Steve Courson

Steve Courson

 Centreville, Virginia, USA

By not limiting creativity to one particular style or genre, Steve Courson will sooth you one minute with smooth, quiet piano melodies, and tear you out of your seat the next minute with crunching guitars and infectious hooks.


Steve Courson has been playing music in one form or another for as long as he can remember. His ability to take you from smooth, haunting piano and guitar melodies to hard hitting rock riffs and everything in between keeps you listening because it keeps you guessing. It is hard to predict where he will go next but you can’t wait to get there. He is constantly writing new songs and exploring new directions.

Recently, Courson has been gaining credibility as a songwriter as "Goodnight" has been featured in a pitch for Visa's new "Life Takes Visa" ad campaign. The song will also represent East Coast music on the new compilation CD from QuickStar Productions called, "Chill Out-East Coast Edition." As Courson continues to gain momentum in the industry, be on the lookout for his music, as well as a full length album in the near future.


Perfect World

Written By: Steven Courson

It's not a perfect world for you and me
We float on by perpetually wishing
we were in this ceramic skin-toned lullaby
It's not a place that we can go
It's not a picture I can show
When nothing in this world seems good enough
You're good enough

Our perfect chance to get away
So close your eyes and get away
I am your get away
So open up your wings, your soul, your mind
and get away
Just make sure you can remember
Our soft surrender
Just make sure you can remember

Don't wake up
It's a perfect world
It's perfect


Written By: Steven Courson

Going places, eyes wide open
Searching for a sign.
Life is lovely, life is simple
we just don't have the time.
Taking in your dreams is something
way to hard to find
When nothing's left,
you'll only have your mind.

Well I'm not
Covered in The misled logic,
that I'll never begin
to find...

Yesterday, I took the time
to see life just for what it is.
life is golden, should not be stolen
Just think of what we've missed.
Taking in your world is something
way to hard to find.
when nothing's left, you'll wish
you had more time.

Well I'm not
Covered in the misled logic
that I'll never begin to find out
that I'm ready for this life to start.

Please tell me you're ready
for this life.


Written By: Steven Courson

I don't know
Where to go
The stars are hidden by the clouds

So take my hand
I understand
and its overwhelming

I can see straight through
to get home to you
I look beyond the circus of lights
you can let me in and put life
behind my eyes

don't lag behind
your dreams are mine
so hold on tight and say

from where we are tonight
just playing with the light
wandering back and forth
until we ignite
Don't open up your eyes
and ruin our disguise
Our Dreams are here just waiting for us to collide
Right through to get home to you
I look beyond the circus of lights
you can let me in and put life behind my eyes



Demo 2004
1. Underground
2. Asleep and Dreaming
3. Forever With You
4. Follow You Again

All songs © 2004 Steven Courson

Creating Shadows EP 2005
1. Goodnight
2. Perfect World
3. Ready
4. Creating Shadows
5. Underground
6. Asleep and Dreaming

All songs © 2005 Steven Courson

Forever With You has recieved radio airplay on WXJM Harrisonburg, VA.
Underground and Asleep and Dreaming are currently featured on Ernie Ball's Battle of the Bands 9 Streaming Radio.

Set List

Typical Set List:
1. So Right
2. Follow You Again
3. Because
4. Asleep and Dreaming
5. Creating Shadows
6. Underground
7. Ready
8. Upside Down
9. January*
10. Nothing
11. Forever With You
12. Perfect World
13. A Fifth Above
music and words by Steven Courson
*music by Jon Lawlor words by Steven Courson

Typical set times can vary greatly from a short 20 minute show to a full length 90 minute concert depending on venue, type of show, and allotted time.

Some covers that may surface at a show include:
1. Piano Man by Billy Joel
2. Let It Be by The Beatles
3. Dream Lover Medly (a medly of cover songs based on the tune from "Dream Lover" by The Brother's Four)
4. The Warmth by Incubus