Stern Savage

Stern Savage

 Chandler, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Im a solo artist who is from Philadelphia but moved out to Arizona, and with that move brought the raw gritty sounds with me. Posied to be differnt Stern has his own sound and own make of making a basic song into something very catchy. Not shy from any style of music I promise I will make good music


Ever since 1998 Stern Savage has been somewhere listening to and learning from the hot music being put out — and thinking, “I could do better.”

It wasn’t until 2000 when he put it to the test with his first mix tape, “Doe Getter.” At the time, though, Stern wasn’t itching to become a hip-hop star, and so the project didn’t have the heart, fire, or attention to detail that debuts from other high-caliber artists are known for. Disappointed in the effort, Savage withdrew to architect a new sound and approach to the hip-hop discipline.

It took his cousin Nino Redz, who was also trying the rap thing, to get Stern Savage back to the lab. In 2003, they met fellow mic fiend Lou Rizzol, who was an up and coming rapper from the badlands in North Philly. That’s when everything started to click. They dropped the album “For the Love of the Game”, which included the smash single “Lets’s Go.” Savage ended up dropping another mix tape in 2004, and two more in 2005 with Lou Rizzol.

Stern relocated to Phoenix, AZ in November 2005, but was only there for a few months. In that time Stern let his flow loose and was making a name for himself when he came across Tally P and Odie of Go-Figga Entertainment. They made a few hit songs in a single week and the Go-Figga crew welcomed Stern to the burgeoning desert rap scene. However, due to family issues, Savage had to go back to Philly. Returning to AZ in 2008, Stern Savage stayed patient and humble, looking at what had changed in AZ and the shape of the music scene. He began planning to take over the Phoenix rap game.

Now it’s 2010, and Stern Savage is set to release his third solo mix tape called “HOW TO BULLY VOL 2,” which will drop under his new organization ASH Music (Arizona Strong Hold). The mix tape has features from Big Haps, Reck Da Villain, Lo, Dane Russell, and more, and with over 20 banging tracks, it’s got a song for everyone to rock with. Be on the lookout for Stern Savage all over the internet and in the streets — he promises that this year and forward is going to be good for music. With his cocky attitude, brag-a-lot flow, witty scripts, and catchy voice, he’s sure you will keep listening to this gritty, unique desert flow and be thirsty for more.


How To Bully Vol 1 01/2008
How To Bully Vol 2 07/2010
Mr Fucc A Budget 11/2010