Stereo Suite

Stereo Suite


Catchy, hook driven, melodic modern rock everyone can enjoy.


Described by Ego LA magazine as “some of the coolest rock on the Indie scene today,” Stereo Suite’s guitar-driven modern rock has been compared to the likes of The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty. With songs featured in multiple episodes of MTV’s hit series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and 2005’s full-feature slasher “Scar,” Stereo Suite brings a refreshing originality to the Top 40 in the midst of over-processed tween pop. According to Music Connection, “… this L.A. quartet has put together a crafty, radio-friendly disc that’s as solid as it is familiar.”

Front man Sean Wallace blends soulful melodies with the silky harmonies and rhythms of bassist Pharoah Barrett, while explosive guitarists Joe Steele and Travis Storch round out Stereo Suite’s infectious groove. On stage, the band’s charismatic presence, solid musicianship and high energy capture, and quickly engage, each audience.

The quartet collaborates in writing, sharing personal experiences in themes of relationships, love and family. “Our lyrics reflect honest emotions we encounter in our everyday lives,” said Joe Steele, band co-founder. “Our music seems to cross over generations, speaking to folks of all ages. There’s something everyone can relate to,” he added.

The band imparts an authentic passion for entertaining, and can often be found performing live throughout southern California, Las Vegas and Arizona supporting the recent release of their eponymous LP, engineered at Paramount Studios in Hollywood by Dave Dominguez (Guns & Roses, Papa Roach, Staind). Stereo Suite has recently shared the stage with the Black Crowes, Blues Traveler, Buckcherry, Cheap Trick, the Doobie Brothers, Peter Frampton, Gov’t Mule, Lit and Live, among others.

Refreshingly inventive, Stereo Suite’s original and bittersweet lyrics are accompanied by melodic pop/rock compositions that are reminiscent of such bands as Matchbox Twenty, Foo Fighters and Fuel. Written from a personal and honest perspective, Stereo Suite’s songs are a reflection of their experiences in everyday life and their relationships. Poignant observations of broken relationships are featured in songs such as “Don’t Scream” and “From Here” while “Lucky Day” and “Feel It” offer more uplifting and optimistic views. In the end Stereo Suite manages to create both melodically and lyrically a sound that captures the audience and allows them to feel they are not alone in the world.

Stereo Suite delivers stellar live performances with vocalist Sean Wallace infectiously belting out tunes, to the aggressive hook-driven guitars of Joe Steele and Travis Storch, and background vocals and rhythms of bassist Pharoah. Together they share a common goal of creating music that is timeless, meaningful and above all else, fun.


2006 - "Stereo Suite" LP (9 Tracks)
2003 - "The D-Sides" EP (3 Tracks)

New album snippets are available for streaming @ or

Set List

Typical set lists are 10-12 songs, all originals mixed with a cover or two.