Steve G.

Steve G.

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

His real first name,first initial of his last.Don’t expect to hear any dope selling,pimping,or gun slinging,however expect to hear metaphors for all of the above bafoonery.Sharp lyricism,hard ass beats,and a sound reminiscent to Castlevania mixed with Nottz,he stands alone,and he’s fine with it.


Steve G., the prolific rhyme writer, has been exposed to music of all kinds, performing w/ a wide range of acts. From reggae/ska, to rock rap, to hip-hop, he has been doing live shows, rocking crowds since the tender age of 15. Steve G.’s influences are reflected in the various references included in his rhymes: athletes, comedians, politicians, activists, to numerous artists of sorts. Because of their greatness Steve G. strives to be named among those who he admires, by bringing fire to his notepad.


Land of the Lakes (mixtape) - Great Lakes Crew
One Gig Kid (album)