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Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy

Washington, WV | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Washington, WV | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Country Bluegrass


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"Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy Bring On "The Miller Girl""

NOVEMBER 23, 2016

The infectious duo of Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy have just released their new record this week, The Miller Girl, out on November 22nd via Merf Records. Sharing their first single, "Into the Ether," we get a perfect first glimpse into the captivating new record. Infused with a sound that brings to life elements of Americana, Bluegrass, and a dose of Country, the group take the wheel to bring a record that is equally unique, insightful, and well-written.

Changing lanes from vibrant doses to dark and haunting, Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy accomplish it all on the record. Hussey satys of the debut track, "Into the Ether,": "It's about lost love and shattered dreams to me personally, but it's about where the listener places it that's important. The county line in the chorus really just represents "anywhere but here." A need to escape from some garbage that's happening."

For those who enjoy the musical stylings of Ryan Adams, Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell and Old Crow Medicine show, Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy prominently put their names on the Americana-Roots music map, and for good reason. Within every listen of The Miller Girl, the duo has you falling in love with their eclectic musical blend. Key pieces such as "I Pick You Up," and "Looking for Love," drive the record home with a sense of their hearts and soul being poured into the record. This is one train we can get on board with.

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy's The Miller Girl is out now via Bandcamp.

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"The Dirty Dozen: Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy"

Rudie Humphrey
December 8, 2016

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy, an Americana duo from Washington, West Virginia USA, living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and were both born and raised there. Steve is an experienced singer/songwriter best known for his work with the Steve Hussey Band and Jake is a 17-year-old multi-instrumental prodigy who is very well known in Bluegrass circles.

Can you tell us about yourself? Where you’re from and what you’ve been up to over the past few years?

Steve: Born and raised in Washington, WV. I went to college for business and actually spent a year studying at the University of Edinburgh on Scotland where I met and hung out with Josh Ritter. I am a bit of an anglophile. Musically I have spent much of the last 5 or 6 years learning how to be an engineer and producer and building out my studio in addition to writing whenever the mood strikes me. I am also working on a solo album with Gary Sadker, a producer with Red Ridge Entertainment in Nashville, TN. In all of my spare time I have launched Merf Records, a record label, recording studio and entertainment company.

Jake: I am from Parkersburg West Virginia. I have been playing music since I was 8 (ish) years old. I have been devoted to creating full time since then. I also own a clothing line.

How would you describe your music?

Steve: I am sure everyone says this, but our music is different. Even going back to the Steve Hussey Band days I feel that it’s been really hard to put a label on the songs. It draws from Folk, Country, Blues, Rock and even Bluegrass music so I feel like the Americana label is the most appropriate label. It’s kind of a catch-all term that encompasses all of those genres. I think what makes in unique is that it really has cross generational appeal. If you are 8 or 80 years old, there is really something in there for everyone.

Can you tell us a little bit about your influences?

Steve: I grew up listening to a lot of the folk revival music from the 60s. The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary kind of music. There was also a lot of Paul Simon, James Taylor and John Denver music playing in my house growing up. As I got older I naturally gravitate towards acoustic-guitar based singer songwriters.

Jake: My influences range from Earl Scruggs to Miles Davis and everything in between. Currently I am digging more electronic styles of music outside of the current project with Steve. I am fascinated by sampling.

What are you currently promoting?

Steve: We are currently promoting “The Miller Girl”, an album that was two and a half years in the making. It is my debut as an engineer and producer. It started as a project to record a couple songs I had written for my wedding and just kind of blossomed into this ten song LP that we are both very proud of. It’s a concept album where the songs tell the story of a person who is lost. They end up being delivered through the transformational power of love by the end of the album. I think in these dark, scary times politically and otherwise around the world that people need more of this type of message right now.

Jake: In addition to “The Miller Girl”, I am promoting my clothing brand “SVMTHN” (pronounced “somethin'”). I just did my first release for my season one along with a live show!

Have you got a particular song you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of, one that might define you?

