Steve Bequette

Steve Bequette


John Mayer meets Jane's Addiction for an afternoon of art rock songwriting with a mild buzz on and a glass of ice cold well water from a midwest fresh water spring.


Steve Bequette was born on a small cattle farm just outside of DeSoto Missouri. Steve and his brothers grew up singing barbershop tunes and hammering an old player piano for entertainment. At fourteen, Steve’s first power trio rehearsed in a barn with a Fender Telecaster, a drum kit with an oil pan head, a keyboard on a hay bail and broom stick mic stand.

Over the past 15 years Steve has performed steadily throughout the Midwest and toured 36 countries for the USO with his band Ten Stories Tall. After earning an Audio Production degree from Webster University he spent 6 months traveling and street performing throughout Europe. Back in St. Louis he continued to write music and perform an average of 150 shows annually. All of this helped develop a distinctive sound that captivates a wide audience with honest lyrics over solid rhythm and melody.

His latest release entitled ‘Mothershead’ features Kyle Cook from Matchbox Twenty on the single, Last Thing. This collaboration offered Bequette an opportunity to tour with Cook’s side project over 30 cities throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

Bequette will release his second full length CD this summer. Visit for more information.


Last Thing

Written By: Steve Bequette

What does it take to make you laugh now?
Why do I sleep so long?
Maybe it keeps my skin soft
I don’t know what’s wrong
I have no regrets, no excuse to confess
If it’s the last thing I do I’ll make it for you.

The older I get
It’s much worse than before
Do I fill that prescription?
I’m not so sure
‘Cause I need the ride
Or I can’t get inside of myself
All this life in myself – no excuse

If it’s the last thing I do I’ll make it for you
Now, now, now, I’m almost through.


Steve Bequette - Maybe Wednesday
Steve Bequette - Mothershead (due out in May)
Both CD's are available at CD Baby or on-line @

Set List

You Should Know
French Cafe
Last Thing
Nothing Is Wrong
Buzz On
At This Rate
You Should Drive
DeSoto Train
Better Days

Set Length: Apx. 1 1/2 hours.
Band Covers: Toto - Rosanna, Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
Solo Covers: 6 hours of material from 1960 - 2005 played on a 12 string guitar. (gotta pay bills)