Steve Erwin

Steve Erwin


With a nearly operatic voice and stunningly artful songs, Steve Erwin has somehow managed to fly beneath the radar of the folks who hand out awards. Despite this he has quietly influenced many D.C. songwriters. Unable to write in just one genre, his music is a mixture of jazz, r&b , folk and pop.


I made my professional debut in 1974 at the Helm in Annapolis, and quickly began playing music for a living in Annapolis and D.C. Two years later I moved to Chicago to explore the growing singer-songwriter scene taking place there and played for a five year period before returning to the D.C. area. At that point I began leading the Steve Erwin Band working with top jazz musicians such as John Previti, Harold Howland and the legendary Danny Gatton. I recorded my CD, Was It Like This with these gentlemen in December of “88 and it was released to critical acclaim. During this time I gave three notable concerts. The two Sychronicity concerts in D.C. and the Concert at the Hall of Mirrors at Glen Echo in Maryland. Also at this time I began hosting the open mike at Gallagher’s Pub in 1987 taking over the reins from recording star, Mary Chapin Carpenter. This was the most sucessful open mike in D.C. during the 5 years I ran it with both the Washington Post and Washington Times writing articles about it and my role as host. In May of 2000, I travelled to Vienna, Austria to give a concert at the ORF RadioCafé. In 2001 I took time off from performing to pursue a career in buying and selling rare books but took up performing again with my move to Eastport, Maine in the summer of 2007. Since moving to Maine in 2007 I have been performing at clubs in the New England area, specifically The Rose Garden in Eastport, Maine, Calypso in Ellsworth, Maine, Kennedy’s Midtown in Boston, and Husson College in Bangor.


Sweet Boy

Written By: Steve Erwin

Look at your sweet boy,
The one with the good intentions.
Walk a mile for him
And slide down that face full of love.
Sweet boy, he’s always there to listen.
Sweet boy, he’s just what you’ve been missing.
He says- I love your body, I love your mind.
Could anyone else ever be this kind?
He says- I love your body, I love your mind.
Who else could be this kind?
Odds on your sweet boy, he’s a rock of Gibralter.
Lean hard on him, he just wants to pull you through.
Sweet boy, he knows when you’ve been sleeping.
Sweet boy, he knows when you’re awake.
Hold tight to your sweet boy, he’s real close to manhood.
Try to understand, boys like him don’t grow on trees.
Sweet boy, he’ll never deceive you,
Sweet boy, he’ll never ever leave you.
He says- I love your body, I love your mind.
Could anyone else ever be this kind?
He says- I love your body, I love your mind.
Sweet boys,
They're always there to listen.
Sweet boys,
They're just what you've been missing.
Sweet boys,
They know when you've been sleeping.
Sweet boys,
They know when you're awake.
Sweet boys,
They'll never deceive you.
Sweet boys,
They'll never ever leave you.

Walkin This Road

Written By: Steve Erwin

I'm walkin this road, it's a lonesome road.
I'm walking this road, it's a righteous road.
And this road is sober and this road is straight
But my mood is ugly as I walk this road.
I'm walking this road as I walk this road.
I cried, sleep awake me but my dreams were the same.
I cried for love to take me
I cried for some one to blame.
I cried for peace and quiet for a passage of time.
Or else reincarnate me but give me someone else's mind.
I know I need religion like a hole in the head.
With no drugs and no religion am I better off dead?
I see boys and girls with secrets
I see boys and girls in pairs.
Must be a turn I should have taken
I got screwed up somewhere.
Thanks for the coffee and thanks for the time.
You didn't make me happy but thanks for trying.
Life may well be sacred but it's a heavy load.
And this never knowing makes a weary road.

In Fall

Written By: Steve Erwin

In Fall, only in Fall
When all of memory's recalled.
You're sad and you never know why.
Each and every breeze can send up a sigh.
And in the moment it seems like it never has been.
In the daylight, you look like that same old friend.
Will we remember when,
It was like this my friend?
No, never again.
Old loves write kind reviews of all that you didn't do.
They say come home all that's broken can mend.
But then they fade like the treeline's end.
And in the moment it feels like it never has been.
In the daylight, you look like that same old friend.
Will we remember when,
It was like this my friend?
No, never again.
Some day when we're old and gray.
We'll laugh about these days.
And we will think how the years have flown.
And we will love this sad old song.
Or will we wake up to find out it never has been?
In the daylight, in the moonlight we're strangers again.
Will we remember when?
Was it like this, my friend?
No, never again.

Born A Tourist

Written By: Steve Erwin

I'm sleeping on the last seat
Of the last train, going backwards
And watch as it railroads my life.
Dreaming about buried talent
Oh me, oh my.
Well lazy is, as lazy do so please make up my mind.
Am I saving my best for eternal rest
Asleep before my time?
Or is it just a question of who works
And who likes to dream?
Who've found their mission in horizontal position
The perfect American dream.
Born dirt poor and Southern.
This year I'm of Irish descent.
Spent half of my life with Indian blood.
But no one believed my pigment.
Life's so hard when you're born a tourist
Cause no one speaks English these days.
I came into this Earth in a Hawaaian shirt.
And I'll probably leave that way.


Unreleased Tape -1980 Produced by Gregg Karukas with Gregg on keyboards, Michael Manring on bass, Jerry Kunkel on guitar and Shannon Ford on drums. Notable for a slow version of Steve's song, "Born A Tourist" which was rerecorded for the following:
"Was It Like This"-CD released in 1997. Re-released in 2007 with 4 bonus tracks recorded live in Vienna, Austria at the ORF Radio Café. The original recording was with the legendary Danny Gatton who provides all lead guitar on the project. Also featuring two of the best jazz musicians on the East Coast, John Previti on bass and Harold Howland on drums. Almost all tracks have had airplay at one time or another.

Set List

I have 4 sets of 45 minutes long. I do covers by Tom Waits, Willis Alan Ramsey, Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams, Rodney Crowell, George Gershwin,Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan. About 90% is original.