Steve Bello Band

Steve Bello Band


The Steve Bello Band is it's own brand of heavy instrumental metal; they like to label it "progmetalfunk". Guitarist Steve Bello is a pure guitar extraordinaire in vein of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, and he is backed up by a stellar rhythm section.



Steve Bello decided to focus on all-instrumental material, after 17
years of slogging it out in various bands (and always hearing the same
critique: "Lose the singer, you'll sound much better.") He recruited
drummer Darren Patrick to help him record the first CD entitled TWISTED
METAL. Along the way, Steve picked up regional endorsement deals with
IBANEZ guitars and DR Strings; Steve also performs clinics for Ibanez
in the tri-state area. The CD garnered favourable reviews, being
compared to such artists and bands as Living Colour, Led Zeppelin,
Pantera, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai. (Bello played bass on the TWISTED
album, since he was unable to lock down a bassist in time.)
In March 2004, Bello met bassist Courtenay Penick and she expressed
interest in playing on the next cd. After passing her audition "with
flying colours" (according to Steve), the trio began tightening the new
material and, in October 2004, ALL WIRED UP was released and was given
glowing reviews. The band was also approached to perform live;
admittedly there was some reservation but ultimately they decided it
was worth a shot. The risk paid off. Even though they've only performed
a handful of shows, the band's exposure grew rapidly (at least on a
local level). The ALL WIRED UP cd was given to Steve Vai, courtesy of
Ibanez A&R rep Mike Taft, for a possible deal with Vai's Favored
Nations label. Courtenay even landed a "local hero" deal with Ashdown
bass amps, and is working on a deal with Warwick basses.
Bello began writing new songs for the upcoming third cd,
Jupiter Return, when drummer Darren Patrick decided to move on
and pursue other musical endeavours. Not to be deterred, Steve met
drummer Evan Prettyman and he was given a copy of the live set list to
learn in two weeks. Needless to say, Evan's audition floored both Steve
and Courtenay, and they quickly welcomed him into the band. More
impressive was Evan's enthusiasm, and that's what the band needed to
move to the next level.
Currently, the new line-up is in pre-production mode, writing and
rehearsing the new music. They wish to enter the studio to record in
July/August 2005, and hopefully release the new cd in October '05. In
Steve's words, "The new songs will definitely peel the paint off your
walls, just like the last cd, but with Evan's and Courtenay's input,
there will be some unique twists and turns in the music. Don't worry,
it's still PROGMETALFUNK, but I am confident that the 'non-metal' ideas
will blow peoples' minds."


Twisted Metal - 2003
All Wired Up - 2004
Jupiter Return - Coming Oct 2005!

Set List

A typical set list is approx. 45 minutes to an hour of original material with variations of the following songs.

1. Thunderfunk
2. Schizotherapy
3. I Play Guitar
4. Strange Weather
5. All Wired Up
6. Nocturnal Emissions / Morning Wood
7. Laughing Through A Storm
8. Heavy Equipment
9. Twisted Metal
10. Another Sleepless Night
11. What is This?
12. Saturn On Her Mind
13. Awkward
14. Blister
15. Freak You Out
16. Burn The Sky