Steve Bonafel & One Iota

Steve Bonafel & One Iota

Covington, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Covington, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Band Country Bluegrass





It's Done! The ''Anthem of A Family Tree'' and with the much asked for ''LAST PARADE''..It's an all One Iota project with a bunch of new songs and some live cuts from the stage. I'm real proud of the musicianship displayed by the members of One Iota on this cd.It's already playing on a bunch of radio stations abd is available at CDBABY.COM and downloads also avaiable at DIGSTATION.COM



''Big River Dreams'' is climbing the European top 100 chart at #22 in the Netherlands and #35 in Denmark. Thanks Europe.It's also #36 in Israel on Oct.24,09.
The ''OLD STICK'' was at #7 in the Czeck Republic this summer according to the European Country Music Association on the county music chart in June 2008.
The Old Stick is a Steve Bonafel Original tune from the cd Feuds & Fridays 2006..
- 12 city Tour in Ireland 2010, and Charting on Europe's top 40 radio

"Joe Ross Reviews"

Feuds & Fridays!
One Iota Publishing, No Number
TEL. 859-468-3773
Playing Time – 41:28
"Feuds & Fridays!" features ten contemporary bluegrass originals and two covers presented by Steve Bonafel, a vocalist from northern Kentucky who I first heard with his band, One Iota, a few years ago. The band showcased at the 2006 IBMA Trade Show & Convention. The band's upbeat and comforting 2002 CD is called "Never Grow Old." In 2004, Bonafel released a debut solo album of originals called "Dream Catcher."
On this latest project, Steve wrote all of the songs except "Big Spike Hammer" and "Think it Over." Bonafel's got some charming material, and he has a pleasant tenor that imparts plenty of feeling and sentiment to his stories and messages about life's adventures, journeys and characters. With "all the Kentucky news that's fit to print," the album's stories are like an 1888 newspaper put to music. Singing with the emotion of an imprisoned Kentucky moonshiner's perspective, "Shiner's Lament" expresses "I wish I was home, and I never saw that still!" after a young man is murdered. The song is a true story about Steve's great uncle. Written after performing for the death row inmates at Eddyville, Ky. maximum security prison in 2004, "The Ballad of Roseanna McCoy" is also a true story that describes one key episode in the long - running feud between the Hatfields and McCoys in Big Sandy River Valley. The vocal harmonies of Melissa Conway, Paul Brewster, and Carly Pearce embellish the choruses that are sung as duets. The swingy and melodic "Wish You'd Go Away" is arranged simply with solo vocals in a crystalline statement about moving on. "The Old Stick" is given similar treatment with character, content and concision.
Bonafel's lyrics make clear statements, but his music carries creative messages of its own. Good rhythms and pretty melodies make his songs really work. Their stellar interpretation is also the result of having an instrumental cast consisting of Andy Leftwich (mandolin, fiddle), Rob Ickes (Dobro), Cody Kilby (guitar) and Dave Pomeroy and Berry Bales (bass). Bales played the slow songs, and Pomeroy is the bassist on the fast songs. Producer Andy Leftwich was eager to enlist members of "Three Ring Circle" (a "jamgrass acoustic power trio" with Ickes, Leftwich, Pomeroy) to assist. "Never Saw Sara Alone" is about a boy's regret at losing a popular girl. Steve likes writing in ¾ - time, and "Big River Dream" has a sweet aesthetic.
Another of Bonafel's pieces in ¾ time, "Working Man's Prayer" is a witty call for justice, focus, wealth and happiness in life. You're sure to grin when his call to the Lord includes the suggestion of "when the fires of Hell are stoked good and hot, would you give ol' Bin Ladan a call?" Bonafel shows that he has a knack for communicating heart to heart, soul to soul, and without any filters that limit his expression. I'm sure that his own talented band (One Iota) covers them well in live performance also as part of their goal to present refreshing and innovative material that is both fun and reflective. (Joe Ross)
- Bluegrass Now

"Steve &One Iota choosen for IBMA main showcase"

IBMA picks Steve Bonafel & One Iota to showcase on the main stage Sept. 26 , 2006 8 pm in Nashville , Tn. at the IBMA annual convention n downtown Nashville. Thirteen bands choosen from around the world from over 200 bands that applied. Thousands attend including disk jockies from around the world and CMT TV .
The IBMA award show was hosted by Marty Stewart at the Grand Ole Opry.
2007 Steve was selected for the IBMA songwriters showcase and in 2008 an alternate. - IBMA


