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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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Stereo Telescope @ Leslie University / 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Stereo Telescope @ Northeastern University / 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Stereo Telescope @ Christopher Columbus Park 105 Atlantic Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



While some of us had to board the SXSW Sad Plane and get back to beautiful, warm and scene Boston USA, the rest of the Phoenix crew hung back in Austin into the engaging Sunday afternoon and caught a bunch of still-raging 617ers over at the Treehouse on 6th. It was all a part of the second half of Wadzilla Mansion's two-part showcase, and well, it sucks those cats can put on shows 1,993 miles away and not in Allston due to permit bullshit. Evs city, man.

Anyway, here's STEREO TELESCOPE whipping it up; video shot by K. Bonami.

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- The Boston Phoenix

STEREO TELESCOPE are feeling the love.

Last week, the year-old Brighton-based electro-pop duo received a nomination for Best Electronic Act in the 2010 Boston Music Awards (a beat-fest grudge match with Bodega Girls, Mystery Roar, Coralcola and Southern Belle), then over the weekend at Great Scott they repped our city proud alongside white-hot Brooklyn cats Class Actress and Small Black. Stereo Telescope will soon return to the stage – with a good cause in mind – on Dec. 4 as part of the Calling All Angels afternoon show at T.T. The Bear’s Place, a Friends of Emilia benefit for the NCIU at Beth Deaconess Medical Center that also stars Spirit Kid, Bang Camaro, Sidewalk Driver, Gem Club, Casey Desmond and Lovewhip.

So when Nikki Dessingue and Kurt Schneider break bread this Thanksgiving, they’ll have plenty to be thankful for and much to look forward to. As a token of that appreciation, they today released their third single “Draw Me A Sky,” a holiday-themed gem that strips down their usually pulsating synth-pop for a kinder, gentler wash-away ballad that almost, kinda, maybe just a bit recalls the Verve Pipe’s epic ‘90s jam “The Freshmen.” We need more of that, kids.

“It's a totally appropriate song to be released as a celebration of the season, the benefit show coming up that we are playing and our gratitude to everyone in our lives who helped us get this far already,” writes Dessingue. “This song was written almost exactly one year ago, the lyrics were penned as a gift to my family and best friend for the Christmas season. It's all about the past and how the faith and support you've gotten over the years build who you are and allow you to continue to move forward. It's also just about love, plain and simple, and being able to have a safe place to come back to in the world, your heart or mind, whether it be romantic love, love between friends, or the strongest love of all between family.”

“Draw Me A Sky” is dedicated, Dessingue says, “to all of our friends and family again this season, and to the immense gratitude we're feeling right now for everything we're been able to accomplish so far.”

Pass it around the dinner table.

DOWNLOAD: Stereo Telescope “Draw Me A Sky [mp3]

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- The Boston Phoenix

“Let’s tear this city down/And start all over” suggests the yearning chorus to Stereo Telescope’s daydreaming blip-pop gem “Geography.” Given that the annual student invasion is set to commence this weekend, the Brighton-based electronic-pop duo might be onto something. With their glistening dual-vocal synth-pop, Nikki Dessingue (Campaign for Real Time) and Kurt Schneider (This Car Up) have already scored gigs with Delorean and Dragonette. They’re now competing with fellow locals Mystery Roar, Bearstronaut, and Br1ght Pr1mate in Stuff magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fashion’s Night Out competition, which is looking to name Boston’s best electronic band and will throw a party to celebrate the winner on September 10. Go to to cast your vote by August 31, then download “Geography” down below.

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- The Boston Phoenix

STEREO TELESCOPE | Despite the recent success of Passion Pit, Boston remains a staunch rock-and-roll town. So how did the warm, blippy electropop of Stereo Telescope escape an unassuming Brighton bedroom and lodge itself at the forefront of a new wave of beat-minded acts? Dual vocalists/programmers Nikki Dessingue (Where the Land Meets the Sea) and Kurt Schneider (This Car Up) combine to weave a synth-pop grid of analogs, Ataris, and melancholy — a formula that acutely merges into a pop perspective on former Phoenix MP3 of the Week "Geography." Although Stereo Telescope released only three stand-alone singles in 2010, the year ahead promises a debut EP or full-length (working title: On and Running). Also on tap: SXSW in March and several mini-tours across state lines. And there will be a twist on their local shows — the duo's studio tracks will be remixed, blended, and beat-matched into one live on-stage performance stream. Alert the dance parties.

NEXT SHOW • February 11 @ Great Scott, Allston - The Boston Phoenix

"BOSTON — It’s a long way from Schaghticoke to Saks Fifth Avenue, but singer Nikki Dessingue has made it.

The Rensselaer County native, a member of the Boston-based band Stereo Telescope, will take the stage tonight at the Boston satellite of the New York shopping institution for its Fashion’s Night Out celebration, an event honoring the beginning of New York Fashion Week.

