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Yorkton, Canada | SELF

Yorkton, Canada | SELF
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"Geordie lad makes good in Canada"

Geordie lad makes good in Canada Click on reviews
- UK Country Routes magazine


Interview with Steve Gibson on CBC Monday, 31st January, 2011 at 5.40 p.m. about his UK roots and his Country Music career in Canada - Deborah


Steve Gibson's chugging, pop-rocker, "Can't Stand Losing You Tonight" is a winner because of the singer's slightly sandpaper vocal. This vocal sound gives his singing character. The tune also has a bit of Keith Urban thing going for it due to its soft-rocking arrangement. Urban's a much smoother singer, however. Nevertheless, this is a highly professional sounding recording
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"The English are invading the country music scene"

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The English are invading the country music scene
Posted by: Stevegib

The English are invading the country music scene
SW Sk Content - Arts/Lifestyles
Thursday, 27 January 2011 14:57
By John R. Statton
Swift Current
After a skip across the pond, 22-year-old Steve Gibson is well on his way to becoming a big name in the Saskatchewan country music scene.
Gibson emigrated from England four years ago with his family, and had to abandon his studies at Newcastle Upon Tyne College for Music and Performing Arts.

That hasn’t stifled the love of writing and playing music for this Northumberland lad, who has an ear for country and western tunes.

“It evolved off of listening to the country music when I had been over here before, and I grew to like it,” said Gibson, noting his main influence as Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.

Playing guitar since he was six-years-old, Gibson has been playing professionally for the past three years.

Although you’d never guess, he was reluctant to attend his first guitar lesson.

“I didn’t want to go; I wanted to play drums actually,” he laughed.
“Then my dad sent me for a guitar lesson and I didn’t really like it at first, but I grew to love it.”

He wrote his first song when he was 14, when his interest in playing the guitar really took off. Gibson has been honing his skills since, playing at large venues and bar gigs alike.

He is managed by his father Roland, and has performed notable shows at Casino Regina, Craven Country Jamboree, and most recently the Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA)
southwest chapter kick-off party here in Swift Current.

He is currently focused on his new album, Average Clown, and plans to tour after its completion.

“I had a single out called Average Clown, the name just makes people think,” chuckled Gibson.

He has been recording the 12-song effort at Touchwood Studios in Regina under producer Grant Hall.

All of the songs are originals written by Gibson himself, and accompanied by his carefully practised guitar work.

“I’m very proud of my guitar playing, that’s my main thing,” said Gibson.
“I played guitar a long time before I started to sing.”

He has a four-piece band from the Yorkton area to back him, including his brother Andrew on guitar.

“We’re all local guys so it’s easy to get together,” he said.

Hall had advised Gibson to become a member of the SCMA, which paid off as he was booked at the wildly successful Swift Current show.

“That was really good fun for that kick-off party,” he said.
“There were lots of artists there, and it’s good because you get to know people and make a lot of friends.”

Gibson will be attending the SCMA awards in Swift Current from April 1-3.

“I can’t wait, I’m really excited for them,” he said. “I’m hoping to be showcasing for the album, it should be released around that time.”

Gibson works as a heavy equipment operator by day and jams with his band by night.

“I’m trying to get a music career going,” he said.
“I’ve seen us working 13-hour days in the summer, getting back and rehearsing with the band until midnight, then getting up at 5 a.m. the next day to go back to work.”

Gibson isn’t fazed by his often-hectic schedule, and continues to do what he truly loves.

“Music is my life, it’s all I think about,” he said. “When I’m running equipment all I think about is music. - Prairie Post

"interview on CHIP Radio"

interview on CHIP Radio - Chip

"Country Music News"

Country Music News
Newcomer Steve Gibson
from Foam Lake SK. has
released a debut single
Can't Stand Losing You
Tonight. One of his many
original tunes, Steve James
Gibson has had an
interesting start in the
Music World. Born in
Newcastle, England, he
began playing guitar at six
years of age, by fifteen
earned a grade 7 Classical
Guitar honors at Trinity
Collage, London, England.
He formed his own band
The Travellers, but had to
move on when his family
emigrated to Canada, once
there he soon became
inspired about Country
Music and began writing
songs and performing on
the local scene. including
the Craven Jamboree and
the Show Lounge at Casino
- Country Music News

"The Source (Dec 2016)"

Since moving to Canada, Saskatchewan's Steve Gibson tuned his radio to Canadian country music and has not touched the dial since. Like the great country songwriters, Steve is able to incorporate his own story from past experiences into each song, which makes his music that much more personal and relatable. The amount of emotion that he is able to portray through both the lyrics and melodies is breathtaking.

