"Our music is contagious. It's rock music that anyone can get into. Our sound is original, but if you threw Bon Jovi, Audioslave and Guns N' Roses into a blender it might resemble us"- Greg Raposo (lead singer)


Stereopath's songs are made up of catchy hooks and melodies mixed with tight rhythms and driving guitars. Greg's powerful lyrics are often deep and chronicle of his everyday life, creating anthem-like songs that connect to his generation. The songs are radio-friendly, but never lose their mainstream rock edge. Passionately delivering his lyrics, the songs showcase Greg's rich vocals. His distinctive voice is deep and soulful on softer songs and intense and powerful on louder songs. Stereopath's live shows are high-energy and fueled by passion, always leaving their audience wanting more.

"Music defines who we are. As I relate to our music it gives me strength and identity. Through our music, I hope to give that to everyone who relates to it as well. I want to give my generation a new voice," says Greg. The band's professionalism and determination leaves no doubt they will succeed. They are gearing up to bring the arena-rock crowd back to their feet. Stereopath prefers to let the music speak for itself.


Ready To Go EP

1. Not Gonna Break
2. Losin' It
3. Nothing
4. Party Rock
5. Forget Her (accoustic)

Set List

1. Good Times
2. Not Gonna Break
3. Party Rock
4. Losing It
5. Forget Her
6. Change
7. White Ash
8. Who Are You
9. Open Your Eyes
10. Lets Go