Bluegrass Unlimited'' April 07 .. cd reviews on ;;Feuds & Fridays''

Steve Bonafel is a bluegrass singer/songwriter from northern Kentucky whose new album is full of original songs based on the history of the region.Bonafel should be considered a journyman singer who nonetheless, has a strong enough voice to bring his fine original songs to life. And that is where he excels ,as good and consistant songwriters are hard to find and are always a welcome addition to the bluegrass family.
For Bonafel's previouse album he tapped a young Andy Leftwich of Ricky Skaggs Kentucky thunder fame for his fiddle skills. This time Andy is back as producer on ''Feuds & Fridays'' only this time he's brought some friends with him. As this album was being recorded ,Leftwich was in the middle of working with his side group,Three Ring Circle, featuring Rob Ickes and Dave Pomeroy. the band on all of these cuts features Ickes and Pomeroy on resonator guitar and bass respectively. Leftwich on mandolin and fiddle, Cody Kilby on guitar, Barry Blales on bass, and Paul Brewster ,Carly Pearce, and Melissa Conway on harmony vocals.
One would think that Bonafel's music would be overwelmed by this collection of stars but Leftwich doesn't let that happen. The musicians seem to be aware that Bonafel's story songs are the strong suit of this project. There are some worthy tunes on here including the wonderful original about the Hatfield-McCoy feud
[The Ballad of Roseanna McCoy ]
and ''The Old Stick'' a great song about an old man exploring the woods he grew up in , finding memories around everyturn. For those looking for new and original songs. Steve bonafel's catalog is one to keep in mind. [One Iota Publishing, 1883 Poplar Ridge Rd. Melbourne, Ky. 41059 - April 2007 review of 'Feuds & Fridays''

"World Wide Bluegrass chooses Steve Bonafel as Artist of the month Jan.2010"

WWB is the largest internet radio programm dedicated to bluegrass 24/7. Featuring djs from around the world playing bluegrass from the great bands of yesterday to the brand new gems just uncovered. They also feature interviews and articles, news and of course a ton of music streaming nostop. - World Wide Bluegrass

"Steve Bonafel at # 21 & #23 IN THE CHART"

As of May 19,2007 'Feuds & Fridays'' has made the national chart at number 21 and ''Dream Catcher '' has made the chart at number 23.
The chart goes from#1 to #50 of most played bluegrass songs of 306 radio stations reporting from around the world.
Roots music reports on all types of music . For more information go to - Roots Music Reports

"Steve Bonafel selected to 2007 IBMA Songwriters Showcase & alternate in 08"

Steve Bonafel has written every song on his Dream Catcher cd. With excellent voice and instrumentation. This cd is highly rated by DJs. From adventure ballads to reflective songs of time and love gone by. His style ranges from traditional bluegrass like Jimmy Martin to almost James Taylor like on some tunes. On ''Dream Catcher'' there is a song for every taste.

Gracie Muldoon
IBMA- Steve Bonafel was selected as one of the ten songwriters invited to showcase original songs at the 2007 confrence in Nashville where he performed the''Ballad of Roseanna McCoy'' and the ''Last Parade'' and was slected as an alternate in 2008. - IBMA

"BLUEGRASS NOW -June 2007"

A gifted songwriter, Steve Bonafel wrote 10 0f the 12 cuts on ''Feuds & Fridays''! He's backed by his band One Iota, along with several guest. An interesting side note is that Steve and his band were picked to showcase at the IBMA in Nashville in 2006. Which is quite a feat with over 200 bands applying and only 19 picked to perform.
Steve say's in the liner notes that the music is a tribute to the ''drama and charactors of our past here in Kentucky''. The Album title, taken in part from the cut ''the Ballad of Roseanna McCoy'', tells a little of the story of the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud.
The album showcases some of the great harmony vocals as heard on the song ''Shiners Lament', a story about moonshiners that speaks to everyone who has srtuggled with bad choices in his or her life.Another original cut ''Loves Ghost'' is a pretty song done in waltz time that adds new meaning to the term ''haunting vocals''. Another song on the cd I enjoyed is a grassed up rendition of the rock favorite from the Buddy Holley past called ''Think It Over'' that Steve does in kind of a bluesy style. The only dissapointment is that most of the lyrics to these original songs were not included to assist anyone trying to understand the words.
Backed by excellent musicians and exceptional harmony vocalist, most any traditional bluegrass fan will enjoy this fine CD. JP - FEUDS & FRIDAY CD REVIEW

