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Princess Ballerina

Written By: Steve Crutchfield

She's a princess ballerina and every time I see her I just have to smile a little

And whats really got me going, is just not knowing what's in store for her

More than I imagined....more than I could ever ask for...she's my princess ballerina

There's nothing like the feeling, it's almost like I'm dreaming, watching her just spin around

It just seems so effortless as I watch her grace the air that I'm breathing

So go ahead and dance your dance, the world is yours to see,
Remember to be yourself, and never let it slip away

Just One Touch

Written By: Steve Crutchfield

There’s something bout when You are near’s almost like a sanctuary
I can feel You all over me

I never know what’s coming’s almost like You’re beating in my chest...You’re in me


Just one touch...just one glimpse of You...can make it all go away
Just one moment...and I will never be the same again...never be the same

When i’m with You there’s nothing’s almost like I’m floating in the air...and time stands still

I’m to the place I want more of You...and I’ve just got to have You all to myself


Please don’t hide Your face from me...I want to be with You today

Christmas At Grandma's

Written By: Steve Crutchfield

Have you ever noticed how the clouds change when it gets cold
You can feel the difference with each breathe of air
And there’s nothing like the sunset on a crisp winter’s eve
As I watch the wind blow gently through your hair

But baby there’s just something more that life has given me
You can see it in the faith of a child
Or in a mother as she holds her newborn safely in her arms
In my life I hope I don’t forget the simple things


Like Christmas at grandma’s before we got too old
Reading Christmas stories sitting round the fire
Gathering fire wood from the front yard before it gets too cold
Singing carols round the piano one more time
In my life I hope I don’t forget the simple things


There’s just something bout the smell of that old sweet potato pie
The eggnog in the fridge will do just fine
If your cold just grab the afghan from the back of that old chair
I’ll get some wassle from the stove and meet you there

As we’re talking in the room, just sharing about life
Someone that’s watching the clock shouts “Christmas Eve Gift”
And as we all wish it would have been us and give the winner a hard time
Across the can see the look in grandma’s eyes.

I Want You To Know

Written By: Steve Crutchfield

I never dreamed that a girl like you would ever fall for me, but I'm glad you did it

Every minute of every day a thought crosses my mind, that's got you in it

Cause you're the only girl that makes me loose my mind and I, can't explain it

And the love that's growing deep inside for you girl, I can't contain it


Every time we touch it makes me smile and I'll never quite forget the first time I looked in your eyes and everyday I thank the Lord that you are mine and I want you to know I love you more, than words could ever show


As we go on day to day I guess you figured out I'm not quite perfect

But on each and every quirk girl you can rest assured, I'm still working

I would never do or say anything to intentionally hurt you

And I apologize in advance for the days when, my mind deserts me


If a pictures worth a thousand words I guess I'll paint the sky

To show you all the thoughts I have for you

And I know lately times been hard, but I can promise you

With God's help we're gonna make it through