Steve Da M.L.B

Steve Da M.L.B

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The King Of Club and Dance Songs As Well As A Lyrical Genius!!! Steve Da M.L.B is Sure To Get The Crowd Moving And On Their Feet!!!! GUARANTEED ENERGY!!!


This underground Ceo/Rapper/Producer is sure to leave a mark in your musical heart with his unique style. He presents with the swag of Lil Wayne, energy of Lil Scrappy, Gangsta attitude of The Game, and hustler's ambition of Diddy. His music will remind you of "bay area" meets "dirty south", and is sure to have you throwing your hands up rocking to the beat. Steven Johnson Jr BKA Steve Da M.L.B was introduced to music by his father Steven Sr. a part time DJ, in Lexington, KY. By the time he reached elementary school Steve could no longer deny his musical calling and began to display his talents in the school's talent shows. When Steve reached the 4th grade he was in a new city, with a new sound, and a new found love for the underground rap scene. In 2000 he decided to seriously pursue his rap career and became Steve "Da M.L.B" which stands for Major League Boss; since "becoming" Steve Da M.L.B he has performed at several talent shows, completed countless mix tapes, and had guest spots on several local projects. Steve is currently working on his 1st solo project while shopping for a deal with a major record label, and also building his rap empire with an independent underground record label "M.L.B Records". With his swag, energy, talent, drive, attitude, and artistic views Steve Da M.L.B is sure to leave a lasting impression on the music industry!


Beat It From Da Back - Single (2010)
Major League - Ep (2010)

Set List

Artist Must Be Compensated as well as have travel and stay accommodations! He also must have a 5 person guest list at any and all venues and VIP access as well.

Favorite Liquor to drink is Hennessy,Ciroc, and Grey Goose.