Steve: For me, I think it’s “Into the Ether” from “The Miller Girl”. I feel like it’s a very strong song melodically, lyrically and arrangement-wise. It sort of encompasses the sound we are trying to capture with this project.

Jake: I agree with Steve on “Into the Ether” and I like to see myself as someone whose style is applicable to many different genres other than Bluegrass. A great example for me is the song “Looking for Love” from this project. The guitarlele (a cross between a guitar and a ukulele) was a first take improvisation and I just love that song and that solo.

What are you currently listening to?

Steve: Really been into a good friend of mine’s music lately by the name of Todd Burge. He’s an eclectic, super talented Folk Singer/Songwriter from nearby. Other than that, it’s the usual Avett Brothers, Sturgill Simpson, Ryan Adams type of stuff that I just love.

Jake: All sorts of things. “Light As A Feather” by Chick Corea is something I have been revisiting a lot lately. Also been listening to a band called Marbin.

And your favourite album of all time, the one you couldn’t do without?

Steve: Jeff Buckley, “Grace”. Talk about a guy that was way ahead of his time. I really appreciate the songwriting, performances and the production. I have done my homework on that album and I can tell you all of the gear they used on the album (I am kind of a recording gear nut).

Jake: Grateful Dead, “Shakedown Street”

What are your hopes for your future career?

Steve: This album is the first step into a larger world for us. I have always been content to be the “local hero” type of musician. This album changed things for me. I feel very strongly that this album is something special and different. I feel if we make an effort to push it out beyond out comfort zone great things can happen. I have always had to work other jobs and fit music in there somewhere. It is my aspiration to make music my life.

Jake: I want to keep doing what I am doing now on a larger scale. Studio sessions, perhaps touring, finding bigger ways to keep doing music.

If money were no object what would be your dream project?

Steve: I would love to do a duets album with all of my musical heroes. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, John Mellencamp to name a few. Throw in a few others like Noel Gallagher and Michael Stipe. Make a big Traveling Wilburys type album with massive songs full of harmony and hooks.

Jake: I often have a dream of a project where I am playing jazz in a setting with just me on guitar and the rest is electronically produced. (Samples, synths, drum machines, etc…)

What’s the best thing about being a musician?

Steve: Connecting with people. That’s what gives it all meaning. I did music initially for my own enjoyment. When I started writing songs and having them connect with people, that’s when I understood the bigger picture. It’s about having what you brought into being connect with someone in a way that they make it their own somehow. Nothing like it.

Jake: Being able to be the voice for those who don’t have one. Being able to use your abilities to make a difference for those who cannot.

And the worst?

Steve: Being so consumed by it when you don’t necessarily have enough time to devote to it. Not being able to get all of it out. I have a phone full of audio notes that I sang into the recorder when inspiration hit that I have never gone back to finish because I was in the car, or at work, or at an event supporting my kids. I find it hard to go back and finish the song after the moment has passed.

Jake: The torment of not being able to create enough to satisfy your own mind– to not be able to work to what you know is your full capacity, deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties.

Finally, have you anything you’d like to say to the readers of Americana UK?

Steve: Well, I really enjoyed the time I spent in your country 20 years ago. I would love to return soon and perhaps share my music with you. Some of my first ever live shows were played at PAMS house at the University of Edinburgh and several open mics and coffee shops around town there. Maybe we will see you soon! - Americana UK

"Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy Set To Release "The Miller Girl""

November 3, 2016 Sherryl Craig

Hussey and Eddy have brought to the table a huge plus for the Americana genre with this new album and it’s sure to bring rave reviews. This phenomenal listening pleasure will intoxicate you with a flood of rich and exciting emotions.

“The Miller Girl” is a unique blend of country, bluegrass and true deep roots Americana music. With high energy drums and foot tapping banjo infused with a shot of raw and gritty vocals it’s a winner from the first track. This single is set to be released on November 8th. Watch for it. Your gonna love it.

The first track on the album is “Little Shove” and it’s a heavy hitter. The song and the album is a real life story. It speaks of heartache, loss and love and takes you through the loss all the way back to recovering a passionate heart.

