Steve Austin

Steve Austin

BandHip Hop

Steve's potent and diverse lyrical content make him one of the hottest newcomers to emerge from the South's hip hop underground.


"Built for This" is one hell of a musical experience. Packed with nineteen blazing tracks that run the gamut of hip hop, the thoroughbred MC brings the heat through diversity. In addition banging club joints like the bouncy "Club Cuffin'," "Real (featuring
Noxzemia and C-Loc)" and "Disconnected…Tha Remix," the album contains straight up hardcore hip hop tracks like "Hip Hop Gangsta" and "IzUWitMe?," that reflect the hip hop aesthetic of the New South. All of these ingredients plus Steve's potent lyrical content make Built for This one of the hottest hip hop LPs to emerge from the South's hip hop underground.


Singularity: A Hip-Hop Epiphany
(white label)
Debut Album - "Built For This"