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Pay Me In Silver And Gold

Written By: Steve Dore

Pay Me In Silver and Gold

Well here it is tomorrow, and all I've got to show,
Is some old ideas, that don't work so well anymore,
I've been savin' up all my money,
In my company's retirement plan,
But today, the company's shit, hit the fan

They called me on my cell phone,
They said, "Good mornin', Mr. Jones",
We're sorry to say, your retirement pay is all gone,
You see, business is not as usual,
And the company's been runnin' blind,
Default and bankruptcy, are next in line

Let it go on the record, let's settle this today,
You can't live on a promise, when you get old,
All that I'm sayin', is the next time you're payin',
Just pay me in Silver and Gold

Well speaking of our security, in the form of a government check,
Seems all bets are off, with what might be coming next,
Just the same as with my company,
If I believe everything they say,
I might end up real sorry, on payment day

You can't eat the metal, but it's easy to make an exchange,
Anywhere in the whole wide world,
The value stays the same...

Life Keeps Rollin' Along

Written By: Steve Dore

Life Keeps Rollin’ Along

Kinda funny, how life goes on,
One new beginning, and an old dream gone,
Standing together, helps us stay strong,
As life keeps rollin’ along

I know it hurts to let that dream go,
But there’s on that’s better, ahead I know,
If you follow your heart, you can’t go wrong,
As life keep rolling’ along

Life keeps rollin’, life keeps rollin’
Life keeps rollin’ along

We’ve got the memories of what has been,
So many moments of way back when,
We can remember in words of a song,
How life keeps rolling along


We must remember, each day is a new start,
Your life is a treasure, an affair of the heart

Contemporary Solution

Written By: Steve Dore

Contemporary Solution hi - 2.4meg; low - 1.2 meg

Contemporary Solution

I’m gonna start my own hedonic index,
I can change it any time I need,
If something isn’t good, I’ll just adjust it,
And hide the truth so I won’t have to see,
If my bills are bigger than my wallet,
It’s really not gonna be, a big deal to me,
I’ll just have to raise my borrow limit,
To get whatever funds it is I need

Seems to work real well for politicians,
They say inflation rates are nice and low,
At least that’s what they tell us with their figures,
Not many seem to see the truth that shows
If it works so well for them, I know I’m ready,
To have my own lies work this way for me,
Why suffer with the real facts of the matter,
When cover ups can somehow set me free

The contemporary solution,
Is to fudge right over the mess,
Where we are tomorrow, is anybody’s guess,
The contemporary solution, is to push it all away,
On the next generations, we’ll just make them pay

Never once in all recorded history,
Has a a government succeeded long this way,
Only when they’re blowing up the bubbles,
Do people feel that everything's okay,
Then finally when that pay off day approaches,
Oops, there’s no more money in the til,
People start to see there is a big problem,
The smart ones grab the gold and run for the hills

Hope For America

Written By: Steve Dore

Hope For America

There’s a great man we can count on,
Who stands far above the crowd,
Leading the cause for freedom,
We have someone on our side now

We the people, are ready,
With our backs up against the wall,
In this time of great trouble,
Our nation really needs Ron Paul

He’s... hope for America

Anytime you’re ready,
To lend a helping hand,
We can make a real difference here,
And truly save this land

Our country is in great danger,
Our forefathers warned us all,
Now if we are to save our republic
We're really gonna need, Ron Paul

Please join in what he stands for,
Every day we need him more

Choose Liberty

Written By: Steve Dore

Choose Liberty

Real excitement in the air,
People talking everywhere,
About the good news, spreading all around

Young and old are hand in hand,
For Truth and Freedom across this land,
Together, we stand on common ground

The constitution as our guide,
You’ll never find Ron Paul to hide,
With rhetoric, lies or false concerns

The truth he speaks, is in our hearts,
As patriots, we know the parts,
To play, for which all good people yearn

  We will decide, which life we do create,
  To be free, or be a slave unto the state,
  There’s not much time, we’re already late
  A real choice must be made... I will,

    Choose liberty, choose, liberty, choose liberty,
    If you don't use it, you're gonna lose it, 
    Choose liberty today

A true statesman, and great man,
Ron Paul has got the plan,
To take back, this land of the free

Millions of us, and growing fast,
The time for change has come at last,
We’ll never, surrender our liberty 

Every thing's gonna change around us now,
We must decide what our future’s about