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Stern Savage

Chandler, Arizona, United States | SELF

Chandler, Arizona, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Stern Savage : Friend, Collaborator, Making Music Matter"

Sometimes, you meet people and your life is better for it. I was introduced to my friend Stern Savage in April by Derek Neighbors of Integrum and Gangplank. (If you don’t know about Gangplank – Please read this article.)

Stern Savage and his partner and co-collaborator Big Haps make 20% of ASH Music. (ASH is short for Arizona Strong Hold.) These guys are blazing new trails in the genre of hip-hop and rap, not only for Arizona – but for people nationally to recognize.

This weekend Stern and ASH Music dropped a new mix tape titled How to Bully Vol. 2 – and it’s something that needs to be listened to.

Knowing what goes into the Stern’s process and seeing some of it first hand, he totally embraces the spirit of The Music Matters Project. Stern has a couple things in mind when putting out his music. Collaboration: ASH Music people can be heard on How to Bully Vol. 2 – Odie, Big Haps, The Crooks, Dane Russell Reck da Villian. Community: These guys are bringing together a community of music lovers and musicians. Tracks, samples and beats are accepted from anyone – Stern even offered me the opportunity to play guitar on some new stuff coming out later this year. This music is made for people to embrace and enjoy.

Stern says, “The best part of dropin a new mixtape is doing shows and promotion. When people come up and tell you they love the music and can relate to your songs. New tracks let’s us reach out to fans that you may not have had before and build a stronger base.”

The Music Matters Project is proud to be a part of the release of How to Bully Vol.2. If you are interested in listening to new music from our friend Stern Savage all tracks can be downloaded by clicking this link for FREE or by going to

Stern wants to publicly thank Gangplank for all their support and to all his ASH Music people – Odie, Big Haps, The Crooks, Dane Russell Reck da Villian.

Meeting good people like Stern Savage is just another reason Why Music Matters. - Greg Taylor

"How to bully vol 2"

Stern Savage is the president of ASH Music, and along with CEO, Big Haps, have formed one of Arizona’s up and coming labels. Coming straight out of Philly, he migrated to Arizona in 2005 and has begun to create a name for himself out here. Now, Stern Savage hits us with his premier mix tape on Ash Music called “How to Bully Vol 2”. With this mixtape, Stern proves he is one to be respected in Arizona, and brings you right into Philly sound.

“How to Bully” is a fitting title for this mix tape because that’s exactly how Stern Savage attacks the mic. His furious flow and energy on tracks is contagious and actually saves some of the music on this mixtape. The intro “Return of the Bully” brings you right in and your hear Stern get ferocious over a soulful beat with some dope pianos as he announces his return. We hear Stern at his best on the song “Rollah Ridah” where he brags and boasts over a beat that just bangs hard in the speakers. Dropping punch lines like “I don’t mean apartments when I say I’m pushing units” or “he’ll have three holes in his melon like a bowling ball” makes this a definite banger. Stern drops another dope one with the heater “Straight Balling” boasting a Wayne sample from “Like Father like Son” bringing the perfect energy for the track.

Even though I think there is way too many features on this mixtape, a good amount made for some dope music. One raw collab is “Flatline” where Stern and Reck da Villain spit verses over a beat with some serious horns; Stern once again brings the energy on this track. “About My Paper” is a very nice east coast club banger with Lou Rizzol and Reck da Villain. Another highlight is “Bossman” with Odie and Boss. Boss murders the track showing he is very underrated in AZ. “It’s just the jerk in me, pop a perk or three/and me and Stern spit the flame burn to the third degree/ashes in urn pages turn to the next story/undisputed and undefeated in all categories/I’m on some new shit, fresh out the package/direct and shoot you take 6, actors/”.

One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while out of AZ is the song “I Want it All” ft. Lo and Attlas. Lo laces the perfect hook and delivers a scorching verse with his always hot flow. Attlas comes with a straight asshole verse reminding you of his claim as the king of AZ. Proclaiming that Maryvale should name street after him, he hits you with bars like “now an ice box sits where my heart be/this is my city you don’t like you can leave/but I’m like a Visa everywhere you wanna be/and I stay armed don’t make me roll up my sleeves”.

There are some serious misses on here – “Youuu” and “That’s Her” are just bad songs but Stern Savage manages to give us a consistent project that’s bangs throughout. This is a mix tape that definitely shows his potential to be force nationwide rather than locally. With ASH Music behind Stern, he is poised to make that jump. If you’ve slept on Stern before, “How to Bully Vol 2” will definitely wake you up. - Damon Patterson


How To Bully Vol 1 01/2008
How To Bully Vol 2 07/2010
Mr Fucc A Budget 11/2010



Ever since 1998 Stern Savage has been somewhere listening to and learning from the hot music being put out — and thinking, “I could do better.”

It wasn’t until 2000 when he put it to the test with his first mix tape, “Doe Getter.” At the time, though, Stern wasn’t itching to become a hip-hop star, and so the project didn’t have the heart, fire, or attention to detail that debuts from other high-caliber artists are known for. Disappointed in the effort, Savage withdrew to architect a new sound and approach to the hip-hop discipline.

It took his cousin Nino Redz, who was also trying the rap thing, to get Stern Savage back to the lab. In 2003, they met fellow mic fiend Lou Rizzol, who was an up and coming rapper from the badlands in North Philly. That’s when everything started to click. They dropped the album “For the Love of the Game”, which included the smash single “Lets’s Go.” Savage ended up dropping another mix tape in 2004, and two more in 2005 with Lou Rizzol.

Stern relocated to Phoenix, AZ in November 2005, but was only there for a few months. In that time Stern let his flow loose and was making a name for himself when he came across Tally P and Odie of Go-Figga Entertainment. They made a few hit songs in a single week and the Go-Figga crew welcomed Stern to the burgeoning desert rap scene. However, due to family issues, Savage had to go back to Philly. Returning to AZ in 2008, Stern Savage stayed patient and humble, looking at what had changed in AZ and the shape of the music scene. He began planning to take over the Phoenix rap game.

Now it’s 2010, and Stern Savage is set to release his third solo mix tape called “HOW TO BULLY VOL 2,” which will drop under his new organization ASH Music (Arizona Strong Hold). The mix tape has features from Big Haps, Reck Da Villain, Lo, Dane Russell, and more, and with over 20 banging tracks, it’s got a song for everyone to rock with. Be on the lookout for Stern Savage all over the internet and in the streets — he promises that this year and forward is going to be good for music. With his cocky attitude, brag-a-lot flow, witty scripts, and catchy voice, he’s sure you will keep listening to this gritty, unique desert flow and be thirsty for more.