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The best kept secret in music


"Orange Pop: Carson Band puts music first"

Special to the Register

The Steve Carson Band is the seemingly rare act that doesn't fill a CD with 60 or 70 minutes of music simply because it can.

"Kindness" is a dazzling five-song follow-up to the band's 2004 release, "Settle Down." Once again, Carson and his group of strong players use formidable songwriting and impressive musicianship layered around Carson's distinctive vocals in the filler-free presentation of a fistful of original songs.

The results on "Kindness" are wonderful, with the uplifting "Careful What You Wish For" recalling the soaring rock of Coldplay and U2, while the more intimate sonicscape of "End of the World" has a territorial similarity to Embrace and Travis. The rocking "For Young Girls" recalls the artful approach used by Snow Patrol on "Final Straw." But the Steve Carson Band's sound is clearly its own.

"We worked with producer Anthony Arvizu (at Compound Studio in Long Beach), and whenever we get into the studio there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen putting together the CD and deciding on songs," said Carson, a longtime resident of Westminster.

"We're happy to say we're still making those decisions. With this band, it's all about the music. It's what we do," explained Carson, adding that the band has management, a publicist and legal representation to handle business affairs so the musicians can focus on music.

In addition to Carson, who is lead singer and plays guitar and keyboards, the band features guitarist-keyboardist Jameson Burt, drummer Darren Carr and bassist Bruce Yolken. The project has increasingly become a musical democracy, with the entire quartet involved in writing and arranging duties. All four members penned "Careful What You Wish For" and "Timeline."

When the Steve Carson Band entered the studio to record "Settle Down," the band was essentially only 4 months old because of the addition of Burt in November 2003. His ability to provide additional guitar and keyboards, as well as backing vocals, really marked the launch of the band's modern sound.

"It was a metamorphosis," Carson said of the group's growth from an acoustic trio in January 2003 to an electric band less than a year later. And 2005 was quite a year for the band, which not only completed work on "Kindness," but also performed 46 shows and was a featured artist on the Mark & Brian radio show in March, performing a number of cuts live on the KLOS/95.5 FM program.

One thing that isn't easy for Carson and company is defining the group's genre-defying sound. Alternative rock, folk rock and modern rock all work, but none really tells the full story.

"I think it shows in our fan base. I have folks who come to shows who are in their 40s, and kids online begging us to do an all-ages show," said Carson. He noted that the band truly has fans ranging from their mid-teens to fiftysomethings.

"This is honestly the best situation as a musician," Carson said, adding that the strong friendships in the band have made it easy to handle the twice-a-week rehearsals, 16-hour recording sessions and frequent late-night shows at venues ranging from San Diego to Universal City.

"To play shows together when you create something with the guy next to you, it means a lot. We play all over the place. I don't want to play the same club every week," Carson said. - OC Register

"East Coast Romper "Kindness" Review"

Sweet, romantic and sentimental are words not usually found on the pages of our site. However, The STEVE CARSON BAND oozes with music that would be described by such words on their five-song EP. The foundation of the music is rock based and infectious but the textural layering brings out the more prominent alternative acoustic sound. Serious crooning radiates throughout the record and his fellow musicians add a pleasant backdrop of beautiful soundscapes that are still relevant in today's finicky music industry while still seeking some influence from the late 80's push for alternative as found in a band like THE CHURCH. Slower paced as one would expect, the music didn't drone on or depend on any over indulgent, easy arrangements. Instead, the band developed and nurtured songs that were well rounded, encompassing a palpable, genuine eagerness to bond with the listener. This isn't the type of album that you can just listen to as background noise either. It will require your full attention even if it already hasn't infiltrated your brain. You're yearning for music with a meaning can and will be satisfied with this effort through the delicate yet mildly forceful ornate ness of its vibe.

written by: Brodie Holmen. - East Coast Romper


Steve Carson Band
Kindness - 4 Stars

The Steve Carson Band is a local quartet with some great tunes and a live show that delivers. SCB's last EP got great reviews, but Kindness will leave you wanting even more. The opening track, Careful What You Wish For, is a well-crafted mid-tempo song that will grab you and grow on you. I can't help the U2 comparison, which comes from Carson's Bono-like vocals and layers of effected guitar sounds. The focus is on the vocals, the melodic guitar lines and interesting solos, while the rhythm section sits back, supporting the song like a nice easy armchair. Carson and guitarist Jameson Burt seem to share most of the songwriting responsibilities, while bassist Bruce Yolken and drummer Darren Carr keep the rhythm. The record features For Young Girls another winner, followed by Timeline, Kindness and End of The World. Catch the Steve Carson Band Friday, April 21, at the Inkslingers Ball ( at Angel Stadium, or check for show dates. - OC Metro

"Show review from"

First LA Weekend with Jana

A weekend of music and drinking is aces in my book. What better way to ring in my vacation in the city of angels than a three-day series of local bands and steady boozing?

Saturday night, the Lava Lounge featured Orange County rockers The Steve Carson Band. Im never one to pass up a solid rock act, and this one didnt disappoint. The easiest points of reference for SCB are U2 (before they sucked) and Keane (with guitars), but they have their own merits; a really tight drummer and truly enjoyable vocals from Mr. Carson himself make this band a great backdrop for chilling out in a small space with a beer and friends. -

""Settle Down" review from the OC Register"

Special to the Register

Steve Carson Band, "Settle Down"(The Only Way Out Music)
The Westminster-based Steve Carson Band is that rare rock ensemble that sounds as powerful as it does accessible without compromising its craft.

