Stereo Mike

Stereo Mike

 London, England, GBR
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Stereo Mike is the first Greek artist to ever win an MTV Award and the first to perform at SXSW festival. With three critically acclaimed solo albums, six VMA nominations and an MTV Europe's Favourite Act nomination, he is undoubtedly one of the most recognised forces in European Hip-Hop.


Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Mike started his musical journey on piano performing in blues and rock bands, but soon found himself experimenting with beats, synths and poetry. By 18 he reached the UK to study Music Production, before embarking on a sound-engineering career specialising in Hip-Hop. His original work brought about interest in the UK and he soon signed his first independent contact releasing his debut album Satiri Nomades in 2005. The innovative DualDisc release of his first two singles - coupled with two groundbreaking music videos - saw his work being licensed to Universal Music and a Best Hip-Hop Video nomination followed in 2006.

"Stereo Mike, is considered one of Greece's best known all round musicians, a rear combination of musical talents. He's a multi-instrumentalist, a lyricist, a fantastic rapper, and a successful music producer with international reputation. His work often carries a social message that translates into any language and his live performances are not to be missed. Watch out..."

Mykaell Riley (Steel Pulse, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, China Black, Mark Morrison, East 17, Jamiroquai, Soul II Soul)

A number of major offers met his increasing buzz in 2007 and he chose EMI for his forthcoming album trilogy XLI3H-ANELI3H-KATALH3H. In the following two years, XLI3H produced four successful singles, an MTV Best Greek Act award, four VMA nominations (including Best Hip-Hop Video, Video of the Year and Artist of the Year) and an MTV Europe's Favourite Act nomination, as well as collaborations with local legend Haris Alexiou and London’s Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra. Mike toured extensively and opened for international acts such as Busta Rhymes and De La Soul. One of his forthcoming singles - Peraia Mou - became the modern anthem for the Olympiacos sports team, leading to two live appearances at Piraeus Basketball Court.

In 2010, Mike got nominated for Best Duet, extended his live shows to London and accepted the position of Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, where he is now Deputy Course Leader in Commercial Music. He released his follow-up album ANELI3H in 2011 and then created Rapcore outfit SchiZm, receiving sponsorship from Red Bull for their debut single Akoma. His collaboration with legendary group Imiskoumbria led to him joining their Imiz Biz collective in 2012, just as he started working on his follow-up record. In 2013 he became the first Greek artist to ever perform at South By Southwest festival. Mike is now working on album KATALH3H and a documentary from his trip to Austin, Texas, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. XLI3H has just been included in Greek magazine's Sonik's 30 Best Greek Hip-Hop albums of all time.

"(Mike's) International reputation assured through his various MTV nominations - and most importantly his message - transcends musical boundaries; the hooks, melodies and arrangements are immense and cross sub-cultural divides with ease... His music is the message!"

Alan Fisher (Cabaret Voltaire, Take That, Bjork, Boy George, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, 808 State)


2012 "De S' Afino Ap' Ta Matia Mou", Universal Music
2011 "Akoma" (single, SchiZm), SchiZm / EMI Music
2011 "Watch My Dance", EMI Music
2011 “ANELI3H” (album, Stereo Mike), EMI Music
2011 “To Sklabaki Tis Agapis”, Sony Music
2010 “Now I Know”, EMI Music
2009 “O Paradisos Ine Makria (Remix)”, Lyra
2009 “Ti Na Mas Kani I Nihta”, Sony Music
2009 “Salsa”, Lyra
2008 “Piase Me (Remix)”, Sony Music
2008 “Pump It/Missirlou (Remix)”, Sony Music
2008 “S' Opion Aresi”, EMI Music
2007 “XLI3H” (album, Stereo Mike), EMI Music`
2007 “O Mikros Rockas”, EMI Music
2007 “To Pio Oreo Tipota (Littlest Things)”, EMI Music
2007 “Ola Alazoun”, EMI Music
2007 “O,ti Ke Na Pis”, EMI Music
2006 “Rap Tou Tipota”, Minded Rap Records
2006 “Robot Poetry”, The Sound Of Everything
2005 “O Alos Mpampis/I Polis”, Universal Music
2005 “Guernica”, Atlantis Records
2004 “Satiri Nomades” (album, Stereo Mike), Mo' Money/AMG Records


2008 Best Greek Act, MTV Europe Music Awards

2010 Best Duet, VMAs (Greece)
2009 Best Male Artist, VMAs (Greece)
2009 Best Hip-Hop Video, VMAs (Greece)
2008 Europe’s Favourite Act, MTV (Europe)
2008 Best Video Of The Year, VMAs (Greece)
2008 Best Hip-Hop Video, VMAs (Greece)
2006 Best Hip-Hop Video, VMAs (Greece)

Set List

Duration: 40 Minutes

1. O Alos Babis
2. Perea Mou
3. Opou Me Pai I Mousiki
4. Boro
5. I Sidagi
6. Apla Zoi
7. Recognition ft. Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra
8. Des Kathara ft. Andriana Babali
9. Piase Me ft. Eleni Tsaligopoulou
10. De S' Afino Ap' Ta Matia Mou ft. Despoina Olympiou / Akoma / Edo Ine Elada
11. Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
12. Fevgo ft. Haris Alexiou