Listening to Stereovision is like watching a hypnotic pinwheel spin.


Stereovision came out of the rain and steel bridges and Japanese freighters and old bars of the Pacific Northwest. It's the sound of watercolor soundscapes and long notes over disco beats and elctronic pulses. Bandmates D. Camp and Nancy Hess built the tracks from the farthest ends of the U.S. with Camp in Portland, Oregon and Hess on Manhattan Island. The result has earned favorable reviews on both coasts and the live show has taken on a life of it's own featuring the singular talents of keyboardist Solovox and drummer Ryan Moore. Nancy Hess is previously known though her work with 7 Day Diary (Warner Bros.) and Camp with the Dance Hall Crashers. If you own a television then you've heard their creative talents put to work on music for commercials for companies such as Nike, AT&T, Intel, Clorox and dozens of others. Stereovision is music for discos and bedrooms, long drives and lit skylines- it's the hypnotic pulse of a rain soaked Northern town.


Eponymous debut: Stereovision
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Set List

I'll Remember You
What is Real
Reclining Nude
Peel Back and See
One Plus One is a Number
I'm Sorry, I sleep Late
Best Dressed Coat Check Girl