Steve Caouette

Steve Caouette

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Combining impressions, improv, sound effects and classic stand-up comedy, Steve Caouette pushes the comedic envelope.


A thunderstorm in your house, an ocean in your truck, Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries as a love machine, a little kid on your nerves, fireworks gone bad, the Predator is your girlfriend, and one simple guy trying to make sense of it all meet Steve Caouette. Steve capitalizes on every opportunity to showcase his impressionist abilities to the delight of the audience. So go ahead and try him. He takes requests. This master of sound can duplicate just about anything.

Steves comedy is a unique blend of impressions found within the stories he shares, which everyone can relate to. From oddball impressions, like Bob Ross, the PBS painter having too much fun, to the subtle creak of a door, every moment is amplified to bring the audience into Steves world! The audience becomes part of the show when this master of sound and impression will take requests of what sounds to recreate, the more bizarre the request, the funnier it gets!

Working with The Late Show with David Letterman, in the 90s, performing at colleges across the country, and recently co-starring in the independent movie, Tough Hombre. Steve made a lasting impression at the 2004 Mid-
Atlantic Conference and at the 2005 National Conference by booking a vast amount of shows with colleges all across the country. Steve is making his way towards you so take off your 3D glasses, open your ears and be prepared for a show thats never the same twice! A little crazy, a tad zany, and a whole lot of hilarious, Steve Caouette may leave you in stitches, or at least be able to replicate the sound of the stitches being put in!