Steve Cuch

Steve Cuch


At just 23 years old, Steve is already an accomplished performer in his own right, having shared the stage with Winnipeg singer-songwriter Greg Macpherson and Halifax rockers, Sloan.


Following the success of his debut album, A Step Away From Comfort, Steve Cuch set out to write a new batch of songs which would serve as the pre-cursor to his next full length, due out early next year on Barcode Records. Locking himself into a room, armed with nothing but his acoustic guitar, a pencil and a pad of paper, Steve spent the better part of two months isolated from the world, hashing away at what would eventually become The Acoustic EP.

Returning to Easter Island Studios to work with long-time producer and engineer Billy Bruhmuller, Steve spent four days and nights in March of 2005 recording the EP. Doing away with fancy studio tricks and glossy production, the music on The Acoustic EP is intimate and pure, most accurately capturing the intensity of a live performance.

Although sparse in instrumentation, the seven songs written for The Acoustic EP are brutally honest and heartfelt, relying solely on unadulterated emotion. Accompanied only by an elegantly strummed guitar and a soul-soaked harmonica, Steve draws inspiration from the people and places around him, finding beauty in the ordinary and singing every word as though it were his last.

At just 23 years old, Steve is already an accomplished performer in his own right, having shared the stage with Winnipeg singer-songwriter Greg Macpherson and Halifax rockers, Sloan. But that's not to say it ends there, as Steve is already hard at work in support of his latest endeavour. Only time will tell what the coming months have in store for this up-and-coming musician, but we're betting it'll be good!

The Acoustic EP hits close to home on May 3rd, 2005.



Written By: Steve Cuch


A small town, a small blanket for comfort, for security.
Rumors fill the air, your lines they’re running thin
As they utter from your mouth
You’re a condescending bread.

My life has been exposed
Far too many times
My secrets kept by few
My life is an open discussion

Go ahead and feed,
If your hungry
Take all you can eat
Fill your, selfish empty needs and move on.

To your next prey, your next victim
As you eye them out
In attempt to build yourself by cutting them down
You point your finger, with hungry eyes
With words spilling straight from your mouth

"she’s having his baby"
"he gets his money from drugs"
"they have no friends"
"she has no father, he’s been long gone for years now"

"pass it on, pass it on, pass it on"

These words that you spread, to keep the noise from being about you.

"pass it on, pass it on."

Our Lives

Written By: Steve Cuch

Our lives…

Well the season must be changing
I can feel it in my cough
As we shed away the winter
And hang up all our coats
Theirs people all emerging
As I walk these city streets
Their sits an old man on the corner
With an open hand, in search for something to eat

Our lives go on like a freight train
Our lives go on, and without ever really knowing
Where we’re going to, we do, our lives

Got my bags all packed, I’m leaving
Cause it seems the lease is done
Seems when the last box gets emptied
It’s time to fill a new one
I’ve grown accustom to new surroundings
Each new room I claim in time
But my bed it never changes
As I rest my head and breathe the night

As I wake up in the morning
To my alarm and it’s screaming sound
I want an overhead shot picture
To watch the ants all scramble out
We’re all working for the weekend
As we grind this 9 to 5
We’re all living for a paycheck
As they pay us for our time

Another Sad Song

Written By: Steve Cuch

Another sad song…

My father asked me, "son are you troubled, what is wrong"?
"You seem sad, in lyric and in song"
I smiled into the receiver and replied, no no no,
Theirs really nothing wrong
It seems I can’t help but sing about
Hardships and comfort felt
I guess it helps keep my feet on the ground
So I sat down and wrote this song.

Living out, another feeling finds it’s home on a page
As it takes its place in a key you’ve heard now for too long
The common sound of another sad song
That I wrote in a simple vow
For the broken hearts o sing along …na na na

With all our thoughts rushing forefront
As we fight them down, try not to think out load
And proceed with happy faces
Show me a flawless life, a soul that’s never met pain
Without blame, behold your endless journey
As I weed out this heavy heart,
Through a crowd of somber sounds
Know that I haven’t lost my smile.


The Acoustic EP - Barcode Records 2005 (EP)

A Step Away From Comfort - Barcode Records 2004 (LP)
-Songs have been getting some airplay on local radio stations.
-charted in the Top 30 on Lethbridge, Alberta's CKXU and Antigonish, Nova Scotia's CFXU

Set List

All songs listed below are original...

1. Somewhat of a Compilation
2. One Week
3. Swings and Ladders
4. Lavender
5. To Your Back, Still Walking
6. Memories, Changes and Carboard Frames
7. Self-portrait
8. Comfort When I Sleep
9. Mouth Paralyzed
10. Little Bits of Simple
11. The Art of Venting
12. Collage
13. Angel So Small
14. Cold Calling
15. Rumors
16. Thursday and Everything After
17. Another Sad Song
18. Our Lives
19. Past To Present
20. Fuel the Fire
21. A Thought...