Stevan B

Stevan B

 Palos Park, Illinois, USA

Stevan B is an acoustic guitar playing singer/songwriter who writes music in the "Folk/Americana" style. His songs strive to touch the place in all of us that love great melodies, strong rythems and wonderful lyrics.


Stevan B comes from a small town in Southern Illinois. His music and personal roots run deep in the solid Midwestern values of family, humor, determination and open honesty that permeate the rural landscape.
Stevan B has been singing and playing all his life. Different times in his life have found him playing rock and country music with various bands including opening for "Styx" and jamming with "JC Heartsfield", playing the college circuit, putting vocals on movie tracks and getting air time on radio stations.
Recently he has re-discovered the joys of mixing acoustic and electric guitars to form a unique blend of "Rock" and "Country" music that has shaped his life from the beginning.



Written By: Stevan Brasel

Verse 1
D2 Dm7
Hey diddle diddle hear the cat on the fiddle and the blind mans playing the spoons.
Tall Willie wails on his box full of nails and the Dish is just singing her tunes.
D2 Dm7
Talking to Mary with her head quite contrary she says, “Ditch that big corp-riture game”.
“Come hit the road and you’ll never grow old, and you’ll find out it’s never the same”.

D2 Dm7 G
Can you hear the love, tonight?
D2 Dm7 G
Can you see the love, tonight?

Verse 2
Queen of big hearts with her temperature charts and her plans for her family man.
Job doesn’t matter when your mad as a hatter and you want to get out while you can.
They’ll come a day when you hear Marley say that these chains make a terrible sound.
Go make a plan Mr. Salary man and then don’t let your feet touch the ground.

Can you hear the love, tonight?
Can you see the love, tonight?

Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C
What about tomorrow, same as yesterday?
Fmaj7 C G
If nothings any different, must it be the same?

Verse 3
Time wanders by when you’re 8 miles high and your driving hard to make the next town.
The dinner you had came from inside a bag and pride’s what you use to wash it down.
Lately you’re thinking that your thinking is stinking and your former life is sure looking good.
“You can never go back,” says the King getting fat, “you are trapped by the sound of steel and wood”.

Can you hear the love, tonight? Can you feel the love, tonight?

Am Ame#
Come outside and play.
Am Ame#
Ditch that yesterday.
Am Ame#
Take your bag and run


Written By: Stevan Brasel

Summer Wind

Verse 1

Wake up slowly waiting for the morning as he listens closely for the summer wind.
One last touch before the night is over and he listens closely for the summer wind.
Her golden hair is spilled across the pillow as he breathes her perfume on the summer wind.
One will stay and carry on alone and one will journey homeward on the summer wind.

Oh oh summer wind.
Oh oh summer wind

Verse 2

It’s impossible to fight emotion it’s a loosing battle on the summer wind.
It’s a fateful trick of locomotion as they find each other on the summer wind.
There’s an instant when they see each other and their hearts leap out upon the summer wind.
It’s a playful ride of mixed emotions and it starts out riding on the summer wind.

Oh oh summer wind
Oh oh summer wind


She’s a person of some high distinction, summer wind.
He’s a tradesman headed for extinction, summer wind.

Verse 3

Who’s to say if it was love or hunger what they shared together on the summer wind.
One feels older, one a little younger, as they listen closely for the summer wind.
It’s a kindness they can give each other just one night together on the summer wind.
One will stay and carry on alone and one will journey homeward on the summer wind.

Oh oh summer wind
Oh oh summer wind
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh summer wind


"Canyon Grand" early 2005, on CD Baby.
"One Note" late 2005, on CD Baby.
"Sun and Plow" early 2007, on CD Baby
"Summer Wind" late 2010, on CD Baby

Various songs from these 4 CD's are being downloaded and streamed on Internet services, Podcast on "Upbeat Radio", "Brave New Frontiers - Progressive Country", "Nashville Radio- Not Just Country", and played on radio station WMVY 92.7 "The Local Music Cafe"and "Uncommon Ground". Songs have also been placed under contract with Publishers.
Vocal tracks have been included in the movies "Bitterblue" and "DINKS." NBT Records has placed Steve's song "Hello America" on an upcoming CD scheduled to be released soon, Mimi Productions had used Steve's song "Let It Go" on their "Pure Stock" show. and Casa Bonita Productions has released Steve's song "Book of Love" to 12,000 radio stations worldwide.
Extensive radio air time on TRM Radio Manchester, England.

Set List

A typical evening will see a 2 hour performance, with a 15 minute break in the middle. Most songs are originals, with a small amount of covers.

Songs by Steve Brasel
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Glory Road
Hello America
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One Note
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Prairie Wind
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Small Towns
Sun and Plow
Sunnyside Up
365 Degrees
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Truck Stop Latte
Let it Go

Covers I do
4 and 20 (Stephen Stills)
Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead)
Dry Rive (James mcMurtry)
Needle and the Damage Done (Niel Young)
St. Mary of the Woods (James McMurtry)
Ripple (Grateful Dead)
Laughing (David Crosby)
Words (Neil Young)
Almost Cut My Hair (David Crosby)