Stereo Telescope, an indie electro-pop outfit in the vein of acts like MGMT and Passion Pit, won the right to perform at the celebration through an online vote hosted by Boston bi-weekly Stuff Magazine in an attempt to find the city’s best electro-rock band."
- Katie Nowak, The Troy Record
[read more at] - The Troy Record

"I first saw this band open up for Mystery Roar (another local band) and Delorean this summer. I was instantly impressed with the indie synth pop sounds I heard coming from the stage, and like many others around me I was asking "Who are they?". I went up to the merch table afterwards and found out for myself.

Stereo Telescope is Nikki Dessingue and Kurt Schneider who have both been involved in multiple other bands (Campaign for Real Time and This Car Up) in the Boston scene. They came together to work on this side project and ended up turning it into a two person band. They work incredibly well as a synth pop band, with Nikki's penetrating vocals and the clean layering of Atari synth card (I think), multiple (his and hers) vocal tracks, drums, guitar, and a sense of urgency.

Synth-pop bands have been really popular in the past few years with bands like MGMT going mainstream, but what I like about Stereo Telescope is that you can understand their lyrics, they are clearly featured, poignant, and make sense. There is none of that fuzziness or excessive reverb that so many synth pop bands employ and you still get the fun electronic dancey beat. This band is quickly gathering speed after being featured by Spinner and local Boston publications, The Phoenix and Stuff. People are paying attention to this band, as they should be. This song is too damn catchy to ignore. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean." - New Music Collaborative

"The sound of Stereo Telescope is one that transports you to another time and place. The digital elements of their music often leave you wondering if you should be dancing or listening to the enchanting story their unique style of music tells."
- Robyn Adams, - Spinner

“Let’s tear this city down/And start all over” suggests the yearning chorus to Stereo Telescope’s daydreaming blip-pop gem “Geography.” Given that the annual student invasion is set to commence this weekend, the Brighton-based electronic-pop duo might be onto something. With their glistening dual-vocal synth-pop, Nikki Dessingue (Campaign for Real Time) and Kurt Schneider (This Car Up) have already scored gigs with Delorean and Dragonette. They’re now competing with fellow locals Mystery Roar, Bearstronaut, and Br1ght Pr1mate in Stuff magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fashion’s Night Out competition, which is looking to name Boston’s best electronic band and will throw a party to celebrate the winner on September 10. Go to to cast your vote by August 31, then download “Geography” down below.
- Michael Marotta,

[Note: Stereo Telescope was named Boston's Best Electronic Band in this competition]
- Boston Phoenix

Stereo Telescope is a hidden gem wedged inside the Boston music scene. Made up of dueling vocalists Kurt Schneider and Nikki Dessingue, Stereo Telescope is an electronic based band that somehow manages to remain warm and inviting. Most of that comes from the angelic voice of Nikki, which plays against the more earthy tones of Kurt’s vocals. The music is lush and otherworldly yet holds a melodramatic tone to it.

There’s a universal melancholy to what Stereo Telescope do, a sadness that somehow we can all relate to. So much of the current indie scene, especially those bands based in electronics, is devoid of soul. Stereo Telescope have somehow managed to sidestep that issue instead injecting their music with a cautious optimism, an infectious feeling that letting go will make everything alright.

The band has currently finished a dozen or more songs and between their constant touring schedules is shopping them around to labels. I rarely get behind unsigned bands but there’s something very special happening with Stereo Telescope. I can see them moving crowds into a frenzy at the Bonnarroo Festival, playing their hit soundtrack song at the Oscars and also being blasted from every sad teenagers room and college dorm across the country.

Stereo Telescope makes beautiful music that is easily accessible with out becoming trite or boring. It also helps that Nikki is approachably beautiful and Kurt look like the guy we all root for to get the girl in some Wes Anderson film. Great music, strong vocals and visually appealing, Stereo Telescope seems to have it all. - Crave Online




RELEASE | 6.1.10


To local music fans, Nikki Dessingue needs no introduction. Whether out front in Where the Land Meets the Sea or behind keyboards for C4RT, her voice has long been a part of our sound. Now she's joined with Kurt Schneider (ex-This Car Up) for a raw two-part electronic project.

"Geography" is totally on the money. Both artists contribute layered vocals, and the melody carries itself. There are electronic and acoustic flourishes, and it sounds like MGMT or Beach House, all that. B-side "Lighthouse" puts Nikki's voice front and center, perhaps too much. Schneider's counter-vocals are more cool and collected. The song itself seriously bumps and pumps, though, like a cranky future machine. We here at the Dig have been waiting for Boston to produce output like this. And now you are. Well done; buy yourself a beer!
- DAVID DAY, The Weekly Dig - The Weekly Dig

"A brief, electronic prelude introduces "Geography" to the listener. It seems like more of an interstitial in context of the rest of the song; it introduces the pleasing F-major key of the song before the main rhythm enters and takes the song by the hand and ushers it along.

