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Steve Adamyk Band

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Standard Issue Summer 2010"

STEVE ADAMYK - SPEED IT UP b/w 20/20 7” (P.Trash, Germany) By Kyle Pellet

Do they make record players for cars? They must, right? Yeah, they've gotta. If they've got mechanisms that can spit out cold air on hot days, and devices that can detect audio signals from space so you can listen to moldy oldies any second of the day, someone's gotta have invented a record player for your car. The reason I ask is because in listening to Steve Adamyk's new single ‘Speed It Up,’ I feel awkward sitting here, in a metal fold-out chair, with a coffee mug with my roommate's name printed on it next to me, with my glasses, an eraser, a pad of Post-Its and a wrench cluttering my computer workspace. A wrench? Why is there a wrench here? Anyway, this recording sounds like it was made for those sleazy nights you're trying to feel a girl up in the back of your dad's Datsun 210 in the Burger King parking lot. It sounds like it was made to inspire you, and get you and your friends all hyped up at 3 in the morning to wheatpaste gay porn pictures all over your geometry teacher's garage door (which is illegal and WRONG -- you shouldn't do this!). It reminds me of how good it feels to do bad things sometimes. It reminds me that most makeout sessions smell like spit and sweat and BO and funky-hair-smell, and that I don't know how to kiss and that I'm most likely sexually inadequate, but that's ok. Is that too much information? I don't think that's too much information. It's a really good record. Steve Adamyk (SEDATIVES) gets Thee Male Nurse (Davey Quesnelle of QUEBEXICO) to play bass, and Dave Williams (also of SEDATIVES) on drums for this recording, which reminds me of what THE MARKED MEN might sound like if I liked them more. I'm not knocking THE MARKED MEN -- I like them quite alright -- but ‘Speed It Up’ is a lot more fun to listen to. The second song on the single, ‘20/20’ reminds me of the EXPLODING HEARTS' ‘Sleeping Aides and Razorblades,’ and actually, come to think of it, a lot of material off of Guitar Romantic. That's a great thing. According to Steve's MySpace page, he has an LP coming out in 2010. I'm very much looking forward to this. NOT SHITTY A review of the album’s artwork: Lichtenstein-ish (flat colors and halftones) image of a hand approaching a toy car, presumably to push it backwards to "Speed it Up." Lots of negative space. I like the colors. I feel like I'm in a community college graphic design class critiquing some kid's project, and I don't like that. Yeah, it's good. Simple, well-thought out, fits the music, and nice to look at. - Standard Issue Magazine

"PhotogMusic Summer 2010"

I really don’t know that much of the Ottawa underground garage music scene. Besides attending the Gaga Weekend Day show which is sort of close to what the Ottawa Garage scene is like.
I couldn’t help but be curious to what Steve Adamyk Band sounds like.
He plays in a wide sort of bands, one being the Sedatives who I saw play at Ottawa Bluesfest 2009. (This being a funny photo I took of him).
It is not just Steve in the band, he has Male Nurse (who is covered on this site for mostly the acoustic side of his music), Emmanuel Sayer & Dave Williams who plays in the Sedatives and other Ottawa bands helping him out.
Descerate is a 7? digital EP and there are three tracks.
I was very surprised the title track is 55 seconds.
While Ivy Can’t Wait is 1:50 minutes and Unglued is 2:22 minutes.
I actually like this digital 7?.
I was worried it would be loud in your face but its very poppy alterna-punk.
Definitely was surprised with Desecrate being fun and catchy.
It sounds very reminiscent to The White Wires music since Ian is in Sedatives. - PhotoMusic

"Termbo Summer 2010"

Steve Adamyk "Speed It Up" and "Better Off" 7"es

This Steve fella seems pretty busy, releasing some solo shots here and also playing in Ottawa's Sedatives (and maybe or probably more), plus I get the sense he's "that guy" in Ottawa, setting up shows, doing zines and all that jazz. Each of these singles have a similar Lichtenstein-like design, and I appreciate the uniformity, and both came with a zine I reviewed in the Printed Matter section of the last Demo Zone, so he's got a decent aesthetic going. Musically, it's standard issue power-pop-punk that has me picturing him as the Canadian Matt K. Shrugg in a way, and although he doesn't do it with as much style as MKS, he does have The Knack (OMG LOLZ) for writing ye olde hooke. The P.Trash two-song single has a more Exploding Hearts-ish striped shirt vibe, and naming a song "20/20" is a little bit clever. The Red Lounge three-songer has more a desperate New Wave bent, maybe even a little bit of solo-years Jay Jay influence. And there you have it. I don't necessarily dig what he does, but at least he does it well. He's got another single and an LP coming up for all you kids out there pogoing along to this already.(RK)
(P.Trash Records //
(Red Lounge // - Terminal Boredom

