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Sterling Anthony is taking Holy Hip-Hop to another level. The Atlanta-area disc jockey turned rapper/producer has transformed from a local secular celebrity into a true mouthpiece for God who is making his way nationwide. BOOKING:1-800-841-2788


Sterling Anthony could be best described as a quiet storm. The Atlanta-area disc jockey turned rapper/producer has transformed from a local secular celebrity into a true mouthpiece for God who is making his way nationwide.
The artist formerly known as DeJay T-Bone "The Left-Handed Bandit" first received notoriety in 1990 as a local Atlanta disc jockey that was known for his energetic stage presence and the ability to capture and control any crowd. At the age of 15, he was the first African-American to control the DJ booth at Golden Glide, Decatur Georgia's legendary roller skating rink, where he was the first person to incorporate live mixing and scratching into the skating sessions. As DeJay T-Bone, Sterling Anthony was also a member of Atlanta's J-Team, a group of local DJs and emcees headed by mix tape pioneer King Edward J, which included Atlanta icons such as DJ Smurf, MC Shy-D, DJ Kizzy Rock and Playa Poncho.
Sterling Anthony credits Atlanta, the city known as "the new Motown of the South," for advancing his musical as well as his spiritual gifts. It was at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in 1988, where Bishop Eddie L. Long is senior pastor, when he first discovered an interest in what is now known as Christian rap. A vacation Bible school talent show would be the stage for Sterling Anthony, New Birth's first Christian lyricist, rapping over the sounds of a beat-box provided by another youth. Sterling Anthony started a buzz throughout local area churches, which led to numerous appearances at youth rallies and Sunday services. But over the years, his zeal for Christian rap would be overshadowed by the quickly emerging secular hip-hop scene and his passion for spinning vinyl in a live party setting.
In 1998, Sterling Anthony walked away from the DJ profession after being faced with several life or death situations in the clubs and returned to his Christian rap roots by rededicating his life and his musical talents back to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sterling Anthony realized that he could be a mouthpiece for God by reaching the ears and hearts of those seeking God but were stagnated by the carnal desire to be entertained. He believed that hearing a sound that entertains yet feeds the uncompromising word of God would help babes in Christ grow in understanding of the high calling and mature Christians reaffirm their faith.
Fast-forward to 2005: Sterling Anthony releases the groundbreaking project "The Big Setup", a chronicle of the life and experiences of this DJ turned rapper/producer. This CD promises to be one of the most influential collections of songs, not only for the saved but the unsaved as well. With a wide variety of songs from true stories, such as, "I Am Not Ashamed," to spirit-filled party anthems like the reggae-influenced "One-Two-Three," The Big Setup has something for everyone.


"Can You See What I See"

Written By: S. McCollum

I’ve been a lot of places, seen many faces.
But I’ve never ever seen the righteous forsaken.
I’ve seen penetration of the hardest individual
Who’s heart was rock solid and thought to be invincible.
I’ve seen my whole situation do a 180.
Yeah, you think I’m all holy but I use to be crazy.
I’ve seen the Lord protect me even when I was dead wrong,
Then I’ve seen Him turn my mess into a testimony song.
See you think I write these lyrics from my head and that’s O.K.
But I never know what’s next until the pencil hits the paper.
I’ve seen souls saturated by the Holy Spirit.
But sometimes I’ve seen souls that wasn’t even trying to hear it!
I’ve seen rappers kill a hundred people on their album.
I’ve seen young people idolizing these rappers.
I’ve seen the rapper say it’s just a part of the game,
But me myself I think it’s time for a new thing.
So bring the noise like P.E. and try to get with me.
I’ve seen what happens when you give God all the glory.
And if the Lord is for me let the victory bells rings
Because defeat by those against me is something I’ve never seen.

Can you see - what I see - when I see - what I see? Can you see it?
When I see - what I see - when I see - it’s for real. You best believe that.
If you could close your eyes (Walk by Faith),
Then it just might save your life (And not by sight).
Can you - see what I see - when I see - what I see? Can you see it?

I’ve seen the end of the road even though there were corners.
I’ve seen the end of the storm even through the raging waters.
I’ve seen paraplegics stand up like picket fences.
I’ve seen demon-possessed people come to their senses.
And here’s something that you probably won’t believe,
I’ve seen my heart stop pumping blood to a beat.
But when it happened, I saw the blood of Jesus Christ
Take over my physical and rejuvenate my life.
I’ve seen a lot of Christians that speak of God glory,
But yo’ let’s face it ya’ll I’m a walking testimony.
I’ve seen Tony turn into a successful D.J.
Then I saw the D.J. turn it into doing it God’s way.
I’ve seen artist thank God while they’re at the podium
Like it’s the “thing to do” even though they don’t know Him.
They might know of Him but it’s really not personal.
It’s more like convenience – yes, and I’ve seen it
On more than one occasion. Check the Grammies and the Billboard.
MTV, Soul Train and American Music Awards.
Some are sincere and stay true to the theme,
But now a days this is something that’s rarely seen.


