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Stereo Pirates

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"This CD personifies life experience, with music that are 100% honest and pure."

The Artist I recently checked out the latest self-titled CD from Minneapolis-Saint Paul's own The Stereo Pirates.

The band Line-up includes Bryan Pertinen (Vocals), Bryan Rubbelke (Keys), Mark Thoreen (Bass), Jon Wefel (Guitar) and Jeremy Krueth (Drums). I would say they possess above average to advanced alternative rock playing and singing abilities, and above average songwriting. You will find a musical personality that is rich with hooky and marketable rock that sticks with you long after the CD is over. Timing is spot on within this genera and musical grooves. Pertinan can hold his own on vocals, but more importantly he delivers many vocal performances that are highly entertaining and captivating. The strongest aspect of the production is the polished crystal clean sound quality and the amazing musical vibe you get from Stereo Pirates. The music possesses straight forward modern Alternative Rock and could even be classified as Pop-Rock or Rock. All in all great music to get your head wrapped around. Songs will remind you of classic Fuel, Collective Soul, Dishwalla and even Train. The songs Simply put - deep music with thought provoking lyrical content and a classic indie-college rock vibe. I kept waiting for a weak song to come down the pike - I eventually gave up on that. The vibe Overall very upbeat, progressive, with amazing stories that possess incredible highs and lows. The CD has it’s shares of truthful moments. Simply put - very much like life itself this CD personifies life experience, with music that are 100% honest and pure. There is no attempt to sugarcoat the truth. The production is professional grade from start to finish. There's not many songs you can listen to time and time again. Production quality is Industry Standard. The good Crystal clear recording quality. Solid production value. Entertaining music and rock solid songs. The bad CD tends to be a bit repetitive. The whole CD sounds like once very long song. The ugly Nothing to report.

The verdict Stereo Pirates has everything: good chops, entertaining songs, heart felt vocals and music that covers allot of bases – Rock, Alternative Rock to even Power Pop or straight-up Rock. The Bottom Line WARNING - Listening to this music will open you eyes to the possibilities of what could be - in the world of Stereo Piracy.

Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic - Markus Druery - Indie Shark Music

"“Stereo Pirates” deliver the goods"

Newsflash: Deep from the depths of the Twin Cities arises a 5 headed beast known as Stereo Pirates. Stereo Pirates just released their debut self titled CD in 2012. ARRRRRRRRRR

I always listen to the opening track extremely carefully. It’s the opening track the artists has selected to hit your ears first and foremost. The opening track “Crooked Smile” sets the stage perfectly for a CD like this. It was a great intro piece that stuck in my head and had me eager for what lied ahead. All in all the whole CD is brilliantly delivered with a richly woven rock textures and songs that have serious staying power. Music will remind you of Big Talk, Keane, White Lies, Mark Stoermer, The Killers and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. To be honest I can’t say enough about this bands signature sound. Their bio describes it best: “The album reminds us how records use to be made. It captures a very pure and organic sound.” They have a raw sound that favors a 60's pop meets new age alt-rock feel. They also remind me of a variety of bands from NY’s post punk revival and the days of the British invasion.” I’ve never heard a band skillfully combine so many generas into one unique sound. The songs that stuck with me the most were Fall Back Man, Crocked Smile and Take Me Home.

My only negative comment – I Feel the CD attempts to be too many things at one time. There are poppy moments, hard rock moments, sing songy moments and R&B, Punk-ish moments. Because of this CD has a slight case of genera identity crisis. I would advise the band to narrow their sound a bit further. This doesn’t mean the CD isn’t impressive because it is.

If there was one word I would use to describe Stereo Pirates it would be diversified. This CD will simply make your day more entertaining, but beware Stereo Pirates are one band not so easily pinned down during the first listen. In close “Stereo Pirates” deliver the goods – weather done legally or smuggled into your heart.

Music can be Purchased at I-TUNES

by Mindy McCall & edited by Cyrus Rhodes - Mindy McCall - Skope Entertainment

"...highly original, unique and dare I say brilliant in scope."

About this Artist: Stereo Pirates are a 5 piece Alternative Rock band from the twin cities. They have been making a name for themselves regionally and have received critical acclaim from many music critics and webzines around the globe thus far in their musical career.

Review: “Stereo Pirates” is their latest release and the result though far from a self-indulgent ego trip, rather a moving and elegiac artistic statement from start to finish. This is not your overly predictable Ramon Noodle Alternative Rock, Pop band. Instead Band members include Bryan Pertinen (Vocals), Bryan Rubbelke (Keys), Mark Thoreen (Bass), Jon Wefel (Guitar) and Jeremy Krueth (Drums) could be classed as a 4 genera artist: Alternative Rock, Rock, Punk and Alternative Pop. Stereo Pirates have way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows of overly-predictable Pop Rock. Indeed this is clearly evident in songs like “Crooked Smile”, Fall Back Man” and “Blue Eyes” which methodically ups the ante to a very respectable level of catchy musical expression and craftsmanship. The music is indeed commercially viable with a fresh sound and an entertaining vibe that holds the attentions span of the listener perfectly. In a nutshell this is The Killers meets The Strokes. The 13 song line-up appeals to many listeners with a wide variety of musical styles.