Both Eddy and Hussey hail from the majestic West Virginia. The goal for this collection is authenticity and truth, to their love of music and to the metamorphosis of human love.

With a release date for the complete album on November 22, 2016 fans are sure to grab this one off the shelves fast. Instrumentation of this album is exceptional. Steve Hussey shares his expertise on acoustic guitar, guitarlele, ukelele and vocals. Jake Eddy excites us with his talents on Upright bass, dobro, mandolin, ukelele, banjo, acoustic guitars and vocals. Both musicians extremely talented in his own right.

“Into The Ether” opens with strong acoustic guitars and a mild banjo. Vocals are tight and crisp. Harmonies are pure and bring you into the song making you want to sing along. I loved the line…”Drive me down to the county line”, brought back memories of childhood days with open fields and free love when life was filled with laughter and happiness and stress free. Outstanding work on this song.

Great Americana music is born not just thrown together. It is created from a spark of intuition and “Chalk It Up” is a song created exactly from that. Up beat tempo with a mesmerizing story to tell of a thirst for love. It’s about facing your darkest fears and asking where do we go, what do we want? All we really want is love. Super kudos to the guys on this one. Excellent.

“Long List of Goodbyes” is bright with bluegrass swing. Banjo’s and brush strokes on a superb drumming beat. “Master Your Mind” brings up the rear of this album with a deep soulful groove and sensual vocals. Loved the raspy inflection on the vocals as it jump starts with true bluegrass and country groove.

Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy are a duo to watch for 2017. This CD will hit the airwaves flying high. The album took just over 2 and a half years to complete in Husseys own Merf Records studio. Cameron Rochte of Red Ridge Entertainment in Nashville TN assisted with some overdubs on a few instruments. The album was produced by Steve Hussey and Cameron Rochte. All songs written by Steve Hussey.

Jake Eddy is known by some as a 16 year old prodigy and as partner to Hussey it’s easy to see how this album is possibly one of the best Americana albums of the year.

This album is pure gold. With the perfect blend of country and bluegrass it is a shot of adrenaline in the heart of Americana soul. - Nashville Music Guide

"Album Review: Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy- The Miller Girl (November 22)"

Jake Kussmaul November 13, 2016

Quite some time has passed since I’ve heard some exceptional modern country music. I have long dismissed its current permutation as “corporate rock with a hint of twang”. On the other hand, West Virginian duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy’s upcoming release, The Miller Girl, redefines my conception. From just its first few notes, the album carefully incorporates a type of expansive nature to its instrumentation, such that every nuance is captured crisply and clearly. Instantly, I’m impressed. But throughout the listening experience, I had to make note of how each element wholly contributes to the album’s distinctiveness.

Calling the album’s storyline a breath of fresh air might seem short-sighted, at least on the surface. Its subsets prove common within country music realm—awry romance, faith, and heartfelt nostalgia. However, Hussey’s vocal delivery adds remarkable sincerity to such themes. His projection isn’t the typically outward, radio-friendly southern drawl. It is subdued, yet quaint, with the confidence of having harnessed the purpose of challenge and triumph. Teenage prodigy Jake Eddy complements Hussey’s musicianship, with a seasoned understanding of pacing and tonality. Opening with “Little Shove,” the album begins on a note of emotional reinvigoration. Hussey expresses his transition from a breakup, memories still intact, but hazy and diminishing in importance. All that matters is starting on a new foot, as nature’s happenings bring newfound clarity in the process. For its upbeat, straight-ahead structure, Hussey and Eddy’s six-string pulse is expansive. A foundation of guitar gleams in one ear while its accompanying banjo dances in the other. A notable highlight starts at the 1:16 mark, where a call-and-response aesthetic between both instruments fully immerses the listener. Their combinative presence defines the album’s following tracks, “Into the Ether” and “Chalk It Up”, albeit with stronger dynamic implementation. Within that span, the mood shifts from bittersweet to euphoric. Hussey’s reunion with his lover is offset by a longing for intimacy—a sentiment proving impulsive, but all the more relatable. In doing so, he is willing to shut out the remorse from his wrongdoings and continue on a clean slate. Almost as quick as the mood rises, it becomes tarnished by way of an affair. Further, “Long List of Goodbyes” revs the momentum back to that of the first song, much like the heart doing a 180. What’s also reintroduced, though, is a confidence that other partners exist from a broader perspective.

