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The best kept secret in music


"Bands to bring spirit to downtown square"

Article published Nov 11, 2005
Bands to bring spirit to downtown square
Local Christian acts to take the stage Saturday afternoon

There's going to be a free-for-all on Saturday on the Downtown Square, both literally and figuratively. Local musicians will gather on the square for seven hours of Contemporary Christian Music. The program begins at 3 p.m. and will feature a number of local bands, including the headliner, Stronghold 18:2, who will take the stage around 8 p.m.

Other acts set to perform include the Steve Germany Band, Abraham's Plea, Brian Hogan of "Silence Falls," CIP, First Assembly Band and Verity among others.

"We've done things like this before," said Dan Curington, who helped organize the event. "This is going to be a lot of fun. We've got so many talented performers in this area and the list of performers keeps getting longer. These are young people who really have something to say to their peers. I'm inspired by their talent and dedication."

Stronghold 18:2 got its start four years ago at the Central Christian Church in Ocala. Over the years, half of the six members have moved on to college, but the band remains still very much intact. Three of the musicians are still in high school, including Forest High seniors Brad Connolley (bass) and Josh Mader (drums), and Vanguard senior Trevor Curington (rhythm guitar).

"We started off just playing together and it's grown since then," Trevor Curington said. "It's kind of taken on a life of its own. We've been able to play our music and get out our message at the same time."

The band, which recently released its second CD "Actuate," took its name from Psalms, Chapter 18, Verse 2 in which David speaks of God as his "stronghold."

The group, which has a Web site, has played more than 100 concerts, mostly across, but not confined to, Florida.

"We've traveled to North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee," Trevor Curington said. "We've been all over. It's been a great experience. Most of our music is upbeat, but we'll get a little serious once in a while. We try to reach people and maybe change some hearts."

The band also includes Daniel DeLoach, Joey Mader and lead singer Josh Wright.

"It's always good to get our message across," said Wright, a junior at Florida Christian College in Kissimmee. "This has been a very special experience. I always welcome the chance to work with and meet new people. And this is a chance to do that."

David Germany, who hits the stage around 7 p.m., heads up a seven-man band that bears his name. He's been playing music since he was a middle school student in Chiefland and performing since he was in high school. He attended Central Florida Community College and now, at age 22, teaches music at First Baptist Church in Ocala.

"We play acoustic rock," Germany said of his band. "It sometimes reminds people of John Mayer or Dave Matthews. "The songs are all positive. They may not all be 'gospel' songs, but we try to reflect our faith. We'll sing about love and break-ups, but it's all tempered by our faith."

Germany plays acoustic guitar and wrote all of the music his band will be performing on Saturday. Like Stronghold 18:2, Germany's Web site is

Germany is looking forward to taking the stage, but he's just as excited about taking in a full day of music.

"I've heard a lot of the other bands," he said. "There are some talented musicians. In fact, one of our guitarists, Joey Mader, is also in Stronghold. So, he's going to have a pretty busy day."
- Ocala Star Banner

"Acoustic Sounds of Steven Germany Mesmerize Audiences"

As you walk in, the room is calm, quiet whispers can be heard from all corners and the lights are dimmed. Although the mood is somber, it isn’t long before Steven Germany’s smile and positive energy livens things up.
Germany’s music is acoustic driven, upbeat, happy music. Sometimes he is accompanied by a band. However, most of the time it is just him and his guitar. “Having a band adds excitement, but there is something about the intimacy of a solo acoustic performance that I love,” Germany said.
The musician just loves performing for an audience. His favorite thing is when people in the audience sing along to his songs.
Germany has been playing for about seven years. His friends motivated him to give the guitar a try when he was in high school.
Once he improved he started leading worship at churches, performing at Café on the Rock and other small venues and playing at restaurants.
“Steve’s music makes you want to roll down your car windows and drive forever,” sophomore Amanda Walter said. “His lyrics are mellow but make you think.”
Walter is an English major at CFCC who met Germany through a mutual friend. She first heard Germany sing in the car to a song on the radio.
It was then that she knew Germany’s voice was something unique and special. After that she couldn’t wait to hear him perform his own music.
Germany’s music has the power to take his audience in.
“You get mesmerized,” Walter said. He does this not only through his corky personality, but great lyrical content.
“I want to be the kind of lyricist that other writers say, “I wish I had written that song,”” Germany said.
Germany’s experiences serve as the source for his genuine lyrics. “I love the fact that he [Germany] wrote everything he plays. You can really tell what he’s going through because it comes out in his music,” Walter said. Germany finds his inspiration from life experiences including friends, love and his relationship with God.
Germany also finds inspiration from his musical idols. Glen Phillips is his all-time favorite songwriter, but Dave Matthews, Alison Krauss, Union Station and Andrew Peterson are among his favorites.
You can learn more about Germany and his music through his web site There you can get a list of concert dates, email him, or purchase his CD. For only $5 you can get a copy of his CD and judge his music for yourself. He is also a myspace member at