"Razorcake Summer 2010"

Speed It Up: 7”
Real solid power pop from Canada (Steve is also in The Sedatives). Harmonic, peppy, cute, dots, stripes, lines, black and white, pogo vibes—your socks will stay on, but it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t wear out the welcome. –Speedway Randy (P Trash,
- Razorcake

"YGR - SUMMER 2010"

Steve Adamyk Better Off 7? (Red Lounge)
North American, “Spirit of ‘77? punk on a European label usually sets off some sort of warning signal in my head, especially when the artist is just some dude’s real name (although I tip my cap to the bassist named “Male Nurse”), but Better Off is reason enough for me to consider ditching that stereotype. “Better Off” is a speedy, tuneful number that sounds like the Exploding Hearts covering Jay Reatard; you know, a tuneful, almost cutesy band playing with an Adverts intensity. Same goes for “Satellite” and “Hit the Ground”, the type of perfectly simplistic first-wave punk rock of which I’ll never tire. Steve Adamyk’s modern take on the sound reminds me of how much I dug the first Briefs album (gotta pull that one out again soon). “Hit the Ground” is probably the catchiest of the three, but there isn’t one false move here. More, please! - Yellow Green Red


Steve Adamyk - "Speed It Up / 20/20" Two tracks of energy-in-the-red power-pop. Sounds like it was recorded way back then, taking the punk of THE BUZZCOCKS and mixing it with the delicious sweetness of THE POINTED STICKS. The tunes will stick, the hooks on full hum alert and enough polished groove to have those dancing shoes off the couch and on the floor. (SD) (P.Trash)

- Maximum Rock'n'Roll


What ever happened to the “fanzine”? You know, the magazine for fans, mostly music-based of course, but with the floodgates of the Internet opening to the blogosphere, it seems that the lost art of getting your hands dirty while reading about your favourite bands has gone the way of the dodo. Thankfully there are a few beacons of hope left like our fine Mongrel Zine and Corporate Rock Knock Out from Germany. Now even though most of the content of Corporate Rock Knock Out is in a language I can’t understand, I can still get my hands dirty because it came with a bonus 45 of the Steve Adamyk Band, and boy what a bonus! Two tracks of power pop pizzazz from members of Sedatives, a punk rock powerhouse from Ottawa. “Speed It Up” is a revved up and ready to go tune, much like the Queers’ finest material. “20/20,” while not an ode to the great band from Hollywood, is a tip of the hat to a more modern version of that legendary combo, the Exploding Hearts, with its swinging backbeat and ooh-la-la backing vocals. With summer almost here, this is the first song (or songs, take your pick) of your soundtrack.

RIFF RAFF - Bryce Dunn - Discorder (Vancouver)


Speed It Up 7" (P.Trash Records)
Better Off 7" (Red Lounge Records)
Desecrate 7" (Taken By Surprise Records)
Steve Adamyk Band LP (P.Trash Records)

Ox Fanzine October 2010 Compilation



The Steve Adamyk Band are a Power-Pop/Punk-Rock band from Canada's Capital City. Don't let the name fool you - this is hardly similar to some any form of singer/song-writer solo artist. It isn't The Dave Mathews Band, The Steve Miller Band or any folk-rock shenanigans. We play trash-pop inspired by the skinny tie bands from the 1970's with the energy of classic American punk. Originally intended as a side project out of the ashes of Million Dollar Marxists and Sedatives, The SAB have spent 2010 busy releasing numerous 7" singles and an LP, turning the side project into a full-on band. Consisting of ex/current members of Buried Inside, Sedatives, Mother's Children, Year Zero and many more, The Steve Adamyk Band are bound to be stinking up a town near you in the not-too-distant future.

Million Dollar Marxists' 2005 SXSW performance was covered by David Fricke in the May issue Rolling Stone, hailed as one of the "Top 5 artists to watch for" in 2005.