The middle part of the album finds Hussey reevaluating his priorities. In “Master Your Mind,” he places his basic needs for survival first. Love is mentioned last, not necessarily as a need of less importance, but in accordance with God’s plan—to take action while maintaining a firm sense of patience. The drums assert this level of determination with a thumping kick build, along with the assurance that prosperity naturally accumulates with persistence. I liked the transitional layering of the banjo solos, as it creates a chorus effect resembling some kind of organic heaviness. Directly expounding off the song is the expectedly titled “Looking for Love”. The instrumental vibe is decidedly lighthearted, its structure almost resembling that of a countrified glam metal jam. Hussey feels intimidated while observing close couples, but keeps a steady hope, having been reminded of his patience once again. I like how the song has a fun, hook-filled structure, and can definitely envision it as a follow-up single for the album. The title track starts seeing Hussey’s luck increase, as he finds a girl he believes could love him for a lifetime. He not only addresses her physical beauty but that of her strong, resonant faith. Besides the song’s lyrical content, I also noted its textural incorporation of a ukulele, how it blends seamlessly into the guitars. “A Better Day” exhibits a similarly balanced instrumentation just as well. During the verses especially, the combined rhythms are lushly melodic, accentuating Hussey’s timbre. It seems as though he has found common ground with his love interest, and is eager to experience as much joy as possible. The penultimate track, “I Pick You,” ideally captures a decision rightfully made. This time, Hussey’s euphoric state is that which comes from reciprocated love, rather than impulsivity. The percussion exhibits a kind of gentle waltz against the guitars, further insinuating that his faith and patience have paid off for the long term. On the final track, “Sweet,” Hussey backtracks through his journey, noting the moments of loss and acknowledging them as stepping stones toward growth. He then directs his thoughts to the present, where he has found a place of total fulfillment, capped with the serene setting of drizzling rain.

Overall, The Miller Girl is a prime example of modern country done right. Steve Hussey utilizes a refreshingly distinctive tone, which, coupled with the instrumentation, makes his narrative sincere and ultimately engaging. Whether this album is simply intended as a merging of creative energies, it definitely has the potential to rekindle the spark in country music’s currently fledgling reputation.

93% out of 100 - Music Existence


Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy- The Miller Girl (November 2016)

#1 Downloaded Americana Album on Airplay Direct October 2016
Monoblog's Top albums of the year 2016 (#2)
#56 Indie Music Charts (Digital Radio
#194 All Music Charts (Digital Radio



Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy originally started working together in 2014 the Steve hired Jake to record a few songs for Steve's upcoming wedding. That went so well they continued working together recording a full length LP. The result, "The Miller Girl", draws on their influences in the genre including Old Crow Medicine Show, the Avett Brothers and Jason Isbell.

Based out of Washington, West Virginia, they form a formidable duo. The album "The Miller Girl" explores themes of the transformational power of love and is dark, funny, and wistful by turns and features something that's lost is a lot of modern music: innocence.

Jake is a West Virginia state banjo picking champion and multi-instrumental virtuoso who has played with Bluegrass legend Melvin Goins' band. He has also played with James King and shared the stage with Idletymes, Don Rigby, and Remington Ryde to name a few.

Steve is a well known regional songwriter. He owns and operates Merf Records, small independent label specializing in roots music.

"The Miller Girl" was released November 22, 2016 on their label Merf Records. 

The album was met with vast critical acclaim, appearing on the Americana Music Charts, peaking at #29 on the Roots Music Report and #56 on the indie music charts as tracked by digital radio tracker. 

Most recently, the title track "The Miller Girl", has been nominated for the "Bluegrass Song of the Year" by the Independent Music Awards, the largest awards show of its kind for independent artists.


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