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In March 2007, STEREOSIDE signed with fast-growing label Bieler Bros. Records and without hesitation, entered the Bieler Bros. studio to record their debut album, "So Long."

This album is a great arena rocker as I like to call it. Great guitars and overall production is nailed on this one. The drums are thunderous. These songs are great rockers from start to end. With a few slower ones on the record mixing it up this album is just straight up rock. This record is a fun rocker that you can hear being played at a bar to get people up and moving. A Resemblance of Buckcherry at times. It doesn't really sound like them but that straight all around classic rock vibe.

I'll be honest I didn't expect a lot from this album before I listened to it. I was expecting a different sound from the band name as a lot of bands out there with similar names. But, I was surprised with the spirit and vibe of the album. another great release from Bieler Bros. Man, they know what they are doing! My Favorites on the album include "So Long" , "Wasted" and "My Life." A great sophomore release form Bieler Bros! go Buy it on September 25th! -

Overview: Are you ready for explosive, anthemic, no frills rock? Then look no further than Ocala, Florida's Stereoside, who have been penning such hook-laden songs since 1998. The band released a full-length album in 2006 under the title of 'Wake Up' and spent time on the road with the likes of Drowning Pool among others. Deciding former vocalist Eddie Sweeney was not quite the right fit for the group, he and Stereoside went their separate ways and the remaining trio lured Jeff Shileds into the fold, despite his flirting with several major labels about pursuing a career in country-western music. Bieler Bros. saw the group's potential and wasted no time in swooping the band up and inking them to a deal to release their newest album, entitled 'So Long' on September 25. Look for the band to tour extensively behind the new record in the fall, while Stereoside's newest single "Sinner" can be heard in rock outlets across the country.

The Good: Stereoside doesn't f--k around. The band wastes no time in pouring their searing hot modern rock techniques into your ear with the dynamic and overachieving kickoff track "Too High", and the band proves its knack for painting a smooth chorus over a gritty verse in "So Long". Stereoside is one of the most precise and tight bands in the business, as shown in the gently textured and pinpoint gracefulness of "Sinner" and the soulful and inspired "Tattoo". There is not enough to say about front man Jeff Shilds, whose dynamic and booming pipes, along with Ben Foster's bountiful guitar work, turn this assortment of tracks into memorable slabs of memorable and retro-tinged epic modern rock. Whether it's the lighter-ready "Wasted", the distinguishable "Ain't So Bad", or the way the band outperforms Trapt with "My Life", Stereoside's music is a chaotic storm strewn out across a bed of diamonds. The latter tracks of 'So Long' steer the album clear of falling by the wayside, as the likes of the scorching "It's Not My Day" and the slightly bruised charmer "Little Pill" pay testament. The album closes with the unrealistic "On Our Way", a saloon-ready western rock ballad with lyrics that will have you pressing repeat to prove their existence. Stereoside just crank it from all angles throughout 'So Long', and whether they fall flat or not, there is little proof they give a shit, proudly turning the wheels and cranking out another piece of rock to please person after next.

The Bad: 'So Long' is nothing we haven't already heard before, despite its knack for throwing curveballs without warning. Lyrically, the band could sure have benefited from a cliche and redundancy class, and while Ben Foster's guitar work is expressive and orchestrated, it becomes predictable after a few tracks. The middle part of the album blends together far too much to section off the album and give the listener a break, despite an excellent save in the later part of the album. Stereoside fail to gamble as a band as much as Shields does vocally, and while the music is top-notch, it is sometimes masked behind Jeff Shields' superior vocal ability, almost as if the band feel subordinate in his presence.

Bottomline: 'So Long' is a beer drinkin', ass kickin', finger-lickin', roadtrip-ready hell of a ride. There is no whining. There are no candles by the grave. There are no heartbreaks and shitty girlfriends. Stereoside instead focus their efforts into crafting a pulsating brand of rock music that slices and dices as it travels through your senses. Jeff Shields has one of the cleanest and admirable voices on the market, and the band are nothing to be reckoned with either. Stereoside know how to have fun, a seemingly forgotten art in the rock world these days, and it seeps out in one form or another in each song. Whether you feel the need to get up and dance, throw up your horns, or simply lie back in your chair and nod your head, Stereoside's 'So Long' will provide the perfect soundtrack.

Rating: 9 out of 10

- Tune Lab


The singles that have been released and that have radio/internet streaming play are as follows; "Sinner", "So Long", "Too High", . All of these songs can be found on our debut CD "So Long".

Tracks 1-12
1.Too High
2.So Long
6.Aint So Bad
7.Always Remember
8.My Life
9.On and On
10. Its not my day
11. Little Pill
12.On Our Way



In early 2006, STEREOSIDE’S founding members, Chris York (Drums), Ben Foster (Guitar-Vocals) and David Oliver (Bass) added 94.9 WTNT “Tallahassee Idol” winner, Jeff Shields (Vocals). Instead of pursuing a career in Country music, Jeff rejected many major label offers to become the front man for STEREOSIDE. With Jeff’s unique and powerful vocals, a tight rhythm section, and driving guitars, STEREOSIDE was bound to be a rock powerhouse.

In March 2007, STEREOSIDE signed with fast-growing, indie label Bieler Bros. Records and without hesitation, entered the Bieler Bros. studio to record their debut album, “So Long”. “We made the record we wanted to make. We feel as though the record shines with our tribute to rock influences along with our own style, therefore, creating timeless rock songs.” Quotes STEREOSIDE.

By June 2007, STEREOSIDE finished production on their album, “So Long”, and have slated a release on September 25th. The first single from the effort, “Sinner” impacted active and alternative rock on May 1st and has been receiving overwhelming feedback from program directors across the country who have deemed the track “a huge hit”.

As the single was released, there was a great response of support for the band. STEREOSIDE was invited by rock station WJBX to play alongside Buckcherry, Sevendust, and fellow label-mates Nonpoint. They have shared stages with the likes of Southern California Rockers and label-mates, Smile Empty Soul, Socialburn, The Exies, 10 Years, Kittie, 12 Stones, Buckcherry, Hinder, Papa Roach, Revelation Theory, Black Stone Cherry, Alterbridge and Drowning Pool. As a result of their powerful stage presence, STEREOSIDE has created a frenzy of fans nationwide.

The new single “Sinner” continues to gain steam on at rock radio stations nationwide and has picked up several radio ads. In support of their debut release “So Long”, STEREOSIDE has hit the road on tour in the southern part of the US. Check out STEREOSIDE as they begin their path to become the next great band in rock history!