Criticism: None



CD can be purchased @ AMAZON–

Conclusion: I would imagine in time we will hear more from this band in the near future. No doubt Stereo Pirates has carved a marketable niche for themselves setting them up for marketable success over the years to come. I would not be surprised to hear this band head-lining The Warp Tour. But for now I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a musical snapshot that is highly original, unique and dare I say brilliant in scope.

Rating: 10 star rating. This CD gets 8.0 stars

Heather Savage
Edited by Drew Blackwell - Heather Savage - Rock and Roll View

"Stereo Pirates take no Prisoners"

Stereo Pirates take no Prisoners

by Michael Rand Edited my Devin McCalister

Overall Rating: 9/10

The Band: Band members include Bryan Pertinen (Vocals), Mark Thoreen (Bass), Bryan Rubbelke (Keys), , Jon Wefel (Guitar) and Jeremy Krueth (Drums)
This is Stereo Pirates debut release (2012 – Seven Seas Records). Venture to the internet it has much to reveal about this 5 piece unit from Minneapolis and the Twin City area. Reading now from their bio: With no need for any hammers from gods, The Stereo Pirates are five souls who wield the sacred power of music with a mission to please all who listen.

I always listen to the opening track extremely carefully. It’s the opening track the artists has personally selected to hit your ears first. The opening track “Crocked Smile” set the stage perfectly for this CD. It was a great intro piece that stuck in my head and had me eager for what lied ahead. All in all the whole CD is brilliantly delivered with a hooky guitar driven sound and flowing compositions that will remind you of The Wallflowers, Matchbox Twenty. Blues Traveler, Ryan Adams and Sister Hazel and possibly a few others I can’t think of at the moment. To be honest I can’t say enough about Stereo Pirates overall Vibe and songwriting virtuoso. They are amazing. I will also add this is one of the best CD”s to come across my desk this year. These guys area Movie Soundtrack deal waiting to happen. Favorite piece on the CD is a toss up between “Blue Eyes” and “Crooked Smile.” - Michael Rand - IndieMusicDigest

"“Stereo Pirates” sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the CD was over."

Stereo Pirates – Self Titled
By Drew Blackwell edited my Michael Rand

Overall Rating: 8/10

“Stereo Pirates” is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one band that brings to the table effective songwriting via a highly diversified musical delivery. This meshed with a catchy Alternative Rock sound makes for an effective combination. Stereo Pirates even touches on classic Celtic-Folk with hints of Jam Band and Pop. All songs are wonderfully simple but masterful in their overall arrangements. Music reminded me of Beatles, Gin Blossoms, The Killers and even Train. This CD is quite entertaining overall with an amazing vocal front of Bryan Pertinen. His vocals are quite appealing via well-crafted pieces and top tiered musicianship. The overall production value is professional grade offering thick low-end punch and crystal clear high-end clarity. Favorite pikes are Blue Eyes, Live out of Time and She Cut Me. There’s some fantastic moments on this CD which gives Stero Pirates an amazing feel in it’s attempt to connect with a cult fanbase.

Stereo Pirates has proven themselves with this latest release. They are clearly an up and coming talent around Minneapolis and all 5 members are clearly capable songwriters, artists and musicians. I must admit “Stereo Pirates” sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the CD was over. This usually indicates he is something special about the artist or band in question, deserving praise, recognition and musical fame at the international level. - Drew Blackwell - All Whats Rock

"Whatever "it" is - they all seem to have "it"."

Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound and image. There's something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever "it" is - they all seem to have "it".

Today I spun to the latest self titled CD from Twin Cities based band "Stereo Pirates" (2012). Venturing to their website and reading the bio I get the impression this is one up and coming band that's extremely passionate about the songwriting craft. From start to finish this latest release is a very melodic and entertaining musical statement. It has an undeniable Alternative-Rock quality to it but should not to be underestimated or pigeonholed so quickly. It also dabbles in what I would call Alternative-Folk with a slight Celtic edge. Trust me when I say this band goes a bit deeper than the next indie rock band. Any fans of any of these musical styles will enjoy this latest release from Stereo Pirates. It's clearly marketed for those who like a band with a mystique of say Parachute, Neon Trees, Counting Crows and The Last Goodnight. I get the impression Bryan Pertinen and company are having a lot of fun with it and are rolling with what they knows as composers and songwriters. Within each one of these pieces they hit the mark remarkably well being who they are. Favorite track is (Crooked Smile). Within each one of these songs Stereo Pirates bare their soul and deliver pure musical mojo. The overall vibe of the production in upbeat and positive, highly original, colorful, and melodically entertaining.

