Steve Angel Project

Steve Angel Project


Singer, songwriter, musician & performer: The consummate artist, Steve Angel once again proves that music is "...a trip you don't want to end…” His melodic charm and refreshing blend of sounds elevates the Steve Angel project to a new level of sonic enlightenment.


Steve Angel. Singer, songwriter, musician & performer: The consummate artist, Steve Angel is all of these as he proves time and time again that music is "...a trip you don't want to end, the highest high, the greatest escape... [it’s] ultimate freedom...".
It’s this attitude that has allowed Steve to strive for a creative balance of mind and soul in all that he does. From his humble musical beginnings on accordion, then guitar and trumpet, to his ever-increasing rise into the pop-rock world with two explosive CD’s under his belt, “Hollywood” and “Find my Way”, Steve Angel never forgets his harmonious commitment to communicate as honest a representation of his music as possible to his audience.
Not one to rest in the past, Steve Angel continues to set new goals, going beyond all expectation and compromise. It has been a journey that has brought Steve’s music to listeners throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. And as Steve Angel “finds his way”, be sure that this is just the beginning…


Everybody Wants To Be A Star

Written By: Steve Angel

Back at a young age I still recall
One hit wonders; their rise and fall
Well I wanna join the world of celebrity

A rock ‘n’ roll or reality star
High school rebel with a fast car
Politicians or “daddy-with-some-money” will get you there

Almost every night I’ll watch TV
But I find it stares right back at me
Seems I’m not alone having little much to say

Fame is over-rated I should let you know
Just like another stupid talk show
Ain’t no escape it’s all too sensational, mm-hmm!

Everybody wants to be a star
No matter if you tune in to who you are
Being in the spotlight’s the only way to get off
Every day’s another shining star
But why call it real when no one knows who you are
Living in the spotlight ‘l only get you so far
Everybody wants to be a star

Out of air, let’s stop my dear
Time for reality to disappear
You’re fifteen is up, shit out of luck can’t you see


Everybody wants to be a star…

If I Could Find My Way

Written By: Steve Angel

Sometimes I need to get away
And leave the world behind
Let myself escape
All my crazy thoughts accumulate
It kills me from the inside
I get so afraid
Living life with uncertainty
It’s hard to meet the end
So I find a place to become one with myself again
No way, this world can drag me down
Fear, I will survive
A must do or die

If I could find my way I’d like
To let the world into my life
I will sing and praise for all my days
If I could find my way alright

So many times I wonder why
That I can never get out
All the mess trapped in my mind
Stuck with me I realize
I got to look into myself
And welcome the sight
What’s a life always on the run?
The mind is spun all-day
Move ahead by the step, a task I try to undertake
I’ll win my ways through good or bad
The end ‘l work out right
Without asking why


While love is on my side
I will be free
Won’t let my heart bleed



Written By: Steve Angel

You can try to be rich
If you think it might help you along
Pretend to be somebody else if it helps you look all that strong
Or you can ride horses
Why? Because it’s the in-thing to do
Whatever you find in this life in the end it comes down to you

You can live in the wild
Build a home made of rock and sand
Or try to play second trombone in a swinging style fifties jazz band
And you can sell candy-on-the-corner
Sweetness in life ain’t so bad
Wherever you end up in life remember the good days you had

Time, it never lets go
Leaves you behind and all that you know
When faded hopes come alive you can do anything, anything
You can Fight…

With all of your glory and might ‘till the sun goes down
The show never ends without seeing the lights go out
Don’t let the world stop you from riding through a hurricane
Hard luck is always in the air but the wind blows on to better days


You can be a great mind
Maybe run for president
Or paint the next Mona Lisa without making a dime or cent
And you can surf oceans too
Ride the twenty-foot wave of your life
Whatever it is that you do just follow what comes from inside

Time, it never lets go
Leaves you behind and all that you know
When faded hopes come alive you can do anything, anything
You can Fight


"Find my way" 2005 LP
"Hollywood" 2001 LP

Set List

Everybody wants to be a star
If I Could Find My Way
Electric car
The Good Life
Never let you down
Can’t We Get Along?
Smart & Sexy
I could cry/Mary-Ann
Things we do for money
Hollywood Venus

45 min - 1 hour set, all original (covers sometimes included spontaneously)