Steve is a perpetually growing live act based out of the greater Philadelphia region. Our original "rock-tronic" sound has built our live show into a spectacle that not only gets our crowd to dance all night, but provides a modern twist on what most would call a "jam band."


Steve was born in 2004 in Hightstown, New Jersey and consists of Vinnie Daidone (guitar, vocals), Zack Kiensicki (bass), Chris Stibol (drums) and John Walsh (guitar, vocals, and keyboards). Having fused their music roots together to form a unique improvisational based “rock-tronic” sound, Steve has been a perpetually growing live act in the greater Philadelphia region and has played venues such as (but not limited to) Doc Watson’s and the North Star Bar in Philadelphia, SkidFest at the University of Delaware, Union Hall in Brooklyn, John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA and the Evolve 2012 Festival 2008 in Augusta, NJ.

Steve’s sound is something that has yet to be defined by the confines of conventional genres, but is best described as “rock-tronic”. Their sound fuses traditional rock and funk grooves with electronic based music and dance rhythms. Steve’s live show has become a spectacle and includes tight improvisation, crowd participation and high impact, high energy musicianship that is often overlooked in today’s music scene. When all is said and done, Steve is a band that will not only put on a great show at your venue or event, but will leave the audience talking about our live show and wanting more.


We are currently working on our debut release, and plan for an early June release.

Set List

Our typcial setlists include many originals such as: "Maxwell Avenue" "Collapse/Rebuild" and "Face Jam". We have a unique way of segueing in, out and between songs making each setlists it's own special event. In additon to our vast repertoire of originals, we also perform covers that we intersperse in our sets, including but not limited to: "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads, "Driven to Tears" by the Police, "Rock and Roll" by The Velvet Underground and "Back to the Middle" by The New Deal.