From the anthemic force of "Obvious" and "Drawn on Faces" to the melodic "Kite," the quartet mines past and present while carving out a sound of its own, blending modern rock forcefully with shadowy ghosts recalling the magic of '80s outfits such as the Church and Wire Train.

Carson has a powerful and distinctive voice but wisely uses emotion instead of bombast to bring depth to the five songs showcased on "Settle Down." Jameson Burt (guitars, backing vocals), Bruce Yolken (bass) and Darren Carr (drums) all combine forces to layer Carson's compelling soundscape that is well worth repeated visits. - OC Register

"Club Review - 5/17/07"

Steve Carson Band
Knitting Factory, Hollywood CA
April 10, 2007

Players: Steve Carson, guitar, piano, vocals; Jameson Burt, lead guitar, backup vocals; Bruce Yolken, bass; Darren Carr, drums.

Material: Featuring Steve Carson's Bono-like voice, the music of SCB will draw favorable comparisons to U2 and the Police with its very commercial and radio-friendly rock anthems. "Kite" has the potential to become a hit song, and is obviously a crowd favorite.

Musicianship: Carson is equally adept on guitar and keys, and his voice never wavers, despite his onstage dancing. Equally impressive is Burt's lead guitar and mesmerizing harmonies, which perfectly mesh with the solid backline that Yolken and Carr provide on bass and drums. Yolken's bass is felt more than heard, while Carr's incredible drumming style is especially evident on "Kite."

Performance: Being the first act onstage can be a daunting challenge, but SCB pulled it off with grace and style. Their mission was obviously to play the most music in their allotted time, as they wasted little of it on audience interaction or song introductions. Instead, they let the music do the talking. Carson was very entertaining, moonwalking and strutting around the stage as he effortlessly moved from guitar to keys and back again. The band had excellent chemistry, especially Carson and Burt, who provided the audience with effective guitar rifts and amazing harmonies. The only thing missing was the back and forth sing-along interactions that are so common at live music events, although those in attendance hardly seemed to mind.

Summary: Although Carson and his band have the musical portion of the equation down pat, they need to work on audience interaction to bring in the crowd. The connection made between an artist and his fans adds to the live music experience, which in this case left the impact feeling a little flat.

By: Bob Leggett - Music Connection Magazine


"Settle Down" EP (2004)
1. Puzzle Pieces
2. Obvious
3. Kite
4. Settle Down
5. Drawn On Faces

"Kindness" EP (2005)
1. Careful What You Wish For
2. End Of The World
3. Timeline
4. For Young Girls
5. Kindness

Both EP's have been featured on XM Satellite Radio and are available at and on itunes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The forces that drive the Steve Carson Band have created music to capture listeners and open minds. These same forces have forged unbreakable relationships between this four member alternative rock group. Steve Carson(vocals, acoustic / electric guitar, piano) has been a vital presence in the Los Angeles and Orange County music community for several years. Having fronted groups and ventured into solo pursuits, Steve Carson has developed his songwriting and vocal ability into what it is today. Steve's vision and passion to connect with listeners is a constant driving force. It is this internal drive that created the desire to expand his solo efforts into a new band, one that would share his same vision and passion.

In January 2003 two accomplished musicians began to accompany Steve at acoustic performances. Darren Carr(drums/percussion) and Bruce Yolken(bass guitar) have long established themselves as seasoned stage and recording artists. In joining Steve, Darren and Bruce have engaged their individual styles to create a rhythm section that elevates the drive and emotion of the songs. The chemistry between the three was instant and audiences began to grow with each performance. By August, Steve had recorded and released "2 Days In The Compound", an acoustic three song EP. A glowing review of the three cuts popped up in the Orange County Register by Robert Kinsler.

"Steve Carson's three-song '2 Days In The Compound' showcases his emotive vocals and multi-instrumental skills. Carson shows he has a good ear for combining a rock singers instrument with a troubadours heart."

It was shortly after the release of the EP that it was time for Darren to get back behind a full drum kit once again, setting aside the shakers and djembe and delivering a full sound with the energy the songs needed to truly come alive. The one thing needed to complete the transformation was a lead guitarist who could share the same vision, an artist that had a drive and ambition that matched its other three members.

Through mutual friends, a potential guitarist was given a copy of "2 Days In The Compound" in late November 2003. Jameson was drawn to the songs and scheduled an audition. He brought with him melodies and guitar tones that sounded so original yet comfortable and close to home.

With chemistry in full bloom and after months of writing, rehearsing and performing in O.C. and L.A., scb entered the studio to record their debut EP "Settle Down", which was released in August 2004. Following the release, the Orange County Registers Robert Kinsler wrote:

"From the anthemic force of 'Obvious' and 'Drawn on Faces' to the melodic 'Kite', the quartet mines past and present while carving out a sound of its own, blending modern rock forcefully with shadowy ghosts recalling the magic of '80s outfits such as the Church and Wire Train. Carson has a powerful and distinctive voice but wisely uses emotion instead of bombast to bring depth to the five songs showcased on 'Settle Down'."

In August 2005 scb returned to the studio to begin work on their second EP "Kindness", which was released in early 2006. Since the release of "Kindness", scb has toured the Pacific Northwest, Central and Northern California, Nevada and New York.

As the band develops its relationship, one can only imagine the music to follow will be innovative and influential. The band works as a family and the result is something that is truly magical. Honesty and integrity is an important aspect to the band's imagery. Believing in the songs, each other and in their fans is their mantra.