Stereo Pinks

Stereo Pinks


Stationed in the small town of Midland, TX the Stereo Pinks are a one man operation. Influenced by such acts as the Talking Heads, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon and Beck. The Pinks' style wears an eclectic diversity of sound that spans genres from funk to rock to acoustic ballads.


~ ~ Stephen Alexander was born in the West Texas town of Midland. He released his first E.P. in the Spring of 2008 to family and friends and has since recorded two full length albums yet to be released to the general public. All of his recordings are done through home equipment and cheap instruments in places like basements, bedrooms, hallways, backyards, bathrooms, garages, garage bathrooms, churches and wonderfully cramped parties.

~ ~ Stationed in this small town, the Pinks are a one man operation, so far. Due to scheduling, release dates will have to wait until Summer 2010. A tour schedule of North America and Europe will soon follow. All support, advice, collaboration, reference and optimism is greatly appreciated and considered.

~ ~ ~ If you would like to reach Stephen for anything or would like a sample of music, send your info here: ~ ~ ~


Thunderclap Sam

Written By: Stereo Pinks

Had a couple drinks,
Made his head spin 'round,
Thunderclap Sam,
breakin' beariers down

Couple hours ago,
Reservations for two,
Now he's pitchin' a tent with a mountain view

Woke at dawn,
Tied his napsack down,
Listened to the bird and stomped the ground

Saw the city and headed West,
Wasn't good at talkin' but he'd try his best

When he got in he got funny looks,
Got secondary service from a secondary cook,

Met a girl, it was a beautiful thing
Said he fell in love but he had no ring

Sam got a job and made some dough,
Even went to school to see what he'd know,

The city in West made Sam Rich,
But the Man got him down,
So he gave 'em the slip

When Sam got back, he got bored,
So he hopped on a boat to Kuala Lumpur,

Found a dog and named him Max,
Ran back to nature and finally relaxed

Now there's the story of Thunderclap Sam,
Traveled the world and was a mighty man

He loved his dog and could get the girls,
But the mountain side, well, it was his world.

Make My Shape

Written By: Stereo Pinks

Gonna get myself together
Gonna open up my door,

Gotta get myself together,
Gotta wash my hair and clothes

What exactly do you think you're gonna say?
Once you see what I'm for

Said, "I love goodbyes and I hate hellos."
This question was for me...
to shake, shake

It makes my shape

Just tie me up to the lightning post,
and call me from the road

Tie me up to the lightning post,
My head is gonna roll

Bury up on that mountain top,
and walk down with that ghost...
Until then...

It makes my shape
It makes my shape

Mountain Song/Easy Road

Written By: Stereo Pinks

Hold my hand and keep me warm,
Through the storm, my Bonnie dear,

Easy time passing,
Though I know we wont be lasting,
May I be unclear?

My love for you is here.

Big, big mountain,
with an easy road,
Ain't no need for any games,
No need for change...


Written By: Stereo Pinks

San Diego's bells and locks,
Ribons tied,
edge of the dock,

Hold down,

New view,
what's new?
Be real, big deal...

Hold down,

You ran
and you climbed
to new hieghts,

You ran,
and you climbed


Make My Shape E.P. (2008)
Meta (2009)