Steve "Garth" Hillis

Steve "Garth" Hillis


If you are looking for an energetic, lively country rock show, then look no more! Steve Hillis delivers the goods as country superstar 'Garth Brooks'! The look, the stance, the hits, & of course, the voice. Get ready for a show you'll not soon forget!


Being a career musician, I found it helpful to be as versatile as possible. For a number of years, I was guitarist & back-up vocalist for a rock band. Then I became guitarist & band leader for an Elvis tribute. I found I could do even more, & discovered that a Garth tribute was a good fit for me. Soon, I was travelling all over North America doing shows in theatres, casinos, cruise ships & more! I gig all year 'round, often as a 'Garth' tribute, other times doing rock & RnB covers. Whichever the case, its been a great ride & I look forward more great things to come!


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Set List

You can expect to hear the likes of The Dance, Callin' Baton Rouge, Friends in Low Places, Standing Outside the Fire, Aint Goin' Down (Til the Sun Comes Up), If Tomorrow Never Comes, The Thunder Rolls, The River, Rodeo, Wrapped Up in You, & many more mega hits. Set lengths can be tailored by the venue.