Steve Davis/ Blue Sage

Steve Davis/ Blue Sage

 Saint Francis, Minnesota, USA


Blue Sage features acclaimed singer songwriter Steve Davis. An indie artist that has been writing, recording and performing in the Twin Cities area for more than ten years.

Steve brings you great rock songs with lyrics that you can really relate to and that make you think and feel inside, brought forth with great vocals and killer guitar. He says this about his music "If you really listen to each song, alot of them you will see a constant search inside the lyrics that pushes me to a spiritual side, which to me is our real self."

Don Powell, former manager of Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, The Boys Club and The Jets, commented on the qualitites of Steve and his music: "Steve's songs have the unique quality of combining pleasing melodies with strong lyrics. His voice has the subtle sound of many popular singers such as Bryan Adams, Don Henley, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne and The Eagles."

Review sent from a fan after hearing the song 'Into The Night'.
Bob Dylan's illegitimate son? Damn this singer sounds like a young Dylan, but with melody. I like it alot. I swear If Bob were born in the 80's he would be doing this stuff. I'm impressed. Nice pulls on the lead guitar during the transition solo's. The lead guitar here rocks.... I want to hear more of what you guys do.
East Peoria, Illinois