Steve Germany Band

Steve Germany Band


Groove-based songs in the vein of the Dave Matthews Band. Introspective lyrics set to danceable upbeat music set the Steve Germany Band apart from singer-songwriter counterparts. Fans of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Damien Rice will find an exciting blend of pop, rock, and folk rhythms.


The Steve Germany Band

The SGB is an exciting new band from central Florida. The veterans of several different area bands, they are an experienced and unique band that presents and exciting and unique sound.

Drawing upon widely varying musical styles, the Steve Germany Band forges its own unique blend of pop, rock, blues, and acoustic music. Shawn Douglas (drums) and Mike Whitaker (mandolin) are both founding members of the World-touring hardcore band, Seventh Star. Joe Weaver (bass guitar) is a member of area ska band the Sense Offenders. The SGB also features 16-year-old blues prodigy, guitarist Jordan Garno.

It is that blend of various musical styles that gives the Steve Germany Band its signature sound: aggressive drumming, funk-bass grooves, ripping blues guitar, and complex acoustic rhythms by Steve, Mike Whitaker, and keyboardist, Aaron Angstrom.


You Say

Written By: Steve Germany Band

You say that you're
Done and tired with love
You say that you're
Doing fine without it
Well, I know that's a lie
Cause I've seen you cry
You've done it all before
And still you want more
You try to play it cool
But you just come across as cruel

I won't play the part of the fool
Just sit back and play it cool
I can get over you
I won't be the boy who's safe
You can forget about and erase
I'll never be replaced

I say that I'm done
And tired with love
I say that I'm doing fine without it
Well, maybe that's true if I'm thinking of you
I can replace your smile and your face
I found me a cure
And I can't stop thinking of her

Thinking of You

Written By: Steve Germany Band

I'm wasted and I'm waiting for you
Just standing in between the lines
And holding out for time to pass
Stand still... rewind...
Play it over and over
And over and over again

If it's real, then I don' t want to leave
If it's a dream, then I don't want to wake

I've been thinking of you, dreaming of you
And everything you do
I've been wishing that I could be holding you tight
And never letting go
I've been thinking of you, dreaming of you
Everything you do
I've been wishing that I could be holding you tight
I could be the one you love
I could be the one you love

I'm wishing and I'm waiting for you
Just holding out for a better time, a brighter time
Don' t you know...
The grass is always greener
Whatever side you're on


A Peculiar Kind of Clarity

Set List

Wrong For You
You Say
I Miss You
Under the Rug
Suicide Kings
Down the Road
You Say
Thinking of You
Can Anybody

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