Steve has written and recorded a very beautiful and very personal song, “I Miss My Friend”, which can only be described as heartfelt, simply because it was based on his real life experience. Steve was inspired to write “I Miss My Friend” after losing a few close friends, which started with depression and ultimately ended in suicide. He has released his new singe “I Miss My Friend” to Canadian national radio and part of the goal is to raise awareness regarding the problems associated with depression, PTSD and mental illness causing suicide.

After writing and recording his own material for the past couple of years, Steve is now ready to release his new music. “I Miss My Friend” is just the beginning of the next chapter in Steve Gibson’s musical journey, moving into 2017 with a full album release. - CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association)

"Canadian Country Aircheck (Jan 2017)"

It was a big move from England to Canada especially at age 16. How was that for you? (Side note my daughter just moved to England to teach pre-school kids)
Moving to Canada was very exciting at that age. I moved here with my family so it wasn't that hard just a big adjustment and also bitter sweet coz I did leave my band and music studies, friends and family back home.

Is country music big in England and was country part of your music mix?
Steve: Country music was not big in England when I was growing up but my dad was an iinfluence of mine as he always had cassettes of Kenny Rogers and Crystal Gale in the car haha. Between traveling back and forth to Canada was where I grew a love to new country music being introduced to artists like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney..

You have such a touching song and one the listener can tell you sing from your heart. Tell us the story behind “I Miss My Friend”

Steve: I started writing "I Miss My Friend" when a friend of mine took his own life. It was a very sudden and unexpected and tragic event. Little did I know two other friends committed suicide that same year. That's when I finished the song. I play it at the funeral which needless to say was the hardest performance I've ever done. It was later when I attended an event called "wounded warriors" where I sat down for supper and socialized with war vets and soldiers throughout the weekend and really got to know the guys and girls. that was when I realized how serious depression and ptsd is and wanted to do something about it and release "I miss my friend" to raise awareness.

You write play and produce your own music. Hunter Hayes does the same thing. Must be very satisfying tell us about that experience.
Steve: As a writer and guitar player, I'm very proud and picky of the way my song, lyrics and guitar sound and the story I'm trying to get across to the listener so I like to have control of it. I've worked with a lot of amazing artists and producers so it is always very exciting to see what ideas we can all come up with.

Any plans to go back to England to tour? (another side note: I have some friends here in Nashville that are involved in a major festival in London. I can pass your material on to them if you like)

Steve: I do have plans to head back to England and hopefully do some shows. Actually my cousin Sam Gibson is also a recording artist/song writer and we've been throwing the idea around of touring and possibly doing a collaboration. There may be plans to head over there in the fall and play a couple dates. I would love to head down to Nashville and play a few shows, I did record down there a couple years ago so Nashville was like home for a summer.

What is next for Steve Gibson?

Steve: My main FOCUS is my music..Moving ahead good things are coming up Having a great working relationship with LE Music Promotions (Linda) as part of my team we have a very busy year for 2017, My debut album will be getting released this spring which will also have a new single coming out in the next couple of months.Plans for a radio tour, new video etc.. Also lots of shows across Canada. Really excited about this coming year!

Who would be your biggest influence?

I have a lot of influences being a music lover. I grew up listening to 80's rock and a huge variety of music. Anywhere from Elvis to the eagles to the goo goo dolls to Elton John. But I always describe myself as a guitar player that sings not a singer that plays guitar, so I've always been swain to anything with guitar work in it. I'd have to say my biggest influence would be without a doubt Mark knopfler (front man of dire straits) my dad worked on a farm with him when he was younger and started me listening to his music from a very early age. I started playing guitar at the age of 6 and anyone that hears me play knows I'm hugely influenced by knopfler with my finger picking style of playing. That guy is my hero :) - Canada Country Aircheck


First Single - Can't Stand Losing You Tonight.
Second Single - Average Clown Played in Canada and the UK .

Nov 2016- Release single I Miss My Friend to country radio.

March 2017- Releasing his first debut EP



I play upbeat Country. My music is original, I have had a well known Nashville writer contact me to write music with me, but I declined his offer because I think music is a story and I want to tell my story that comes from my head and my heart. My guitar playing has a big influence in my songs, I have played guitar since I was 6 years old and have been professionally trained, passed grades with Trinity College, London, England. My main influence was Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits who my Dad knew personally when they were younger.

Steve Gibson has been nominated for 5 SCMA

Fans choice
Rising Star
Lead Guitar of the Year
Single of the Year - Average Clown
Song of the Year (Composer) - Average Clown

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