Steve Stern and The Stacy's

Steve Stern and The Stacy's

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We like to have fun with our audience and give them a good mix of originals and long-time favorites. Most of our songs are love songs and story songs that people love and remember. We have a great selection of standards, including bluegrass favorites Our sets are tailored to the venue and audience, and fit right in with any family-oriented event, fair or festival.


Steve Stern is from Fairmont, WV and began playing in bands, and doing solo performances, in his middle teens. He attended WVU and played in coffee houses and small clubs in the early 1970’s, then moved to Pittsburgh to attend Pitt, and continued public performances there. His band, The New Anthem Band, started in 1986 and was featured at Harley-Davidson rallies, since he wrote “The Harley Anthem” (later changed to “The Bikers Anthem” - long story….), and many regional fairs, festivals, corporate parties, benefits, and bars as the popularity of his music spread.  Moved to Nashville in 1993 to work on songwriting.  Began performing with The Stacy's in August 2015.


Country Morning

Written By: Steve Stern

Verse 1
Rooster crowing at the break of dawn

Early morning on a mountain farm

Beasts are restless, I am, too

And I’ve got about a hundred million things to do.

Early in the morning, down on the farm

Out in the kitchen, down in the barn

Family gets together and just spreads out

That’s what a country morning’s all about.

Verse 2
E - I - E - I - E - I - O

Biscuits and gravy and we’re good to go

One by one ‘til the chores are through

Done with one and there’s another to do.


Well, Bubba’s in the barn and Daddy’s in the shed

Junior’s milking cows with Uncle Jed

Grandma’s in the back yard talking to the bees

And, Luke’s in the garden with Aunt Louise.

Verse 3
Walk outside and look around

All I see is hallowed ground

All we need comes from this land

Thank the Lord and the weatherman.


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That’s what a country morning’s all about.

Hallowed Ground

Written By: Steve Stern

Verse 1
It’s raining, rain is pouring down

And I’m driving, in search of Hallowed Ground

Thinking about the miles that I put on

Remembering how the miles and years have gone.

Driving north through Kentucky through the mountains and the trees

I’d pay my last dollar to see what that hawk sees

Flying through the rain, homeward bound

In search of Hallowed Ground.

Verse 2
And, I’m thinking, will wonders never cease?

How you’ve got to find some trouble before you find some peace

How you’re best intentions are worthless when you realize your mistakes

And, love’s a loser’s gamble each time a true heart breaks.

Getting on, getting over, or just getting by

You can reach that Hallowed Ground, you can learn to fly

Flying through the rain, homeward bound

In search of Hallowed Ground.


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In search of Hallowed Ground.

Heaven On Earth

Written By: Darren Haston & Steve Stern

Heaven On Earth
Words & Music by: Darren Haston & Steve Stern

New Anthem Music

Verse 1
In the beginning, God had a plan

First came a garden, then came a man

All was perfection, yet there was a need

Adam closed his eyes, and then there was Eve.

Chorus 1
1)And they had Heaven on Earth, all that was good
2) And we have Heaven on Earth, all that is good

Down through the ages it’s been understood

That we’ll all be tempted and we know the cost

What can be gained and what can be lost

When we’ve got love, we’ve got Heaven on Earth.

Verse 2
The love of a woman, the love of a man

The heart and the soul go hand in hand

Keeping the promise, for better or worse

Throughout the years we’ve got something that’s worth.....

Chorus 2

Count your blessings and say your prayers

Follow your heart we’ve got so much to share

With God above, we’ve got Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth (3)

Hometown In My Mind

Written By: Steve Stern

Verse 1
In 20 years my hometown sure has changed

Though my old neighborhood still looks the same

The High School, it stills stands

I remember all those years and far-fetched plans

I remember everything in my hometown.

Verse 2
I just rode in to visit some old friends

And everytime I try to make amends

For leaving like I did

In and out of touch, when I left I was a kid

But now I am man in my hometown.

It’s good to be back and at the same time it’s real sad

Cause I’m getting older and this was all the youth I’ll ever have.

Oh I would change some things if I could, but I can’t

So I’ll just move on down the line

And live my life like I’m living in my hometown in my mind.


And live my life like I’m living in my hometown in my mind.


"Steam Powered Stern" CD released 3/06/2007
Getting airplay with "I Know How to Love", "Country Morning", and "Hallowed Ground".
"Country Morning" will be on "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass" May 15th edition, and "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" will be on the July 15th edition.

