Steve Equi

Steve Equi


Heartfelt rock music with clever, insightful lyrics that aren't afraid to be funny. The influences are varied but the music remains in the genre of rock...from Tom Petty to Lyle Lovett to Elvis Costello.


Steve Equi - Singer/Songwriter

More songwriter than singer, more arranger than engineer, more creativity than business sense. The songs, when broken down, are basically rock songs with whatever musical influence that happens to be going through Steve's head thrown in for good measure. Main influences can be narrowed down to Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Lyle Lovett, Nick Drake and Randy Newman. (In no particular order) The lyrics are honest yet they take a sideways approach to most situations and often times can be funny while being surprisingly direct.
Working out of his home studio paired with not wanting to rely on the torturously warped schedules of many musicians, Steve often ends up playing all the instruments and engineering the music himself. "It's rewarding and frustrating...if it sucks I've got no one to blame but myself..."



Written By: Steve Equi

My baby got a Phatback, and I like that
I can give it just a little slap.
It's not a bad rap, just a plain fact that I think you ought to know
But here's the best part, she got a big heart to match her Phatback and that's a good, good, good, start.

I don't care about a big rack, or a quick snack...I love you like a junky loves crack.
I've got a plan made for another day and it's a pretty long way away...
But everything is okay, she got some long legs, we're on the fast track and that's a good, good, good start.

Bridge: She's so P-H-A-T (2x)
My baby she's all that...
Plus a sandwich and some chips on the side...

(repeat 1st verse)

Tag: It's a good, good, good start

Greeting Card

Written By: Steve Equi

You're staring me down, like a dog in a cage.
You make me cry, fill me with rage
At my intentions, which never were clear, because I did nothing...
You're still here.

We should be over, we should be through.
I could be a nice guy, instead of the fool. With nothing to say, but feeble excuse, because I did nothing...
You're still here.

Bridge: I want to call, but that won't solve my situation...
It's all my fault, and it's the start of my frustration...You're still here.

You should've known how I really feel. It would have been clearer
if it was signed, sealed, signed, sealed and delivered.


EP: Steve Equi "In or Out"
Available at CD BABY

Set List

Anywhere from 9 to 16 songs...depends on the slot I'm given.
I can easily do anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. (Original Material)
My songs average 3 1/2 to 4 minutes in length.
I usually throw in a cover song that I've tweaked in some way but is recognizable. Songs I've covered...
Elvis Costello - "Radio, Radio"
XTC - "Mayor of Simpleton"
Randy Newman - "Short People"
Wang Chung - "Dance Hall Days"
Jimi Hendrix - "Bold as Love"