Professional, competent, original yet not easily defined. Outrageously educated in musical theory and rhymes all the time. Rooted in the southern blues and boogie of the south and midwest but born in NJ. Exceptional guitarist (slide too), great boogie piano and hair standing up on your neck vocalist


Recntly opening for Geoff Achison was a blast at the Crimson Moon in Georgia. Pounding on piano since I could walk (Momma would say "Stevie stop poundin' on that piano). Infuences, range from rock (Dead, Leon Russel) to jazz (Les McCann, Miles Davis) to Classical (Debussy, Tchaikovsky) to modern Folk (Jeff Talmadge). Playing constantly and gigging some since 14 years old. 10+ years in choirs, principle instrument classical guitar in college for Theory and composition. I am a musical freak this sets me apart, put me in a room with a guitar or a piano and you get songs, hopefully great songs. many years at the Swannanoa gathering for Singer songwriter/Guitar. Hundreds of tunes written.


The Rape

Written By: Steven F. Gray

The Rape
Copyright 2007 by Steven F. Gray
Performed by Steven F. Gray Vocal, Backup Vocal, 1st twelve string guitar with split capo on 2nd fret low strings, 2nd twelve string guitar with split capo on 7th fret high strings, play counterpoint bass on 2nd guitar.

As she crawled through the mud,

Let me down, Let me down.

As that man had his way,

Let me down, Let me down.

Oh lord why did you forsake me? And let me down, Let me down.

Now my robes are a convent gray,

Let me down, Let me down.

And my Habit it tells all my ways

Let me down, Let me down.

Oh lord why did you forsake me? And let me down, Let me down.

Now my sheets are a crimson red,

Let me down, Let me down.

And that man he’s left me for dead.

Let me down, Let me down.

Oh lord I guess you didn’t forsake me. You took me HOME, you took me Home.

Dancin' Dancin' All Around

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Dancin' Dancin' All Around

Don’t know where I’m going
Don’t know where I’m bound
Don’t have no opinion
I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ all around
I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’
I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ all around

Never had no reason
Never had no cause
Never had no hate now
Still I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ on the ground
I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’
Still I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ on the ground

Lost out on the wasteland
Lost out in the coals
Burning through my feets now

Seen all of the angels
Seen all of them call
Seen the light of all lights
And I’m Dancin’ Dancin’ up above
I’m just Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’
And I’m Dancin’ Dancin’ full of love.

Row Dat Bayou

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Deep drink a water Down Bayou Down
Goin’, Goin’, goin’ Goin’ now I can’t be found

Sleep sleep deeply Sweet swamp song
Row dat bayou And we sing dat happy song
Row dat bayou Row dat long
Row dat bayou Fishes sing dat happy song

Teach yo Chillen’ Teach em well

Teach yo Chillen’ Till they feel dat happy song
Flow tide ebb tide Sunset rose
Shrimps are risen To dat happy fishin hole

Boogey hungry Move yo feets
Happy rhythm Jammin boogie can’t be beat

Repeat 1st verse

Dark Dark Night

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

There’s a time I don’t see well, There’s a time I don’t see right.

There’s a time I see my head, and I’m walkin’ in the light.

There’s a time I don’t see nothin’, and I wish that I could.

There’s a time I can’t see anything, and I know that I should.

Chorus: But the road, I see completely.

Yeah The road. I see completely.

The road, I see so completely, ahhh


And there’s a love, that I see everyday.

And there’s a hope, and it wanders away.

Chorus:And there’s a dream that I run to.

And there’s a house that I try to find.

And there’s a number for my peace of mind.

And it rides away on the Dark, dark night

Said it rides away on the Dark, dark night

And it rides away on the Dark, dark night

It rides away…..


Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Well it was early in the morning
When the clock struck noon
Well it was early in the morning
When the clock struck noon
If I don’t stop this drinkin’
I’m gonna be dead real soon.

Don’t Stop this drinkin, Don’t Stop this drinkin, (Repeat)

Well I got this crazy feelin
Deep inside my bones
Well I got this feelin
Deep inside my bones
If I can’t get some honey
I’d rather be alone.

Can’t get some honey, Can’t get some honey, (Repeat)

Well a mans got his itches
And only time will tell
Well a mans got his itches
And only time will tell
If I don’t do some penance
I’m gonna go straight down to hell

Don’t do some penance, Don’t do some penance,(Repeat)

Deep Fried Boogie

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Don’t you know….

I Got a sure fired boogie

It’s a boilin’ away

As yo feets get a movin’

Gonna hear that fryin’ pan say

“You can’t fry yo catfish without lighten’ a fire,

You can’t have no boogie without a flamin’ desire.”

No matter what you say, no matter what you do

You know were gonna get that boogie all over you…

Deep fried boogie

It’s a startin’ to boil

You can smell that aroma

It’s a feast for the royal

Dat’ a bubblin’ and rollin’

The golden mound of delight

Ya give me forty five minutes

Will be feastin’ tonight


It’s a dee……p from the bayou

It’s a straight from the heart

It’s a bubblin’ and a stewin’

It’s a strong southern art

If you go down yonder

Where the musics like wine
You’ll find that ageless ambrosia

Like the fruit on the vine


Jam out to end.

