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Sterling Silver

Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia | SELF
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"11 Brisbane Bands You Should Listen To NOW!"

I hate those typical music magazine lists where they label the top 10 Pete Doherty drug arrests, Top 100 LP’s from 1968 or Best front dude etc. It’s supposed to be about the music!

So this list of 11 represents just that. Right here you’ll find some of the amazing talent that’s currently on display in the Brisbane music scene and the best bit is that half of these tracks are free to download!

That’s right, the artist whose working a job plus playing in a band is giving you their music for free so do them a massive favour and head out to a gig. Buy a shirt, get them a drink, make them a rider of sweet assorted meats and gourmet cheeses and whatever you do……thank the band for making such A grade quality music.

Damn, I love this city!

Here we go (No order):

1. Velociraptor:
Stellar 12 piece or something around that number garage rock and roll band. If they were from Sheffield they would be massive by now! Needs a sponsorship deal from Toyota MiniVans. Enjoy it if you like dirty rock and roll music full of shambolic dancing.

2. Blonde On Blonde:
I freaking love this band. They have rock and roll style, a rocking guitar section, powerhouse backline and possibly the sexiest damn front woman in the Brisbane music scene. Dig it if you like head boppin rock and roll grooves, beer skulling and leather. They deserve to be playing arenas and have this all over NOVA. Free download from this link.

3. Re:Enactment:
Listen to ‘Nintendogs’. This is just such lush music. Making waves with their electronica noise.

4. Our Ithaca Creek:
Such a beautiful song here and a sound that fans of Paul Kelly and The Go Betweens will enjoy. Such a QLD song!

5. Swaying Buildings:
A band to watch! A crafty blend of folk pop here. Listen to ‘Different Now’. Love the jangle sound.

6. Sterling Silver:
This is like nothing else! A unique blend of disco, pop, indie and a very soulful voice. Can’t stop bopping to the track ‘Don’t Change’. For fans of house parties. Deserves to be all over the radio.

7. Steve Grady:
Currently the finest Australia’s songwriter playing today. That’s our opinion of course, but you have to check out his voice, the live show and the lyrics- such beautiful lyrics. Have not stopped playing the recent LP, ‘Youth Skin’, it should be an Australian classic. For fans of Paul Kelly, Fleetwood Mac, Band of Horses and any other alt-country band you can think of. This is alt-country folk at it’s best.

8. The Strums:
There is something absolutely brilliant about this song ‘Oh River’. It could be how simplistic and emotional it is or that it was filmed in the lead singers flood ravaged house. This is another uniquely Queensland song and one that should be in your ITunes.

9. The Medics: and
We had these guys play at our flood fundraiser in February and they recently played at the Old Museum where quite simply I was blown away at the professionalism, jumping off stacks, running through the crowd like mad men and creating a vibe unseen at a gig in a long time. And their sound, what is that noise? That’s the sound of festivals looming! Have you ever seen a more energetic bass player as well? The sound and live show deserve your attention. I expect massive things for this band in 2011. Another Brisbane band playing plenty of all ages shows of which the benefits have been a strong youth following.

10. GUNK:
I like where this band are heading. Grungy sludge tunes mixed with dirty swagger and a bit of punk. We’ve just booked them for a gig at a private girls school so we’ll see how that goes down. Early days for the music but it’s got a good direction.

11. Vegas Aces:
One of the fast rising crews in Brisbane/Boomtown’s hip hop scene. A new mellow tune from these guys, that bounces along nicely. If you like Aussie hip hop you’ll like this tune and their other tunes.
- Brisbane Sounds

"Sterling Silver: the rise of a Brisbane pop artist"

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, an artist comes along and challenges the notion that the Brisbane music scene is all but predictable.

Enter Sterling Silver (the singer/songwriter not the type of jewelry) with his unique blend of pop and indie rock that will make even the heaviest of metal fans want to dance.

A late comer to the music scene, the New Zealand native is making up for lost time with a number of shows around Brisbane and an E.P on the way.