"I Am Not Ashamed"

Written By: S. McCollum

One day me and Terrell was out in the streets
Shopping for equipment to enhance Divine Prophecy.
We ended up at Guitar Center. You know,
Right there off the access road. This is where the story unfolds.
So we rolled on up in the cut, inconspicuous
With our minds all focused on handling our business.
We made our way through all the want-to-be songwriters and producers
That live and die for secular music.
That idolize the equipment but don’t know how to use it.
That heard about salvation, but never really pursued it.
Anyway. As we made our way over to the synthesizers
I was kind of taken back and couldn’t believe my eyes.
I saw this kid from back in the day when I use to play records.
Now he’s all famous and highly respected.
So I said what the heck let me holla at my folks
Because it’s been a minute since we did our thing on Candler Road.
I said Yo! What’s going on D.J.?
By the size of you wallet it looks like everything is O.K.
I’ve seen you on everything from B.E.T. to MTV
Even concerts at the Fox Theater cutting vigorously.
By this time his partners was trying to see what was going on.
He told them “this is the artist formally know as DeJay T-Bone”.
“We use to mix tapes for Edward J.”
“I think the last time I saw you was down at UGA”.
I said, “Yeah, it’s been a couple of years. Boy does time fly
When your out on the road and your carrier is on the rise”.
And I wasn’t surprised when the next question came about
Because these cats think if you ain’t as big as them then you are played out.
So he looked me in the eye and said “So what you doing now a days?”
I said “producing Gospel music and giving God the praise.”
The room fell silent. You could have heard a pin drop
Because in their mind they only thing that matters is hip-hop.
The next question was “why would you do that?”
Yeah, I was on track to being one of the hottest D.J.’s in Decatur
But God is greater than a cross fader or a little fame.
It was then I stepped back and started to explain . . .

I am not-I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. No,no,no,no. (2x)
You can say what you want to say, talk about me anyway
But I’m not ashamed because of Christ I’ve got the victory.
You can be some kin to me if you just joint the family. Come on-come on.

So many of us try to reframe the picture.
We talk the talk but don’t walk the walk of a Christian.
Something is missing. Could it be Jesus?
Could it be the Father or the Holy Spirit sent to comfort us?
I’m tired of mess. I’m tired of playing games with the common.
If it ain’t Jesus then I don’t want it.
If it ain’t Kingdom business then I can’t flaunt it
And if it’s not the cross then I can’t haul it.
It’s really like that and I’m going to tell it to your face
Every time that I see you because I’m really not ashamed.
And I’m not ashamed just between the four walls of this church
I’m not ashamed in the streets, I’m not ashamed at work.
I’m not ashamed when I pull up next to you bumping this
So if you think I’m going to turn it down you can forget it
Or either get with it, it would probably do you best
Instead of sitting there nodding your head to that mess.



Written By: S. McCollum

Some say I motivate. Others say I innovate.
You may think that I am fake when I say that God is great.
Or when I say He’s good. Rolling through the neighborhood,
Praising God on Candler Road – Macafee to Glenwood.
Heaven bound so I’ve got to rock it this way.
My church is crunk-up like Chuck-E-Cheese on a Saturday.
And I pray that the spirit falls fresh on me.
Lord you’re the potter, I’m the clay so just mold me.
I control the mic with conviction and authority.
Been around for years but you might not even know of me.
This poetry is just something I do on the side,
But my main objective in life is living for Christ, right!
So who you thanking? While you were in the club shaking
I was sitting home writing these verses.
Isen’t God worth it? Put your drink down.
Turn this up (say what) here comes the count down.

One – two – three, I’m down with G – O – D.
And if you want to go to the tip top,
put your faith in Jesus (my Lord) (2x)

Back with the boom-bap. You know I had to say that,
If you’re not down with the King then your style is wack.
In fact, you might have went double plat’
But what you going to do when the Lord decides to take it all back?
I rock tracks for Divine Prophecy and we
Believe in giving God the glory
The Lord is my master. I’m still cutting faster.
Not last ‘cuse I’m the head and not the tail and it just has to
Be that way. Yes I pray and I praise Him.
Me can’t stand the devil so me crush and slay him.
Treat him like a cross fader, jerk him back and forth
Till he screams like a little girl “Me can’t take no more!”.


Verse three and we’re still mashing up your earpiece.
You smile or smirk hoping that this is never-ending.
Stop pretending you can make it on your own.
(Surprise!) you can’t – so step to the throne
And lay it all down. Salvation’s got me salivating,
Watering at the mouth because His love is so amazing
Like grace. Like spider-man hanging off walls.
(Yes, yes ya’ll) His kingdom will never fall.
And that’s real, it doesn’t get any realer
Even if you call Evander and asked him what the deal.
This is how I feel about my savior, yes my lord but
Wait a minute – let’s jump back into the chorus.



"Personification" from the album "Sounds Of The Rebirth" - Eyewitness (1998) **

"I Do" from the album "The Experience" - IDo (2001)**

"This Is The Time" from the album "One Accord" - The Living Stone Project (2004)

"The Big Setup" - Sterling Anthony

(** Sterling Anthony appeared as Dejay T-Bone "The Left-Handed Bandit")

Set List

The Big Setup
I Am Not Ashamed
Can You See What I See
Think About It
Praise 101
By The Time You Get This
God Is Good
Clap Your Hands
Give It Back (Grace & Mercy)
Built For This