Stereo Pirates are clearly is a force to be reckoned with around the Twin Cities and one would be wise to keep a watchful eye on. Like I said most famous artists out there have "it" I'm not so sure what it but I think it's fair to say Stereo Pirates have whatever "it" may be.

Michael Morrison
(UK) West Lothian, Scotland
Rating: 9/10 - Michael Morrison - MusicEmissions

"Amazing collection of music"

From start to finish “Stereo Pirates” is an amazing collection of music from these lads. The songwriting – world class, all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, & signature groove. Note for note, song for song there isn’t really weak piece on this entire catalog. The writing and playing abilities of this 5 piece is rock solid. The melodies and harmonies are well crafted, and the lyrical content is packed to the hilt with good old fashioned no holds barred R&B Rock swagger. Last but not least the vocal presence of Bryan Pertinen is breathtaking, infectious and has the voice of legends. Clearly he is a premier talent within this band. Like a drug you can’t help but get sucked in by his amazing band from the Twin Cities.. Get a piece of it while you can! - Cyrus Rhodes - Indie Music Digest

"A New North Woods Legend"

There are many myths, legends and stories that come from the North Woods of America. The wood spirit of Wendigo which could only be seen when facing it head on…the little people who lived among the trees and distracted many a traveler…and, of course, that giant bearded man whose pet was on Ox named Babe.With no need for any hammers from gods, The Stereo Pirates are wielding the full power of Paul Bunyan’s Ax, poised to make their mark in the musical zeitgeist of Minneapolis and beyond.

When I first heard them play a few weeks ago at the Nomad World Pub on the West Bank, the first thing that struck me was how catchy and accessible their music sounded. The song “Fall Back Man” is a great example of this.

The pen of lead singer and chief lyricist Bryan Pertinen is matched only by his voice that cuts through the coldest of North Woods winters, soothing the scenesters as if they were in front of an open flame. Fire continually flies from the fingers and fret board of lead guitarist Jon Wefel as he takes his flower covered flock on many Kesey-esque journeys.

Yet the key to this voyage into pure pop heaven lies in Bryan Rubbelke‘s black and white ivories that happily dance for the various denizens of pubs and clubs, scooping them all up for the ride. The rhythm section of Mark Thoreen (bass) and Jeremy Krueth (drums) provide the kind of foundation from which aural skylines are constructed in Rock City, USA.

The Stereo Pirates have just released their self titled debut and it is a corker. It’s been in constant rotation on my iPhone, my home stereo, my computer and even my minivan as I haul kids around town. In fact, I can imagine soccer moms around the country re-embracing, and perhaps re-imagining, Twin Cities Pop with tracks like “Blue Eyes”, “Crooked Smile,” and “Painted Ladies.” The latter track nods wonderfully to Motown with a totally fab horn section that actually drove me to skipping as I was working out at the gym the other day. And I can’t help but chuckle at the obvious Zep influenced “She Cut Me.” This one gets my son’s nod for best track of the album as he always yells at me to crank the van stereo when it comes on. “Rock and Roll should be LOUD, Dad,” he reminds me and that’s exactly how this tune should be played.

But the album’s true gem and the one that will ultimately write their fire in the sky is “Take Me Home.” Ranking right up there with “Fix You” by Coldplay and “Bedshaped” by Keane, “Take Me Home” is the classic rock anthem in every sense of the word. I can already see former cigarette lighters and now cel phones lighting up arenas as this is one of those show closing songs that will simultaneously existing at every point in music history-adding another mythic and brilliant note to the infinite lexicon that comforts me every single moment of my life. - Mark - IckMusic


Stereo Pirates self titled full length LP features:
Crooked Smile
Blue Eyes
Fall Back Man
Painted Ladies
All For You
Be Your Man
The Fall
Take Me Home
Away From You
She Cut Me
Live Out Of Time



In 2011, the boys of Stereo Pirates found their port of call. Love of music drives each of them to bring their best to this band. Bryan Pertinen (vocals and guitar) has an arresting voice which rumbles over the words with a slight drawl of electrifying intensity. Jon Wefel takes the lead on guitar with expressive tones that amplify Bryan Pertinen’s rousing lyrics. The beat behind the operation, Jeremy Krueth (drums), enlivens the rest of the band members. He brings forth a sound that is both resilient and animating. Mark Thoreen’s bass contributes a rhythmic originality while Bryan Rubbelke’s keyboard brings the polish to their tone.
The five lads from the Twin Cities, MN recorded their debut, self-titled full length album at the Terrarium in Minneapolis. Produced by Rob Oesterlin and Jason Orris, the album reminds us how records used to be made. It captures a very pure and organic sound. Stereo Pirates has thrilled fans in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro and now is awakening fans across the nation with a cunning first album.