Sterling Schroeder and The Chosen Ones

Sterling Schroeder and The Chosen Ones


Well-constructed vocal-driven songs with a tight rhythm, a touch of love, and mustache kisses. Live shows are like family gatherings with sweat and beer.


Sterling Schroeder and The Chosen Ones are Sterling Schroeder, Adam Kozlow, Marc Kozlow, & Mariel Olcoz. The group has been together in its current incarnation for over six months, however, their roots go deeper than that.

Sterling launched his solo career over two years ago. Playing acoustic guitar, he was backed by Stevan Shea on conga drums and xylophone, and Mariel Olcoz on backing vocals. Together, they recorded his first album, “Ballads & Bloodshed.” After a year playing with Sterling, Shea left the group to focus on his film career. Schroeder continued playing shows without Shea following his departure.

The Kozlow brothers approached Schroeder after a Denny’s gig, and asked him if he would like to play together. Schroeder agreed and The Chosen Ones were born. Trading in his acoustic guitar for an electric guitar, a new sound was born as The Chosen Ones began to radically reinterpret Schroeder’s catalog.

Together, the group has toured extensively around the greater Orlando area, playing with such acts as Neva Dinova, McCarthy Trenching, Alias Punch, Peter Baldwin, and The Great Deceivers. As a solo act, Schroeder has played countless shows, including The Florida Music Festival in both 2007 and 2008. The group is currently busy recording new material.


Ballads & Bloodshed - Full Length (Abyssmal Records)

Tracks getting airplay on WPRK 91.5 and "Little Lady" and "Bomb in my Brain"

Set List

Average Sets are 30 minutes. We can play longer if necessary, and have played sets as short as 15 minutes.

Little Lady
Bomb in my Brain
Walking Down the Aisle
When You are Born
Stratasaurus Rex
Pistol Full of Pain
Rope Swing
They Lied

Johnny Cash - Rose of my Heart
Tim & Eric - Someday I'll Grow Up
Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice
Madonna - Hung Up
Bright Eyes - First Day of my Life