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"Stereomovers - Stereomovers EP (One)"

I love discovering new bands, especially when you listen to their music for the first time and it causes the hairs to rise on the back of your neck. There's a very good reason for that, but it's nothing sinister. When I first popped this into the CD player, I had memories slapping me in the face. Memories of the 90's and some of the things I used to get up to. But enough of that, what is it about this that reminds me of the 90's? I think it has a lot do do with both the music and vocals, which have a very New Order feel to them. Although the influence is bang in your face British, the Stereomovers are from Montréal, Canada, which is very surprising, but a nice surprise nonetheless.

The 4 track EP opens with the "Ozean", which has a very electronica feel to it, with the cosmic, keyboards playing at the beginning. This is actually a track I've heard a few times on various podcasts and is a great song to open the EP with. "Waiting" at first reminded me of P.I.L.'s "Rise", with it's driving beat, but as soon as the vocals begun, I was reminded again of another band, who's name escapes me, but I can't help feeling the band was from the 80's. So two decades in two songs. More interesting keyboards, this time opening up the third track "Love Is". This is probably my favorite track on the EP, which works it's way up to a great chorus, which I can't help but feel would sound great with a mass of people singing it at a concert or live venue. The final track "Picture You" has a much more conventional sound and ends the EP on a much more relaxed footing.

So this is my introduction to the Stereomovers and a very impressive one it is too. If they can take the feel and qualities of this EP and work that into an album, I'm sure that it would gain some well deserved recognition.

Conclusion : This is a great EP, with some great influences. Excellent production, vocals and songwriting, result in an excellent first offering that's well worth picking up. - Colin G @ Indie Launch Pad

"Stereomovers - Stereomovers EP (One)"

Lazy Sunday afternoon with the laptop and into hunting for some different and interesting music on iTunes led me to the “Stereomovers”. With millions of bands in the ocean of current music industry, any debutants should really make an impressive start to pursue and sustain successfully. The industry has witnessed so many one hit bands disappear without any signs of relapse. Having said that, “Stereomovers” comprised of Alexandre Dionne and Simon Roy, makes an impressive debut to say the least. They are novel, different and most importantly have their own style in the creation of their music.


Synthesizing keyboard and mystical chords of this song stamps itself the pick of note in this EP. The initial thirty seconds of this song marks this band’s entry into the new genre of music. The vocals blend in stealth mode and emerge as a soothing melody leading the whole instruments along with it. The grand opening has been done with perfection.


Just as you are about to brand it a routine song of this genre, it takes the shift of giving you the top of the notch rhythm tone. Special mention to the vocals of Alexandre which is soothing and yet a rock shredding throat. The theme of the song fits the tune to give the listener the feeling of a “crowd of people” waiting for something.

Love is
Another club oriented mix preface leading to a solid beat and techno tinkling produces a different love song. Many of the forthcoming DJs in the club are going to mix it and will be a major dance floor hit.

Picture of you

Distorted emergence of Guitar plucking, with the start of heart thudding drums, branded “Stereomovers” all over the song, is what by now has tailored into the minds of the listeners. Even though the start promises a lot, it does not satisfy the hunger it had created. As a relative comparison, this song did not make the impression as the rest of other numbers in this EP.

Watch out for these guys, they are out and are rocking big time. - Ashok @ Get busy Living


Debut EP
Stereomovers - Stereomovers EP (One)
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Stereomovers are the plane ride on a psychedelic rock influential. They have evolved out from the electro club cycle to the rock machine to finally reach a matured Stereomovers sound. Their songs offer a frenzy of bliss, sensuality, coolness and serenity all through the textured layers of their notes and lyrics. The music created by the Stereomovers, provides an amalgamation of human sentiment. A dynamic duo from the city of Montreal, Canada, sourcing from their musical odyssey to bring an evolved and more mass oriented flavor to their sound that has now become mature and ready to fly. Alexandre Dionne and Simon Roy, have been making noise together for the past 10 years. From their early days in a high school punk-rock band, to evolve into a trip-hop duet, to a successful underground progressive house duo, to finally blossom into a fusion of rock and electronic music, that defines this Stereomover Sound. In the last years Stereomovers music has evolved into a massive, explosive, full blown out stadium sound, that blends their musical history with the knowlege of an experienced producer, mixing the notes of synthesiers with the feel of analog instruments. Guitar, bass, drums, and synths are part of every new Stereomovers composition. The catchy melodys and hooks source from their voyage in the underground, and the analog organic instruments bring it all up another notch to make music that you can not only hear but also feel.