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San Bruno, California, United States | SELF

San Bruno, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Flavor of the Week: Scraping for Change"

As a music writer and fanatic, I must admit that I have my moments of pretentiousness and snobbery when it comes to bands. But when it comes to pop/rock, I find sheer joy in shamelessly bopping my head along to a catchy hook. Bay Area alternative troupe Scraping For Change does it with ease, completely eliminating the “try-hard-ness” that gave the genre such a crummy reputation towards the end of the “New Millenium.” The quartet explores swoon-worthy, piano-driven pseudo-ballads and pounding anthems on their newest album The Great Escape (no relation to that other pop/rock band).

Although I’m a sucker for synthy dance pop, top tracks for the men of Scraping For Change are “Exit the Fire,” which channels Jimmy Eat World on an extra heavy day, and “Love Thief,” a track with a painfully contagious intro about a hussy that can break a heart just as well as she steals it. Lead singer Sterling Selover’s (that’s some name, huh?) tone can only be described as delightfully pleasant. Most importantly, he has the kind of vocals that meld with all of Scraping For Change’s musical paths on the record, from easy pop, to heavy, thriving rock with a subtle hint of California love.

Check out the guys of Scraping For Change on Myspace . They’ve been in the game through the genre’s heyday in the early 2000’s and it’s obvious they’re carrying the best characteristics of alternative rock with gusto.
- Rhythm and Beats BLOG

"Scraping For Change - EP Preview"

It is my pleasure to preview the upcoming 2010 E.P. from Scraping For Change. First off, the recording quality and production value is very top-notch! These guys clearly have spent the time necessary to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb to ensure everything is in its appropriate place.

The drums and bass click together like a machine, the guitar work is edgy, progressive, and forward-thinking, and the vocals are performed with pure intensity and emotion. All in all, the recording moves in and out of intense art that I think anyone of the alternative rock genre will come to love. If you're a fan of Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, and Story of the Year; then you'll love Scraping For Change.


RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars

-Ross Christopher, AwakenMusic December 2009 - AwakenMusic

"Scraping for Change Release Music Video"

The local alternative rockers, and much-played on Live 105 Scraping For Change, have just released their new music video for “Shadows“, off of their latest EP, “Breaking the Silence“. Click through for the music video.

The line up of the band has changed a lot in the last few years, and having started with this EP early this year, they now feature a more modern rock sound. The band is going back to studio in late April to record their 3rd album, which is expected to be released in late Summer, around the same time when the band will be extensively touring in Japan.

-Dustin Shey, March 25, 2010

"POP VULTURE - Breaking the Silence EP Review"

This six song EP features new wavish pop with sharp punkish song structures. In other words, they can’t make up their minds as to want they want their music to sound like, and we’re all the better for it!

Their DIY attitude shows them more than apt at pounding out fierce rockers like “The Limelight,” “Give it Hell,” or “2012 A.D.” The latter song is apocalyptic as it is current with it’s references to the earth, the environment, and it also zero’s in on modern day relationships.

They can also construct softer, but just as melodic track like “Shadows.” It’s as urgent as the rest of the EP, but you’ll focus more on the lyrics first time around. When they harmonize the band has Holliesque (60’s pop), strengths that are rare, which opens the record up toward making it catchier with a strong rhythmic charge.
This is a straightforward album that is fully realized. If this is the tip of the iceberg for what the band is capable of than we’re going to see and hear lot more from Scraping for Change. Scraping for Change’s album, Breaking the Silence is crisp and taunt, resonant powered pop played with unadorned skill and conviction.

POP VULTURE by Phil Rainone
- Pop Vulture -

"Album Review: Scraping For Change"

Rock bands that rely more on melody and songs - and that are obviously seeking major-label recognition, airplay and public notoriety - tend to get dismissed by GP readers who, quite reasonably, have "hot guitar" more on their radar. Scraping For Change guitarist/vocalist Sterling Selover certainly won't drop any jawas of the Satriani-Vai-Malmsteen set, but he has an uncanny ability to propel his catchy melodies with parts that enhance the feel of each tune. The stark arpeggios and single-note lines on "Through the Mirror" that underpin a poignant vocal reading, the Police-like skanks that drive the verses of "What Would You Do?," and the glam-rock-approved riffs and solos that transform "Second Chance" into a thrilling live-concert-like explosion of sound are just three examples of Selover's cagey musicianship and production smarts. There may not be a ton of mind-blowing solos to rip off on 19*6*3, but if you want some tips on how to craft songs that can grab a listener's attention before you unleash that shred solo, Selover delivers a master class on the art of seductive songcraft. SFC. - Michael Molenda (Guitar Player Magazine, April, 2009) - Guitar Player Magazine

"Scraping for Change "Breaking the Silence""

How many rock acts can lay claim to a No. 1 song in Indonesia? Bay Area-based
Scraping For Change reached the summit at top 40 there in 2007 with “Crazy Mary.”
Its third release, EP “Breaking the Silence,” which has been featured on San
Francisco’s signature rock KITS (Live 105) and other outlets, demonstrates the
quartet’s savvy for killer hooks, sing-along choruses and boot-kicking
instrumentation—including ingenious keyboard/synth lines and acoustic guitars
alongside the expected rabble-rousing power chords. Singer/guitarist/songwriter
Sterling Selover at times conjures Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, while
band-mates Jonathan Graham, Jonathan Mumma and Scott Lewis also contribute some
tight harmonic vocal layers. A majority of the tracks here are radio-ready, with
polished production and mature composing, including frenetic “Limelight,” in which
Selover sings about flirting with fame: “Don't back down because of fright/You're in
the light, the limelight, step up and fight.” Likewise, in apocalyptic rocker “2012
A.D.,” he urges us to push against the odds: “You have to live for today/Because
tomorrow the sun might fade away.” In the States, SFC has aired its wares
cross-country, including the Playboy Mansion, L.A’s Viper Room, and an appearance on
“Fearless Music,” syndicated in 200 U.S. cities, 30 nations and 350 college TV
stations. There’s little doubt: SFC is ready for take-off.

Jeffrey Henckels - February 22, 2010 - Billboard Discoveries


Still working on that hot first release.



Sterling Selover is an American singer/songwriter, born in the San Francisco Bay Area of California on July 11, 1984. Sterling began playing piano at the age of 5 and picked up guitar and singing at the age of 15.

While attending college at Notre Dame De Namur Univesity in Belmont , CA, he formed the alt/rock band "Scraping for Change.” Sterling toured internationally throughout Indonesia in 2007, performing at the Soundrenaline Festival for 50,000+ people at each show. During this time his band's single, "Crazy Mary," climbed to the #1 spot on the charts of Prambors Radio, topping artists such as Kanye West, Lifehouse, Jordin Sparks, Sum 41, Yellowcard and many more. In 2010 Sterling toured Japan throughout the greater Tokyo area. Sterling has performed all across the West Coast of the United States including some of the most esteemed venues in San Francisco and Los Angeles including the Playboy Mansion , the Great American Music Hall , Slim's, the Whisky a Go Go, the Roxy, the Troubadour, the Key Club and the Viper Room. After many years of touring, earning a #1 Top Chart hit on Prambors Radio in Indonesia , and much radio play on stations such as Live 105 (KITS) in San Francisco , Sterling decided on a directional change in his music career.

From July 2010 through January of 2011, Sterling’s efforts were devoted to time spent working closely with his Keyboardist, Scott Lewis, and his Producer, Chad Rollinson of the Killingsworth Recording Company. Together, the 3 of them worked long and hard on Sterling’s debut album which culminated in a unique sound with an electronic connection. Sterling’s sound and lyrics are a refreshing addition to the music industry and demonstrates the maturity of a singer/songwriter/musician who can relate to people and their life experiences in this day and age.

**In regards to influences Sterling has this to say: "I appreciate and listen to several different artists and styles of music from classical to metal and everything in between. When I write I do not consider my material to sound like any particular artist. My music is pop and I write what I feel and I always strive to create something new and fresh."