"I Know How To Love" has been added to the June 15th New Music Weekly "Country Up & Coming" chart. It was also on the June 22nd chart.

"I Know How To Love" is #32 on The Independent Music Network's Country Countdown Chart, listed as "Next Up".

4.5 Stars ... Entertaining & full of fresh, interesting original material, March 11, 2007
Reviewer: Joseph Ross "Joe Ross" (Roseburg, OR USA) Bluegrass Now

STEVE STERN/I Know How To Love
This jaunty, acoustic, airy performance features a prominent guest vocal by Lisa Aguilar. You'll find it on a listenable, folk-country CD titled Steam Powered Stern.
Reviewer: Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine
March 23, 2007

3 Stars ... A gentile, unassuming album enhanced greatly by an amazing array of musicians.
Maverick, UK - June, 2007

"Country Morning" DJ Comments
From "Prime Cuts of Bluegrass"
Straight and simple – that’s what their sound is.  Honest music.
 Ted Clark, JRR International Shortwave/CBRP 
Keep playing & singing!  
Robin Mathis, WCPC 
Good song.  Please send full project.  
Terry Wood, WTWZ 
I really enjoyed this song....made me remember my grandmother and all the good times we had growing up here in the mountains of KY.  Great job!!  
Tony Burke, WMMT 
Wayne Nault, WYKX 
Good track.  
Rein Wortelboer, Radio Venray 
Pleasant.  Appealing singing and music.  
Graham Hassall, Radio Nightingale 
Is this a comedy?  The music is good. 
Dallas Hoskins, WMKZ 
It’s ok.  
Gene Roberts, KDHX 
This is a good cut.  
Garry Tilley, WDSL 
Bruce & Maureen Livingstone, Bluegrass Highway 
This one sure got my attention.  I think will do the same for my radio audience.  Send entire project.
Paul Morris, WXKQ/WTCW 
Good sound.  Send CD!  
Ed Stiner, WJFC 
A good lively fun song.  
Wilson Moore, CHMA 
Will see on this one.  
Bob Rogers, WIXE
Very good song.  
Dominique Lemarechal, Radio RCF Rivages 
I like this song!  Creative and interesting!  Fun! 
Will spin on!
   Gracie Muldoon, World Wide Bluegrass 
Yep, that’s what it’s all about!  I’ll think of this song when I’m working my large garden or small farm, which ever you call it!  Love farms...what’s farming without bluegrass songs like this!  
Joe Wills, WBZC 
This is a little contemporary with a traditional flare.  A great tune to listen to for anyone who grew up on a farm, such as I did!  
Bubba & Jean Johnson, WMHB 
Very much thick sound.  
Mario Wildner, Radio Dresden 
Reminds me of John Denver’s Country Boy song.  
Red Shipley/Bob Webster, WAMU 
I’ll play this.  These folks sound like they’re just getting started and it’s a good beginning.  Better songs will come later.  
Frank Hoppe, KCSN
Great song.  
Bill Reno, WMMT 
This is a very good number.  Has a different sound but it is good.  
Jim Taylor, WNOI 
Fine debut.  Nice backing.  
Carl Solander, WTIP/WRNC 
Very nice!!  (aired several times.)  
Mark Lefler, WYXI
They might want to try a little reverb on the vocals next time.  
Roy Moore, WQFS 
Great “friends” really help this song.  
Leigh Hill, KUSP 
Simply love it.  
Maurice Kurtz, Valley FM/QBN FM 
A great tune, and the fine interpretation you would expect from a great supporting cast!
Joe Steiner, WLFC 
Good response from listeners.  Would like more of their material.  
Verlin Sanders, WMMT/WNVA 
Steve tells it like it is.  Steve should get a lot of early morning play.  
Bob Newton WDAP 
Great musical version of country life.  Nostalgic and emotional!  Would like entire CD.
 Bill Knowlton, WCNY/WUNY/WJNY 

I got this review today a

Set List

Our set list mixes our originals with long-time favorites:

Walkin' Through the Country
Country Morning
Hallowed Ground
Juke Box Lost in Space
Let's Talk About Love
Light the Candle
Long Black Veil
Capt. Kangaroo
I Know How to Love

Battle of New Orleans
Two Girl Play the Spoons
If Worse Comes to Worst
Bikers Anthem
Love You Tonight
Heaven On Earth
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow