Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker

Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker


Passionate, all original, truckstop, jukebox, beer-swillin', Rockin' Country Blues songs about smoky dance-halls, 18-wheelers, burnin' love, and broken hearts


On their debut CD, Straight Up, Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker charmed fans and critics with their soulful harmonies and original, high-octane Rockin' Country Blues.

Their songs and exciting Texas/Americana sound have found their way onto the big screen, with 9 of their tunes in 3 feature films (3 in Malcolm McDowell's 'The Barber', and 3 in the independent feature, 'Little Boy Blues', and 3 in 2005's 'Rapid Fire').

Another song,''Tumblin' Down', also from Straight Up, now has its own Country Line Dance, choreographed by Michele Perron, and taught internationally (Canada, U.S., U.K. Australia).

On their upcoming disc, currently in the works, fans will be treated to another great collection of heartbreakers and barn burners worth writin' home about!

In the Beginning . . .

When they first met in 1993, Steve and Lucie had a feeling they already knew each other. When they first sang together, they couldn't get over how easy and natural it was.

Both songwriters, they understood each other's music, and found their harmonies quickly. Mostly, this just stayed in the living room, and it wasn't until the Fall of '99 that they decided to perform together regularly, touring Canada and opening for country star, Terri Clark.

Currently . . .

They've since wowed audiences at all sorts of gigs from coffee houses to concert halls with the highly charged performances they've become known for.

With a fan-base growing exponentially by word-of-mouth alone, these independent artists are prime examples of grassroots success based on good old fashioned talent, and outstanding, radio-friendly songs.

Catch this duo liveā€¦ you'll become a believer!


Take It As It Comes

Written By: Steve Elliott

There's a redneck ball at the veterans' hall
And the telephone spreads the news
The country folk get together at night
It's a cure for the summertime blues
Everybody here knows everybody's car
It's a big city night in a small town bar
And everybody's rockin' to the steel guitar
And they just take it as it comes

Now ol' Brother Bill, he's been comin' here for years
With the same old redneck views
The same suit of clothes and the same sweet woman
That he's had since World War 2
They're still comin' down with that dancin' bug
Them two-steppin' fools they can still cut a rug
And they're still caught up in that same ol' love
And they just take it as it comes

You gotta hand it to the boys in the band
Everybody's rockin', everybody's dancin'
Working all week on another "make hay day"
Living for the weekend, waitin' on a payday
Every little girl wants a boy to dance with
Every country boy wants to take that chance
Cause everybody wants a little sweet romance
And they just take it as it comes

Now the Lord looked down on this country girl
And said, "Sweetie gonna fill your cup"
I'm gonna send you a fella with a true-blue heart
And you'd better not screw it up
He's got the look, Baby, he's got the swing
He's got the style, he's got every little thing
And you never can tell what the night is gonna bring
So you just take it as it comes

It's Everything To Me

Written By: Steve Elliott

It's everything to me, just to be with you
Everytime I try, everytime I win, Honey
Even when I lose
Lord, I need a little lovin'
I need a little hope to get me through
It's everything to me, just to be with you

I'd be all right
Or so it seems
I still got heart, I still got soul
I still got dreams
But it's make believe
Honey it just ain't right, it just ain't true
It's everything to me, just to be with you

Spendin' take-home pay
Eatin' take-out food
Spendin' lonely nights by the telephone
Tryin' to hear from you
Ah, but it just goes on and on and on
And I can't keep from feelin' blue
It's everything to me, Darling, just to be with you

The Truth Is In Your Eyes

Written By: Steve Elliott

Hold me closer, say you love me
Let me dream a little while
Let's pretend for this one moment
I am yours and you are mine
And when you're lost in mixed emotions
And you're tangled up inside
Ain't no use pretending
Because the truth is in your eyes

If I've been dreaming, please don't wake me
If it's real, don't change a thing
By the time you turned and walked away
You were my everything
They say I'm better off to have loved and lost
I now believe that it's a lie
Ain't no use pretending
Because the truth is in your eyes

I love you, I want you, I'm seeing your face in my dreams
I need you so badly, I'm falling apart at the seams
yeah yeah yeah

Breathe me deeply, sip me slowly
Let me fill your lovin' cup
Wake me gently, cause I've been dreaming
About your sweet smile, and makin' love
Don't forget me, don't regret me
Just don't expect me not to cry
Ain't no use pretending
Because the truth is in your eyes

I might be laughing on the outside
But on the inside I could die
Ain=t no use pretending
Because the truth is in your eyes


cd: Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker - Straight Up
Currently recording second cd

Set List

We perform a full evening of all original material
4 40 minute sets of high energy country rockers, swing/mor, country and blues ballads, and 'blues'grass