"Geography" moves at a good clip, like a treadmill that has been ramped up just enough to get the heart going. There is still a human quality to its movement, but it has just enough mechanical clicky-clacky in the background to remind us that we are being powered - at least partially - by the machine. At least it is a friendly machine, unlike those ones from The Matrix.

The human presence in "Geography" comes from Stereo Telescope's dual-pronged, male/female approach. I usually abhor the mix of male/female vocals for some reason, but Stereo Telescope always manages to work a story and not simply a passion play. The call and response offers two slightly different takes on what is ultimately a strong and catchy melody, that, coupled with the ocean motion of the beat, brings the song home."

-CD DiGuardia, Boston Band Crush
- Boston Band Crush (

"A "song" is usually one voice, literally and figuratively. Stereo Telescope's voice comes, well, in stereo. The dual-pronged attack comes from those two lookers you see over in the picture to the left. "Lighthouse" is a love story - sort of. The slow burn of this vocal argument has the female (whom we shall call "Nikki") and the male (heretofore referred to as "Kurt") embroiled in... something. "Lighthouse" has definite theatrical value, without going over-the-top into musical theatre-world. The decision on the argument goes to Nikki, who has in her arsenal not only a wide range of vocal dynamics but the ultimately hooky chorus that will stick in your brain for the rest of the day. While at first this just sounds like another case of attractive people arguing with each other inside a video game, there are more dynamic and rich musical textures that are buried just deep enough to not take over. This is one of those songs that you can listen "into" and find interesting parts as deep as you can hear. From the sounds of this well-put together track, they probably have melodies going in on the subsonic parts of the spectrum, you know, just in case."

-CD DiGuardia, Boston Band Crush - Boston Band Crush (



"Geography" - featured on WFNX Boston, The Boston Phoenix (, Boston Band Crush (, Playground Boston, Stuff Magazine online
"Lighthouse" - featured on Boston Band Crush (
"Draw Me a Sky" - featured on Boston Band Crush (, The Boston Phoenix MP3 of the week (



Sex addicted 8-bit fanatics...wait... Sexy 8-bit fanatics Stereo Telescope have been all over radars and radios (okay, iPods, who listens to the radio?) since the electro-indie-pop coed duo had the masses movin' down at the 2010 SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.
Stereo Telescope truly is two voices, one projection, and a ton of movement - often drawing influence and comparisons to other male/female and electropop acts such as The Postal Service, M83, MGMT, Headlights or Passion Pit. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the band is the product of two electric, erratic musicians--Kurt Schneider (This Car Up) and Nikki Dessingue (Where the Land Meets the Sea and The Campaign for Real Time)--creating a multilayered soundscape. Drawing from a collective 10+ years of experience in bands, the pair decided to see what they could do with a slew of analog synthesizers, a couple guitars, and a lot of quality time with a Mac laptop.
Schneider and Dessingue met while playing shows with other local outfits and each eventually realized that the other’s musical specialties would perfectly compliment their own, officially forming Stereo Telescope in the fall of 2009. Together, the pair swiftly crafted “Geography” and after two nights in the depths of Schneider’s practice space in Allston, that track became the duo’s first single, which also has an accompanying music video shot by local artist Dan Hartshorn. More tracks quickly followed, including a second single “Lighthouse,” as did a revelation that the pair was creating a sound together that they had both always sought individually.
The duo’s debut album (tentatively titled On and Running) is materializing into a synth-heavy electronic venture filled with lyrical allusions to past and present risks and adventures, and travels and frustrations, with an overarching message of constant movement punctuated by the consequences thereof.
Barely a band for six months, Stereo Telescope decided took their freshly-minted live show and two studio-produced singles on the road to SXSW 2010. The trip was intended to be the first tour for another project of Schneider’s but upon its untimely demise, Stereo Telescope reaped the benefits. Foregoing sleep and sanity, the duo worked overtime to tighten up their live show, a spectacle complete with dueling synthesizers, a newly custom-built computer system, and tons of Home Depot lighting.
Since their debut, Stereo Telescope has been locked down in basements, labs and studios further crafting their hook filled Brooklyn-esque synthy goodness. They've also been the subject and creators of remixes, collaborating with other local artists and giving away the product online.
These days when they're not locked away Stereo Telescope is busy, banging keys, shuffling feet (and surfacing for air) to play sold out shows with Marina and the Diamonds, Matt & Kim, Delorean or Dragonette, a featured live performance at the Boston Music Awards, or the occasional underground dance party. That and yearly gaining nominations by local magazines and the Boston Music Awards academy as Boston's Best New Act and Best Electronic Band [Winner, 2010, Boston's Best Electronic Band - Stuff Magazine].
Expect a proper release from the duo in early 2012. In the meantime download GEOGRAPHY, LIGHTHOUSE, LIGHTHOUSE REMIX (by DJ Die Young), and AINT THAT COLD - Bodega Girls [Stereo Telescope Remix]. And check them out live... you know, if you like having fun.