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"Feeling The Music Of Stereopast"

All Stereopast wants for Christmas is a great turnout at The Viper Room on Friday. And a certain lead singer's backing.
"We met Anthony Kiedis once at a book signing, I told him we'd open for him someday, and he said, "alright." said Jaivier Flores. Stereopast's guitarist.
Maybe the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman heard himself in Flores candor and confidence and was floored by it mentally setting aside future stage time at Los Angeles Staples Center for Flores 25, of Fontana; Yalina Palomino, 23, of Chino (vocals); John Brunk, 25, of Yucaipa (bass); and Tony Renteria, 24 of Fontana (drums).
That would be their dream gig.
But stereopast will play everywhere, small or large venues, basically anywhere and audience gathers.
"I can't explain the feeling but when playing off a crowd's energy, I feel like I could play all night; people feed off how we feel our music. " Renteria said.
Feeling thier music is an understatement. Stereopast's lyrics and song writing are a "collaborative effort," Brunk says. sometimes the band sets aside a theme first but not most of the time. Each member takes turns coming up with verses for Palomino to croon to.
"One More Monster's, my favorite song to sing." Palomino said, but she likes all of the stuff they have written.
The alternative band started promoting itself full time in October 2004, and have enjoyed a good amount of success so far, playing most recently at Good Fella's in Rancho Cucamonga, Rusty's Surf Ranch in Santa Monica and Club Good Hurt in Los Angeles.
West Hollywood's famous Viper Room will be Stereopast's fanciest gig to date, but the band is as well practiced they rehearse in Renteria's garage three times a week and hang out all the time-nerves shouldn't be an issue.
"I still get anxious but once I get on stage, it all goes away," said Palomino, whose female inspirations include Gwen Stefani, Lauryn Hill and Frou Frou.
One of Stereopst's sticking points is its apparent, almost tangible respect for the music that's made the band who it is the Chili Peppers, Incubus and others.
"There's a lot of people that inspired me to play how I play and love the music that I like, and I just want to give back to that," said drummer Tony Renteria, who excitedly cites the drummer from the Dave Matthews Band as part of his radio past.
"Everyone has a radio past, songs that remind someone of their history and shape who they are," Flores said.
But "radio past" sounded to much like Radiohead. Exchanging "radio" for "stereo" became the thing.
There's been no turning back. - Mari Nicholson (The Sun Times)


Still working on that hot first release.



Alt-rock marvel Stereopast is cranking it up and getting ready to blast the music industry on its ears with a fresh, exciting and original rock sound. Proving that mainstream appeal can go hand-in-hand with true artistic independence, Stereopast unleashes a sound with more hooks than a fishing community and more grooves than a disco machine. Human emotion fills a broad spectrum of feeling and music is capable of touching on each and every shade of emotion. The better the artist, the more different expressions of the soul’s emotion are possible. Thus it is that a huge palette of emotive power is available to the musicians of Stereopast, a group that taps deep into the potential of music, drawing out its potency in huge, tasty doses. “Music makes us feel every emotion that exists – love, anger, passion, happiness, sadness and more … Music is life.” There’s nothing in all of existence that isn’t possible inspiration for this smart, insightful band. “Our inspiration comes from the world, people, life and music itself.” Determination and the artists of today and yesterday who stuck by their goals and created the music we all love today also offer inspiration for the members of Stereopast. “We look to anyone who has had a dream or passion and never gave up and pushed themselves until they reached their goals. Stereopast has played The Viper Room, The Roxy and The Gig in Hollywood. The band has shows booked throughout Southern California. The band is also busy working on new material. “We are in the process of writing new music.” The band recently recorded a new EP featuring the songs “Type A” and “Life Finds a Way” and released an album in 2006. Stereopast’s musical skills continue to grow and with the release of that album, the group’s sound found a new maturity. Tony (drummer), Yalina (vocals), and Javier (guitar) are setting the stage for a blast through the ceiling of rock-n-roll.