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Just wanted to write a quick note to say "thanks" to those of you who heard me play at the Tech Brewery's Beer:30 mixer today (or, as I write this at 2am, I guess it's yesterday).

Being a former computer programmer, I always enjoy playing for tech people like yourselves. Thanks for listening.

- Steve -

"Thanks, Small's!"

Just wanted to say a quick "thank you" to Small's bar, Like a Storm and The Romeo Flynns.

It was great playing with all of you folks. I was honored to be on a bill with such excellent bands.

- Steve -


Believe Me (single) - iTunes, Amazon, YouTube
The Steve Fentriss EP - iTunes, Amazon, YouTube
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Ex computer programmer Steve Fentriss used to spend his days coding HTML and Javascript.

But with a little courage and a lot of practice, his life changed forever. In early 2012, Steve quit his job and picked up the electric guitar.

"I had been on stage before, but this was different. I wanted to play and sing my own songs," says the now 26 year old Fentriss.

After a few months of songwriting, Steve had lined up his first gig in Ypsilanti, MI. The gig, booked solid with a written contract, called for a full band.

But Steve didn’t have one.

Rushing to meet his deadline, Fentriss called on Ann Arbor keyboardist Glenn Tucker. After a few weeks of hard work, Glenn had arranged an entire book of Steve's original tunes to be performed by a full rock group.

With Fentriss' electric guitar playing and rich voice, plus Tucker's masterful work on Hammond B3 organ, the group was off to a good start, but still lacked a drummer.

After several phone calls, Steve was able to recruit Griffin Bastian (Macpodz, The Hounds Below) on the drum kit. The trio was complete and ready to rock.

After a few successful live performances, Steve's group was ready to record. Ayrik Wojahn at Solid Sound Recording had heard of Fentriss' group, and asked to hear some of the tunes.

Wojahn agreed to record the group, and everything fell into place. The group's first single is in its final mixing phases at the time of this writing.

To tide fans over, though, Steve has released a four-song album titled "The Steve Fentriss EP." Having no band at the time of its recording, Fentriss recorded all of the instrument parts on the EP himself.

Steve's EP is available on his website,, as well as other MP3 stores like Amazon and iTunes.