You’ve got an E.P coming out in July, what’s your preparation been like? And more importantly what can we expect to hear?

The E.P is a six-track record that I recorded here in Brisbane and partly in the United States. It’s always hard to classify your own work in a genre, but when you put the record on in your CD player you will definitely hear fun, dancey, retro pop that you can party to.

Recording for the E.P began late last year in Brisbane at Studio 180. Halfway through the process I put recording on hold to go travelling in the U.S for couple of months. Over there I managed to meet with Indie producer Derek Garten who had previously worked with Band of Horses, Jewel and Taylor Swift. I really dug his stuff and we worked together to finish the record. I’m really happy with the end result and look forward to releasing it this year.

Your songs are refreshingly upbeat would you say you’re largely influenced by pop?

I am influenced by a lot of music, as well as films books and art. My dad used to be DJ during the 80s, so a lot of the music I grew up with as a kid was from that era. Artist like Prince, Michael Jackson as well as Talking Heads and Blondie were all favourites around the house as well as a bit of Elvis and the Beatles. So I guess, yes… pop music has played a large influence in my musical inspiration.

As well as a journalism degree I’ve heard you’ve dabbled with stand up comedy..has music always been on the forefront?

I’d like to think I’ve been a bit of a late bloomer with the whole music thing. For me, a love for music has always been there from an early age, but its really only in the last 5 years that I’ve really begun to make it my focus. I’ve done a lot of things here and there, but music is something I really enjoy, the craft of writing a song, the expression and excitement of live performance. It’s a wonderful thing.

Do you think its harder coming forward as a solo artist in Brisbane, or does it have its advantages?

Being a solo artist is definitely a challenge. On the positive side, you have creative control over almost everything. No need to argue with other band members about lyrics or music. You can pretty much do what you want creatively. On the other end though, there does come a point where being a solo artist becomes a bit of a lonely mission. But it all comes down to loving what you do.

Obviously releasing an E.P is a big milestone for any musician what’s next for you?

After releasing the E.P in Brisbane, there will be a following tour throughout the East Coast. At the moment though, I’m writing new material for a full-length album. The new stuff is exciting and you’ll probably hear some of the new songs live throughout the rest of the year. - Local Noize

"5 MINUTES WITH: Sterling SIlver"

Who makes up Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is mainly comprised of me, my guitar and my vivid imagination. There’s also a swagger of lovely musicians who tend to help me out from time to time on the live stage and in studio.

What impact did uprooting from your Polynesian roots in South Auckland to suburban Brisbane have on your songs?

As a kid growing up in South Auckland, music from the Pacific was always heard throughout the household. Moving to Australia opened me up to a range of Western music influences including The Beatles, Bowie etc. But within my songs, there is definitely a chilled-out and relaxed ‘feelgood’ vibe, which I think may stem from my early years.

How does shifting from stand-up comedy to singer-songwriter inform your live shows?

I’m probably not going to get up and perform a slapstick routine joke-for-joke, but I guess if you’re looking for a few laughs between songs, then you’re probably going to enjoy the show.

Your tunes are lushly instrumental, did your band form under any particular modus operandi?

I think I’d pin the band formation mostly down to pure coincidence and a sequence of random acts of God. [laughs] That said, I think I’m quite a lucky guy to have such great musicians perform onstage with, including Jeremy Swanson, Daniel Gibney and Julian Kapitzke. Plus local heroes Steve Grady and Alistar Richardson from The Cairos. I think the modus operandi for any solo artist is to try and take what’s been recorded in the studio and transcend it to the live stage, but also to have some great people to work with as well.

I have always preferred platinum myself … why Sterling Silver?

The name Sterling Silver actually came from a gig a couple years back when the announcer couldn’t find his notes. He quickly asked me my name from behind the curtain and I simply told him, “My name is Sterling.” But then the announcer turned to the audience, “Please welcome to the stage ... Sterling Silver!” and it kinda stuck from there. I’d sorta like to compare it to the way Spider-Man or Batman got their names.

- RAVE Magazine


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