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"Country Music Road Doesn't Always Lead to Nashville"

Country Music Road Doesn't Always Lead to Nashville...
This time it leads straight to Las Vegas
Sterns County 17 Record Release Party during PBR Finals, November 2, Silverton Hotel and Casino

--From "Cowboy"
Haven't had a home now except for where I hang my hat-in a spacious one bedroom or a beat up Cadillac.
I make a livin-if I don't ride I don't' get paid, and tonight I'm gonna cover, when the buzzer sounds at 8!!!!!!!!!!!!

And at 9:00 pm November 2, the doors open at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the culmination of all things cowboy. Minneapolis-based rockers Sterns County 17 will release their highly anticipated album "Cowboy" while tipping their guitars to the most enigmatic and accomplished cowboy of recent decades: Justin McBride. McBride announced his retirement from the sport of professional bull riding on October 21 and will celebrate November 2 at the Silverton. Sterns County 17 is headlining his retirement party and the first copies of their album will be available.

Sterns County 17 owns the ears of a growing national fan base and many of these fans are PBR superstars. Listeners across all walks of life respond to the group's unique sonic elements and poignant lyrics. Rebel, renegade and outlaw describe the band as well as the album's track list. The hard-hitting single "Cowboy" will be one of the highlight's of the edgy event where they play the entire 12-track album.

SC17's debut album is categorized as "Red Dirt", an increasingly dominant sector of the country music industry where the creed that resonates is "the deal is with the fans, not the record labels." In this respect the album's lyrics are genre definitive. It's not a surprise that the group overwhelmingly appeals to the spirit and grit of Gen X cowboys and cowgirls. What is of note is that their appeal goes beyond this to hit home with cowboys and cowgirls of all ages and at all levels of competition, as well as their periphery and fan base. Not for the faint of heart, Sterns County 17 has no intention of conforming to a pop country commercial -cut-out image. The road may not lead to Nashville but it will undeniably lead the charismatic group far and wide. Anyone that identifies with the ideas of freedom, sacrifice, and determination that come with pursuing a dream will be welcome and enjoy the experience. Whiskey, pretty girls, and cowboys will be as abundant at the party as they are in the album's 12 songs.

--From "Cowboy"
I'm a simple man right down to the bone-
You gotta know I'm gonna and I dare you to
SAY I Won't!

These guys will. - (numerous)


No Aplogies - 2005
Cowboy - 2008



Comprised of some the genre’s best musical talent, Sterns County 17 is a group of guys to be reckoned with both on and off the stage. Their high-energy show, heartfelt, “real” songs as well as covers deliver genuine entertainment and sonic elements missing from today’s country music scene and audiences are embracing them accordingly. They deliver their music with a rare energy, style, and poignancy that reverberates the lifestyle and passion of their audience.

Steve Prosser: Lead vocals and Guitar – Founding member Steve Prosser is a songwriter and producer of country music who has been playing professionally for more than 10 years. An in-demand artist, Steve has performed throughout the United States by request and frequently contributes to other artist’s projects. Steve writes all of Sterns County 17’s current songs, and also engineers and produces the albums.

Paul Czyzewski: A mainstay in midwest rock and roll music since 1976 Paul has been part of many high profile bands like Molly Nova and the Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Crow. During his storied career, Paul has played every venue of every size in almost ever State and contintues to rock and roll without regard.

Brenda King: Bass – Brenda hails from the Midwest and has been playing the bass guitar since early teens. Brenda has played with the Minnesota Music Award winning “Molly Nova and the Hawk, “Big John Dickerson and Blue Chamber” and Midwest classic rock legends “Crow.” Other highlights include gigs with Chuck Berry, Cub Coda, Peter Rivera (Rare Earth) and Alex Chilton

Corey Lessard: Drums – Cory has been filling the role as premier drummer and percussionist for over 15 years. He’s shared the stage with artists such as Big and Rich, Buddy Guy, Jo Dee Messina, The Roots, Joe Cocker, Huey Lewis and the New along with many other national acts. As the drummer for Big John Dickerson and Blue Chamber, he toured the US and European R&B circuits including multiple television appearances. His talents are also in demand for numerous recording projects.