself

Believe it I ain’t foolin' round
Pound for pound I can knock ya down
Like a blow up clown I bounce back up
Take ya back to school
Put ya on the bus
So go on and make a fuss while you pack your lunch
And all your bling bling is gonna turn to rust

You’ve got to get it goin' then you’ve got to go and get it for real
You’ve got to get it goin' then you’ve got to go and get it for real
You’ve got to get it goin' then you’ve got to go and get it for real

Now I’m not the type to put up fences
But I got a middle finger if you’re a pretentious prick
You know who you are you won’t go far
Even if you’ve got a big shiny car

Cause when you’re giving everybody lip
How else could you be a big prick?
You’ve got a big and think your bad?
Pack your shit and ship out to Baghdad

So don’t give me your truth when your on the mic
Ends up being just a bunch of hype with your crack pipe
Chokin' on all the fumes head blown up like a big balloon
You big baboon, time to take you back to the zoo
Cause I’m rubber, you’re glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you


Mop top drop top with the flip flops
Non-stoppin' when the sweet beat drops in the jam box
Mop top drop top with the flip flops
Non stop until the break of dawn
Everybody let’s get it on

When the coolness just won’t stop
It kinda makes you wanna call the cops
'Cause it ought to be against the law
It puts your balls up to the wall
Feelin' the bass in your face leaving you with no trace at all
What you don’t want to recall
What you don’t want to be stupid
Fuckin' round with cupid with a gat pointed at music
Gotta go ahead and do this and make em move it move
So just relax and prove it when you wanna come to it


99 Bottles

Written By: Elias Montemayor

Go on inside
Maybe you’ll find
The love of your life
Or just another lie

Drink up my friend
Means to an end
Get laid tonight
And start another lie

Pick up a girl
Promise the world
Maybe she’ll buy
She’ll buy another lie

99 bottles of beer
We can make your problems disappear
Lots of room for the lonely inside
You can leave your troubles far behind
Leave your broken heart outside

Don’t know your name
Want it that way
I need you tonight
To start another lie

Go on forget
We ever met
And pass me by
And start another lie


Say that you’ve never felt like this before
Anything just to get inside your doors

Come on
Help me
Forget myself
Somebody else I knew before


'Cause what's a broken heart
It doesn't matter anyway

We Are

Written By: Elias Montemayor

Baby can you tell me again
How did this ever end
How could stars turn to dust
How could Spring turn to Fall

Now I try to forget
And I’m filled with regret
All that we ever wanted
Turned to nothing at all

Dreams we followed are broken
Words never spoken
Cause we are who we are who we are

Someday we’ll find some hope in
Hearts that are broken
Cause we are who we are who we are
Cause we are who we are

I think about you sometimes
When you used to be mine
Love was so full of hope
Thought that we’d never fall

But when I lost my head
I wished that I never left
Thought four hours away
Wouldn’t seem very far

And that ain't ever gonna change baby

Don’t have to tell me his name
The one that took you away
I was gone for so long
How could I be so wrong

Wish that I could have stayed
But now your memories faded
But I’m happy that you
Found somebody to love


Baby can you tell me again
Baby can you tell me again
Oh I should have held on to you baby

I wish that I never left
Oh I didn't mean to leave you so lonely baby


Get It Goin' (Dec 2007)

Set List

Tiro Sketches
Get It Goin'
On & On
99 Bottles
If You Believe
Sorry Song
Where We Once Were
Thursday Show
Big Bully
We Are
Move Out, Move On
What's It Like

(New Songs)
Mrs. Peterson
The One
Last Goodbye
Shine On
(+ 5 unnamed original songs)