A Love Like This

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

A love like this
Theres just no way
That I can find
The words to say

You are my women
My heart my mind
Theres just no words
I can hope to find.

Such a love, I have waited so long To find.
For you are always, always, always On my mind.

Oh sweet darlin’
You know how I feel
You give me something
Can only be real
With you there’s heaven
At every turn
It’s heart to heart
With lovin’ we yearn.

Repeat Chorus

Kind Hearted Women

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Kind Hearted Woman, know what I mean

When you eat them chicken backs, gonna lick them chicken clean.

You are the woman, I’ve always dreamed.

When you walkin’ down the street all the boys they done Scream.

Kind Hearted Woman don’t leave this boy alone. backup- Kind Hearted Woman

I swear I’m lovesick to the bone, backup- Kind Hearted Woman

Yearnin’ for your love in the midnight zone.

I feel my lovin’, it’s a growin’ strong.

Nothin’ on this God’s green earth, can ever make it go wrong.

It’s a like a this boogie, with a strong back beat.

It gonna’ make you move, move a move a your feet.


Break into new key with solos and stops. Back to original key.

Kind hearted woman, take me away.

Listen to the music, listen to that boogie music play.

You make me tremble, all through the day.


I feel your heartbeat yeah, its comin’ right on through

There’s nothing else this ole boy, would rather do.

You wave a your finger, I stick like glue.

Chorus: hold out midnight zone, solo to end.

Shuck That Jive

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

Got a wicked girl, got a wicked girl

Make my poor heart a wail, my poor heart a wail.

Got a black cat moan, got a black cat moan.

Lord I can’t stay alone.

Lord I just can’t stay alone. no no no no no no no

Got a worried mind, just a worried mind.

Got no rest anytime, got no sleep the night time.

I got a full moon shine, I got the full moon shine.

Lord I’m never feelin’ fine, ah yeah, Oh why ain’t I feelin fine? oh

You know I been workin’ from 9 to 5, Yeah Time has been laughin’

I’m barely alive yeah yeah, the Wheel keeps on turnin’

And I strive, strive, strive, Whats a man gotta do to shuck this Jive? Yeah yeah yeah

Got an empty face, a blank empty face.

Some unwanted space in that bloody Rat Race,

I got a Flamin’ wheels, A rollin’ Flamin’ wheels

Lord should I beg, borrow or steal, yeah yeah yeah. Oh should I beg, Borrow or steal?

Chorus: 2nd line “Time keeps a laughin’ at me” and at end “Shuck this Jive”

And out.

Fade Away

Written By: Steven Frank Gray

All of my problems fade away,

Don’t need all that stuff anyway.

We walk the river, and make our sailin’ plans.

Then we all listen as you play the piano grand, just a play the piano grand.


We want to sail out where the mighty ocean roars,

An uncharted island where no ones been before.

We’d be the first ones there our footsteps in the sand.

All on our own we’d make it one big happy land.

Look to the west you’ll see the sun,

Run to Cape Sable for the day is done.

You take the tiller and you steer the course,

We sheet the mainsail and bundle the winds force. Just a bundle the winds force.

Pull her up close and anchor down,

I’ll bring the drinks you bring the sound,….(SPOKEN)bring it on

May not be an island out in no mans land,

But I think that you and I found heaven in this here sand. Found heaven in this here sand.



First album: Two Techs from Illinois
2nd: From Out of the Bagged Conglomerate
3rd: Almost Pink
4th: Hippy Album
5th: Mt. Sequoyah
6th: Instrumentals (Soundtracks)
7th: Covers
Recently completed first professional album:
8th:Shuck This Jive

Set List

Goin Fishin blues-Taj Mahal, Row Dat Bayou-SG, Darkness Darkness-Jesse Colin Young, No Valor For a Soldier-Leon Russel, Sure Fire Boogie-SG, Penance-SG, Search My Heart-Traditional, Hesistation Blues-Traditional, Simple Man-SG, Shuck This Jive-SG, Dancin' Dancin' All Around-SG, Mystery Train-The Band, Hootchie Koothchie Man-Taj Mahal, Don't Leave Me Here Blues- Hot Tuna, Here Me Callin'- Traditional, Can't Find My Way Home-Blind Faith, Dark Dark Night-SG, Roll Out the Band-SG, Please Mr. Fantasy- Traffic, Dance and Feel the Groove-SG, Summer Road-SG, Peacefull Summer Night-SG, Friend of the Devil-Dead, Uncle Johns Band-Dead, Moonshadow-Cat Stevens, Baby-Thats Hard to Tell-SG, Stranger in a Strange land-Leon Russel, Bamboo-SG, Fade Away-SG, The Rape-SG, Goin' Down Down Down-SG, Busted Down-SG, Goodbye Alamo-SG, Broken Saddle-SG, Flying on the Wings Of Love-SG, Pieces of Emptyness-SG, The Rapture-SG, Come on In My Kitchen-Robert Johnson, Walkin' Shoes-Elmore James, Poor Boy Blues- Rev Ga