Ms. LaSelva is an editor for the Patriot Press, CFCC's Campus newspaper.
- By: Danielle LaSelva

"Soundbites: A Peculiar Kind of Clarity"

A Peculiar Kind of Clarity – Steve Germany (Independent)
With a sound comparable to Dave Matthews or John Mayer, newcomer and Florida native, Steve Germany, introduces an eclectic album full of themes of hope, despair, love, and loss. “Down The Road,” a song about a prodigal son returning home, is an acoustic-folk ballad carried along by a marching snare drum. “Under The Rug” is a beautifully crafted acoustic contemplation on the doubts, failures, and temptations to live in the gray areas of life that one tries to keep hidden from the world and from God. “The Valley” is a pensive hymn about the times when one is at his lowest point but can see the needs that “the risen Lord” meets: “Light in my darkness, strength in my weakness, life in my death, joy in my sorrow, wealth in my poverty.” “Reverie” and “Cope,” are among the most unique sounds on the album. The former shows Germany’s influences from Dave Matthews and John Mayer most vividly and describes frustration in a relationship. The latter is a dark bossa nova full of strings and piano, which play a part to paint a devastating picture of abuse. For a newcomer, Germany has a well-crafted songwriting ability that enables him to produce varying sounds from song to song that reflect his variable musical influences.

Lance T. Beauchamp - The Witness

"The Phantom Tollbooth"

A Peculiar Kind of Clarity
Artist: Steve Germany
Label: Independent
Length: 12/52:47
Steve Germany bills himself as an artist who has groove-based songs a la Dave Matthews with the harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel. After listening to A Peculiar Kind of Clarity several times, I'd have to say he overshoots just a bit.

This is not to say, however, that this a bad record. Quite the contrary. "Ahab" blends David Crowder vocals with a Huddle soundtrack. "Moment" comes across as an acoustic version of Bleu, a Boston-based powerhouse vocalist. Germany's guitar work is adequate to occasionally outstanding, and is at his best when performing acoustic, singer/songwriter type numbers such as "Reverie," my favorite song on the disc.

"Cope" strikes the listener as a mournful piece, dealing with fear and abuse, and "Waiting" reveals the skeletons in one's closet. A Peculiar Kind of Clarity is open, sometimes disturbing, and can be uncomfortable in the vulnerability of its subjects. Germany shows some promise as a songwriter and guitarist.

Brian A. Smith
24 July 2005

Three out of Five Clocks - Brian A. Smith


A Peculiar Kind of Clarity


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Steve Germany Band

The SGB is an exciting new band from central Florida. The veterans of several different area bands, they are an experienced and unique band that presents and exciting and unique sound.

Drawing upon widely varying musical styles, the Steve Germany Band forges its own unique blend of pop, rock, blues, and acoustic music. Shawn Douglas (drums) and Mike Whitaker (mandolin) are both founding members of the World-touring hardcore band, Seventh Star. Joe Weaver (bass guitar) is a member of area ska band the Sense Offenders. The SGB also features 16-year-old blues prodigy, guitarist Jordan Garno.

It is that blend of various musical styles that gives the Steve Germany Band its signature sound: aggressive drumming, funk-bass grooves, ripping blues guitar, and complex acoustic rhythms by Steve, Mike Whitaker, and keyboardist, Aaron Angstrom.