"Ballad of Roseanna McCoy #6 !! in Czech Republic"

Thanks Czech Republic for making the ''Ballad of Roseanna McCoy'' #6 on the radio !!!!!!!
The song was also at #36 in Belgium Nov.11,2007 - ECMA radio chart

"Ballad of Roseanna McCoy #6 !! in Czech Republic"

Thanks Czech Republic for making the ''Ballad of Roseanna McCoy'' #6 on the radio !!!!!!!
The song was also at #36 in Belgium Nov.11,2007 - ECMA radio chart

"Summer 2014 -Joe Mullins & the Radio Rambler's Record ''THE LAST PARADE'' by Steve Bonafel"

Joe Mullins joined the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame's 2008 inductee, Bill Cody, for conversation and music when he droped by the WSM 650AM studio on Friday, May 16th at 8:30am CT.

Joe was promoting "The Last Parade," a brand new single from Rebel Records CD from Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers. Written by Steve Bonafel, "The Last Parade" is in honor of Sgt. Nickolas Carnes of Dayton, KY who was killed in Afghanistan in 2007. The song made it to #3 in the USA on Bluegrass Todays Radio chart on the 3rd week of June 2014 and was featured at the Grand Ole Opry this 4th of July. - Bill Cody WSM radio


2020 Steve Bonafel ''REAL COUNTRY''  Steve swings for a big time hit with this recording with the Nashville Super pickers at Daywind Studios in Nashville Tn.*On the DJ's Hot 100 chart. The Last Parade made #1 in  2020 , Roseanna McCoy charted at #6 and The Christmas Barn made it to #3. The chart represents 3800 Radio stations in the USA. 

2017 Bonafel & Bentle Double Solo -featuring 24 tracks of duo band members 12 solos each. Focusing on the Songwriter-Steve Bonafel & the guitarist Bob Bentle.

Nov.11, 2009
''Anthem Of A Family Tree''
featuring the much requested'' Last Parade''
2006 ''Feuds & Fridays'' cd
''DREAM Catcher''
DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE. WE'RE UNDER BLUEGRASS & AMERICANA or look for Steve Bonafel under Artist.
**See vidio at from IBMA in Nashville, Tn.
**2010 new Cd ''Anthem Of A Family Tree'' is out and playing on the radio!



From the Northern Kentucky-greater Cincinnati area .After being a side man in other bands Steve Bonafel launched the group ''One Iota''.He recruted some of the areas best grassers. In 2002 they released their first cd''Never Grow Old'' a bluegrass Gospel project that hit it's mark with a new slant on some traditional songs featuring vocals by Steve B. and Lisa Shaffer .In 2004 Being influenced by Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs,and Merl Haggard ,Steve wrote and recorded an all original cd called 'DREAM CATCHER'' full of bluegrass ,stocked with adventure ballads & tender songs of life and love.
The band was selected to perform Sept. 2006 in Nashville Tn. at the prestigious IBMA Showcase and released the brand new cd 'Feuds & Fridays'' ...once again filled with new original songs penned by Steve and produced by Andy Leftwich of Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder.
On May 19, 2007 the CD ''Feuds and Fridays'' made it into the top 25 radio chart. According to ROOTS MUSIC REPORT it placed #21 that week and the 2004 Cd ''Dream Catcher ''also placed at # 23 that same week.
In 2007 Steve was a part of the IBMA SONG WRITERS SHOWCASE Oct. 2007 in Nashville.
2009 Headlined festivals in Prince Edward Island Canada. 2010 Tour Ireland - 12 cities from Dublin to County Claire and many more.
Sept. 2011 Steve was selected for the IBMA songwriter showcase.

** Sept. 2013 Steve is once again in the IBMA SONGWRITER SHOWCASE.

** Sept. 2017 Steve is once again in the IBMA SONGWRITER SHOWCASE

** Nov.2019 New Country CD...''Steve Bonafel Real Country''  released April 2020 'The Last Parade'  makes #1 on Radio DJ's hot 100 list. 

Today the band consist of Steve on guitar ,fiddle & lead vocals, DJ Smith on guitar, bass and vocals, Trina Emig on banjo, mandolin.

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