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Look to the Sky

Written By: Steve Donahue and Louie Cate

Look to the Sky

A piece of me's gone missing
The empty house feels all wrong
My life crashed down around me
When I found out you were gone

It seems like only yesterday
Your laughter filled my heart
Someday I'll see you again
Only time keeps us apart

There are times when losing you
Tears me up inside
And I only feel better
when I lift my face to the sky

I swear I hear your voice in the air
Your scent is on the breeze
and I can handle the world again
'cause you're watching over me

There are times I don't understand
How you gotta see to believe
Cause I know when I look to the sky
My faith is in the feeling

I can feel you all around me
I can feel your love in my soul
when I miss you I look to the sky
and I know you found your way home

There's a love light shining
that cannot die
it's renewed each time
I look to the sky

And though we might wander
God is never far away
that's why I turn to the sky
every day

You don't have to walk on water
to know life's no dead end street
when I reach the end of my road
there'll be someone waiting for me

There are times I want to question
times I want to scream why
but when my doubts overwhelm me
I turn my face to the sky
Yeah when my doubts overwhelm me
I look to the sky